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What Is The Artificial Intelligence Revolution And Why Does It Matter To Your Business?


Read Bernard Marr explain what is Artificial Intelligence revolution and how it can affect your business on Forbes : As a species, humanity has witnessed three previous industrial revolutions: first […].

The CIO’s Guide to Distributed Cloud


Organizations that hesitate to commit to a total migration to the public cloud model use a combination — or hybrid — of private-cloud-inspired and public cloud styles of computing. That is why, over the past three years, Gartner client requests to discuss hybrid cloud have grown 15%.

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CompTIA Security+ 501 vs. 601: What’s the Difference?

Association of Information Technology Professional

CompTIA Security+ ranks among the top 10 cybersecurity certifications in 2020. See how CompTIA Security+ 601, coming in November, compares to 501

How RPA Can Help Your Enterprise Save Money

Information Week

Robotic process automation promises to streamline an array of routine business tasks. Here's what you need to know about this transformational technology

Facebook Causes Continue to Show Little Promise as Fundraising Tools

Maximizing data privacy: Making sensitive data secure by default


Read Ayal Yogev explain how companies can maximize data security by making sensitive data secure by default on Help Net Security : Consider the case of contact tracing, which has […].

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Dismantle the Myth of the Stand-Alone CEO


The CEO of a startup gaming company is in the middle of developing its next big hit for gamers. From ensuring the product is perfect for release to examining the workflow of the business and keeping his employees engaged, the CEO however, quickly realizes that he can’t do it alone.

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The Future of Work in a Post-COVID Era

Information Week

Advice for CIOs: With remote working here to stay, now is the time to advance cloud initiatives, consider uses for AI, and strengthen business continuity

Amazon Bracket Launched: Enables exploration of quantum computing with AWS


Friends Bill Vass and Jeff Barr have just posted another video, this one on the occasion of the launch of Amazon Braket. Amazon Braket enables uses to explore the power […]. CTO News Quantum Quantum Computing

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3 Ways to Spot Fakes and Counterfeits


Fakes are everywhere. From olive oil to pharmaceuticals, to seafood, sneakers and even digital content, criminals make big money by tricking consumers into buying their counterfeit goods. In fact it’s estimated that over 60% of olive oil is fake, and, in some places, there’s an 87% chance that red snapper is actually a cheaper fish, like perch or tilapia. For some companies the costs of combating mislabeling and fakes outweigh the risks, and others actually benefit from the fake creation.

SCCM Primary Server Upgrade to 2006 | ConfigMgr | Guide | Step by Step


Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. Microsoft released the latest version of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 2006 opt-in version (fast ring). This step by step guide provides all the details that you require to perform SCCM Primary Server Upgrade to 2006. New Features of ConfigMgr 2006 production version (a.k.a WFH Release) available here. You need to plan to upgrade the operating […].

Building Like Amazon

Speaker: Leo Zhadanovsky, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Amazon's journey to its current modern architecture and processes provides insights for all software development leaders. To get there, Amazon focused on decomposing for agility, making critical cultural and operational changes, and creating tools for software delivery. The result was enabling developers to rapidly release and iterate software while maintaining industry-leading standards on security, reliability, and performance. Whether you're developing for a small startup or a large corporation, learning the tools for CI/CD will make your good DevOps team great. We are excited to be joined by Leo Zhadanovsky, a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services.

Making Predictive Analytics Work in an Uncertain World

Information Week

Rapid, sometimes dramatic change has become "the new normal," but what we know now can help us improve predictive model accuracy


Putting Privacy And Safety At The Heart Of The Internet Of Things Revolution


Read why Ondrej Vlcek says that privacy and safety should be at the heart of the Internet of Things revolution on Forbes : Volkswagen marked the beginning of June with […].

AWS announces general availability of Amazon Braket quantum computing service

Tech Republic Cloud

Amazon Web Services hopes to empower companies by letting them test quantum algorithms in its fully managed Braket service

SCCM Secondary Server Installation Failed Error | ConfigMgr | Fix


Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. I got the following error “Unable to complete secondary site server installation” during the installation of a new Configuration Manager secondary server.

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Why Distributed Tracing is Essential for Performance and Reliability

Speaker: Daniel "spoons" Spoonhower, CTO and Co-Founder at Lightstep

Many engineering organizations have now adopted microservices or other loosely coupled architectures, often alongside DevOps practices. Together these have enabled individual service teams to become more independent and, as a result, have boosted developer velocity. However, this increased velocity often comes at the cost of overall application performance or reliability. Worse, teams often don’t understand what’s affecting performance or reliability – or even who to ask to learn more. Distributed tracing was developed at organizations like Google and Twitter to address these problems and has also come a long way in the decade since then. By the end of this presentation, you’ll understand why distributed tracing is necessary and how it can bring performance and reliability back under control.

