Why You Don’t Need a Hardware Refresh


Businesses are in a position where they need to be able to leverage the “latest and greatest” in terms of hardware and software to maintain a competitive advantage, but are also balking at the upfront investment normally required at the same time.

Open19: The Vendor-Friendly Open Source Data Center Project

Data Center Knowledge

Its licensing framework is one of the key differences between LinkedIn’s data center tech foundation and OCP. Design Featured Hardware LinkedIn Open SourceRead More.

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TSMC has halted new orders from Huawei in response to new US export controls


The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has officially halted new chip orders from Huawei after the US introduced tighter export rules for suppliers that make use of American technology to manufacture hardware or license software for Chinese companies

SDR and the Virtual Com Ports


Software-defined radio (SDR) is a radio communication system where components that have been traditionally implemented in hardware (e.g. A characteristic of an SDR is that hardware components such as filters, amplifiers, modulators and the like are provided through software.

NetApp Solidfire adds high-end SF19210 all-flash array

Computer Weekly

All-flash array maker tops out the SF family with the SF19210, upgrades OS to add VVOLs compatibility and launches licensing that separates software licences and hardware purchases

Emulating USB Dongle – Introducing HASP Dongle Emulator Software


Over the years the methods used by software developers and producers to limit the amount of users to a specific number in a licensing agreement have become more complex. The tool works with parallel HASP hardware keys and USB dongles. Hardware Software

How software-defined storage translates into just-in-time data center scaling and hybrid IT benefits

IT Toolbox

Learn how scaling of customized IT infrastructure for a hosting organization in a multi-tenant environment benefits from flexibility of modern storage, unified management, and elastic hardware licensing

Understanding Readium – Features, Architecture and Alternatives


In addition, EDRLab is also the driving force behind the LCP (Licensed Content Protection) system, which is a significant new development of Readium. What is Readium? The Readium Foundation was created in March 2013 as an independent non-profit corporation.

Distribution, distribution, distribution

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I love it because of the power it give me over my hardware and I love it because the Linux I use is mine and mine alone and not some platform where I have no control over how it works and only have the right to use. I am not going into the licensing just yet as I am just going to talk about Linux distributions. Anyone who had followed me for any length of time knows that I love Linux.

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The US Leads In Public Cloud Services, But Other Regions Are Catching Up

Forrester IT

Explosive growth in cloud applications has depressed software license sales, and cloud platforms have upended the traditional on-premises server and storage market. In response, traditional software and hardware vendors are moving to the cloud via both acquisitions and launches of new cloud services. Public cloud services are one of the biggest disruptions in the tech market in the past 15 years. In September 2016, my colleagues Andrew Bartels , Dave Bartoletti , and John R.

Open Mesh Hits Two Important Milestones

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The company has been around since 2007, and is in the business of offering SMBs, hospitability, and other spaces a unique combination: a really good web management interface for both access points and switches and relatively inexpensive hardware all with no licensing. There aren’t many stories out there like Open Mesh.

MicroSoft: Still dominating in enterprise office automation


Here is how Microsoft describes themselves: Microsoft Corporation is engaged in developing, licensing and supporting a range of software products and services. The Company also designs and sells hardware, and delivers online advertising to the customers. The Company operates in five segments: Devices and Consumer (D&C) Licensing, D&C Hardware, D&C Other, Commercial Licensing, and Commercial Other. Bob Gourley.

Oracle Corporation: Addressing enterprise IT infrastructure


The Company's businesses include cloud and on-premise software, hardware and services. Its cloud and on-premise software business consists of three segments, including cloud software and on-premise software, which includes Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings, cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software license updates and product support. Its hardware business consists of two segments, including hardware products and hardware support.

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SteelSeries’ new iOS gaming controller claims 50 hours of battery life and better buttons

The Verge

The licensing program allows third-party devices to take advantage of features available on Apple’s hardware, such as optimized button mapping. Image: SteelSeries. SteelSeries has announced the Nimbus Plus, a new controller designed for gaming on Apple devices.

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Technology Short Take #69

Scott Lowe

Servers/Hardware. Kevin Houston has an updated blade server comparison chart that might be helpful in making hardware decisions. VMware is offering licenses for Log Insight to customers who already own NSX. Networking Hardware Security Storage Virtualization Python Docker Cumulus MPLS VMware NSX AWS OpenStack Kubernetes Photon Ansible DNS vSphere vMotionWelcome to Technology Short Take #69!

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Technology Short Take #62

Scott Lowe

Cumulus Networks recently shifted their pricing and licensing model toward perpetual licenses; this article has more information and a comparison of the old vs. new models. Servers/Hardware. Networking Hardware Security Storage Virtualization VMware NSX Cisco Cumulus Linux OpenFlow Microsoft Intel OpenStack Docker CoreOS AnsibleWelcome to Technology Short Take #62. Sorry for the long delay since the last TST; some global travel has really thrown my schedule off.

How to bet on AWS Reserved Instances -- and win

David Linthicum

But pricing can be as complex as for any on-premises licenses or network bandwidth service. If you expect consistent, heavy use, Reserved Instances can provide substantial savings over owning your hardware, as well as over using AWS's standard as-needed pricing. [ Cloud pricing is often presented as a simple "pay for what you use" proposition, perhaps with volume discounts -- or penalties. Exhibit A: reservation-based pricing, such as Amazon Web Services' Reserved Instances.

10 Ways to Quickly Reduce IT Costs


For example, cost savings in cloud services have a real cash impact, as opposed to reducing on-premises software licenses or owned assets like hardware. I t’s often said that “you can’t cut your way to growth,” but you can cut your way to survival. From natural disasters and terrorist attacks to a tanking economy or an aggressive new competitor, there are many reasons why an organization may need to make immediate cost savings simply to stay in business.

Using Chef Habitat to Migrate Legacy Windows Applications

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Note: This application currently only runs on a Windows Server running on a physical/virtual hardware, or in a container but not directly on Windows 10. Overview. In this bog post we will discuss Using Chef Habitat to Migrate Legacy Windows Applications to a Modern Secure Platform.

Google: Innovating in AI but can they catch up with cloud leaders?


Google segment includes Internet products, such as Search, Ads, Commerce, Maps, YouTube, Apps, Cloud, Android, Chrome, Google Play, and hardware products, including Chromecast, Chromebooks and Nexus, which are sold by the Company. Google segment is engaged in advertising, sales of digital content, applications and cloud services, as well as sale of Google branded hardware. Research Team. We track Google ( NASDAQ:GOOGL ) as a Tech Titan , of course.

Technology Short Take #61

Scott Lowe

Servers/Hardware. Colin Lynch gives a “first look” at the Cisco UCS Generation 3 hardware , which may be of interest if you’re a UCS customer or looking at purchasing UCS. Steve Flanders wrote up a post announcing the release of Log Insight 3.3 , also announcing that vCenter Server users are also entitled to access to a limited-license version of Log Insight as well. Welcome to Technology Short Take #61.


EU’s data privacy regulations put the pressure on IT

ComputerWorld IT Management

IT team has had to contend with everything from a stalled cloud strategy and decentralized systems to increases in hardware costs, licensing fees and IT head count. Most corporate acquisitions come with a fair share of complexities. But when Accuride acquired a majority stake in Italian truck wheel manufacturer Gianetti Ruote, the Indiana-based company never dreamed of the impact the deal would have on its IT activities. Since Accuride expanded into Europe late last year, its U.S.

VideoProc Guide – How to Download and Cut YouTube Videos with Easy Steps


In addition, complete GPU hardware acceleration takes full advantage of your PC’s resources, using Intel QSV, Nvidia CUDA / NVENC and AMD hardware to quickly encode and decode videos incredibly. Moreover, one can easily get a free licensed copy of VideoProc.

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Solarflare’s Open Compute Platform, Software-Defined, NIC Card


Other capabilities include: Hardware Based Packet Telemetry. Hardware Based Security (ServerLock). Unique hardware filter tables for each adapter hosted IP address. Hardware based firewall – Filtering packets in both directions at a record rate of 250 nanoseconds, offering the fastest filter execution available on the market. specification as helping further drive innovation throughout the data center without being locked-in to proprietary hardware standards.”.

Saving on Server Costs with Managed Migration and Deployment


That means adding up what you spend on hardware, software, licenses, suppliers and warranties. How much more hardware and software do you need? There are just one hardware and installation cost, meaning you could save thousands in the long run.

IDF 2014 Day 1 Keynote

Scott Lowe

He shows off a demo of Skylake as well as a hardware reference platform for Skylake playing full 4K video. license) and contributing relevant patents to the OIC. General Hardware IDF2014 Intel This is a liveblog for the day 1 keynote at Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2014.

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Exclusive: Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist – source


Alphabet Inc’s Google has suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services except those publicly available via open source licensing, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Sunday, in a blow to the Chinese technology company that the U.S.