Google, Harvard, and EdX Team Up to Offer TinyML Training

Information Week

A new certification program aims to foster more development in a segment of machine learning that would run on small devices at the edge

Incident Response Exercises Not Taken Seriously by Business Leaders


According to research by Immersive Labs of 402 organizations, nearly 40% are not fully confident in their teams training to handle a data breach if one occurred, and 65% of […].

Google researchers use quantum computing to help improve image classification

Venture Beast

In a new tutorial, Google researchers demonstrate how quantum computing techniques can improve accuracy in tasks like image classification. Read More.

SCCM Secondary Server Installation Guide | Step by Step | ConfigMgr


Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. Let’s look at the installation of Configuration Manager (a.k.a SCCM) secondary server step by step guide. More details about SCCM secondary server installation in the following sections. You can’t install a secondary server without a primary server. Secondary sites support the maximum number of 15,000 desktops devices. I don’t like secondary servers in ConfigMgr architecture […].

Nine Developer Enablement Practices to Achieve DevOps at Enterprise Scale

In this eBook, Christian Oestreich, a senior software engineering leader with experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies, shares how a metrics-driven mindset can dramatically improve software quality and enable DevOps at enterprise scale.

Shifting Cloud Adoption in the Enterprise

Information Week

Portability of applications, seamless data integration, and business alliances between vendors means enterprises need to prepare for omni-cloud adoptions soon

Artificial intelligence: Companies employing skilling initiatives and AI get most tech value, finds Microsoft


New research by Microsoft India has revealed that organizations combining the skilling initiatives with artificial intelligence are the ones that have been generating the most value from the technology. The […].

Google open-sources LIT, a toolset for evaluating natural language models

Venture Beast

Google-affiliated researchers developed an open source framework -- Language Interpretability Tool (LIT) -- designed to explore and audit language models. Read More.

How cybercriminals are exploiting US unemployment benefits to make money

Tech Republic Security

Scammers use Social Security numbers and other data to create synthetic IDs to collect unemployment benefits, says IntSights

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The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Your Next Move: Threat Hunter

Association of Information Technology Professional

Threat hunters are IT professionals who proactively find cybersecurity threats and mitigate them before they compromise an organization


AI and machine learning: Powering the next-gen enterprise


Read Eric Knorr’s article about how artificial intelligence and machine learning are powering future companies on CIO : By now most of us understand that, in our current era, artificial […].

How to improve AI economics by taming the long tail of data

Venture Beast

Long-tailed distributions of data make it difficult to build efficient AI companies. Here's some advice from practitioners on how to fix the problem. Read More. AI Business category-/People & Society/Social Sciences category-/Reference scaling AI

How to Integrate Edge Computing With Your Core Systems

Information Week

There are five key challenges to getting edge computing devices to work with core enterprise IT systems, and several ways to work through those challenges

The Complete Guide to Distributed Tracing

Distributed tracing is a diagnostic technique that reveals how a set of services coordinate to handle individual user requests. Distributed tracing helps enable loosely coupled work across teams for fast, independent problem-solving.

Why Get Another IT Certification? How CompTIA Stackable Certifications Advance Your Career

Association of Information Technology Professional

Learn why getting another IT certification can help advance your career and increase your opportunities within the IT industry, from CompTIA

Security teams struggle to keep pace with cloud threats


Misconfiguration, unauthorised access and account hijacking are the most pressing of a number of threats to public cloud environments, which are now reaching a level where security operations are finding […].

Wildlife Studios raises $120 million for casual mobile games at $3 billion valuation

Venture Beast

Brazil's Wildlife Studios has raised $120 million in a new round of funding for its casual games across multiple genres. Read More.

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4 Best Practices for Hosting a Virtual Hackathon

Information Week

Technology leaders should embrace the virtual hackathon. Here's why (and how to get started

Data Analytics in the Cloud for Developers and Founders

Speaker: Javier Ramírez, Senior AWS Developer Advocate, AWS

You have lots of data, and you are probably thinking of using the cloud to analyze it. But how will you move data into the cloud? In which format? How will you validate and prepare the data? What about streaming data? Can data scientists discover and use the data? Can business people create reports via drag and drop? Can operations monitor what’s going on? Will the data lake scale when you have twice as much data? Is your data secure? In this session, we address common pitfalls of building data lakes and show how AWS can help you manage data and analytics more efficiently.