Solarflare’s Open Compute Platform, Software-Defined, NIC Card


Other capabilities include: Hardware Based Packet Telemetry. Hardware Based Security (ServerLock). Unique hardware filter tables for each adapter hosted IP address. Hardware based firewall – Filtering packets in both directions at a record rate of 250 nanoseconds, offering the fastest filter execution available on the market. specification as helping further drive innovation throughout the data center without being locked-in to proprietary hardware standards.”.

what every open source project needs


60s & 70s • Computer companies sold hardware • Software was free • Software was colloborative • IBM dominates. The Internet Era: 00s • Internet changes everything • Open source movement gains traction (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) • Tech selling ads, bits, hardware & services • Google Dominates. Make it Easy to Contribute • Use an “open” open source license (Apache 2.0, Icons made by Freepik are licensed by CC BY 3.0

SeanDaniel.com [tech]: Introducing a new line of Network Storage.

Sean Daniel

Only yesterday, a third product that I worked on over the past little while called Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials was announced, on hardware provided by Western Digital. The WD Sentinel DX4000 looks pretty awesome from a hardware perspective as well. Licensed?

VMware or Microsoft? Protect Private Clouds with Site-to-Site Failover using Hyper-V Replica and Windows Azure HRM

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with a paid software license that includes VMware vSphere Replication , your smallest possible RPO today is 15-minutes - forcing many IT Pros that need more granular control of their "data-at-risk" window into much more expensive hardware and software products.

VideoProc Review: Easy and Fast GoPro iPhone 4K Video Processor and Compressor


VideoProc Features: Comes with advanced and unique GPU hardware acceleration to speed up the 4K video compressing progress. It is very interesting to take advantage of what Digiarty calls 3-Level Hardware Acceleration. for a lifetime license.

Video 106

BlackBerry counts on cars to reverse decline in revenue

Network World

The company signaled its departure from the smartphone hardware business last week, licensing its brand to TCL, the Chinese manufacturer that built the last two BlackBerry handsets. BlackBerry reported another quarter of losses and declining revenue on Tuesday, but CEO John Chen forecast that the company will break even next quarter, its first since quitting the smartphone business.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum: The Fastest and Most Powerful DVD Ripper – Giveaway


The new version, supports hardware acceleration of CPU and GPU level 3 using NVV Intel Intel NVIDIA (CUDA) and Intel QSV; what does it mean? Clearly the speed varies depending on the PC hardware you are using.

ITAM Isn’t Sexy. But We Need It!


According to the International Association for IT Asset Management ( IAITAM ), ITAM is Software Asset Management (SAM), Hardware Asset Management (HAM), and Asset Portfolio Management (APM). Special software (usually with agents) discovers the hardware and the software that is installed on it.

Product Review: Paessler PRTG Network Monitor


As devices are discovered, probes will also detect the services and hardware it can monitor. Licensing. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor’s licensing is based on sensors. Reducing the costs by buying only the hardware you need.

The Dark Side Of Cloud Computing

The Accidental Successful CIO

Back in the old days, software vendors would show up on our doorstep with a suitcase full of CDs and attempt to sell us software licenses. These licenses determined how many people could use the software and how long we were signing up to keep using the software.

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Winx Hd Video Converter Deluxe Reviews and Giveaway 2019


You can enable or disable hardware acceleration, high-quality engine, de-interlacing and video output. If you have a modern computer, we invite you to activate the hardware acceleration, to improve and speed up the conversion process.

Video 78

Windows 8 Pro vs Enterprise - What's the Difference? - IT Pros.

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BUT … only Windows 8 Enterprise provides these extra cool business features: Windows-To-Go – Provision a bootable USB key as a Windows 8 Enterprise “computer” that can be booted from any PC meeting the Windows 8 hardware requirements – a great way to provision an inexpensive, bootable, and secure environment for vendors, contractors, and home users. Sign in. IT Pros ROCK! at Microsoft.

The Most Important IT Budgeting Tip for 2017 and Beyond


As operating system updates are released, your older hardware is taxed harder and harder. It creates something of a perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances: you need the latest software to thrive, but that software itself cannot excel on the older hardware you’re working with.

Things To Understand To Prevent Data Loss


This can be done through effective use of encryption, access control and hardware policies. Domain controller software may range from a licensed-based Windows Server to an open-source alternative such as Samba software.

Tips for Easy Virtualization


Virtualization is popular these days for businesses for several reasons, but primarily to reduce hardware and infrastructure costs, performance, backups and redundancy, while being able to scale infrastructure and provide resources on demand. . Hardware Compatibility.

The Battle for Mobile Operating System Supremacy

The Investing Edge

In the cases of both PCs and smartphones, Apple implemented a walled garden approach to establish complete control of hardware, OS, and applications.