Surviving the Budget Cycle - Tips & Tricks

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We are talking about the budget cycle. Budget approaches vary widely and cost-plus, to zero-based and others. I have worked in places where the budget never changed from year to year and I have worked in places where every year we prepared 5%, 10% and 15% cut scenarios for the consideration of the budget department. If you want until the budget packet is sent to you to fill out, you have lost. Ask them to mention it in their budget presentation.

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The Most Important IT Budgeting Tip for 2017 and Beyond


As we enter into a new year, many organizations are trying to spend their IT budgets for 2017 in the smartest way possible. IT Budgeting: Breaking Free From the Traditional Model. As operating system updates are released, your older hardware is taxed harder and harder.

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Tackling Total Cost of Ownership

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Hardware. Software Licenses (one-time). cc licensed flickr photo shared by AgentAkit. Guest post by Sean Sell. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis is intended to determine the lifetime costs of acquiring, operating, and changing something.

How to bet on AWS Reserved Instances -- and win

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But pricing can be as complex as for any on-premises licenses or network bandwidth service. If you expect consistent, heavy use, Reserved Instances can provide substantial savings over owning your hardware, as well as over using AWS's standard as-needed pricing. [ If you forecast less consumption than you end up needing, you'll pay full retail prices for the excess -- an amount likely not covered in your budget forecast.

10 Ways to Quickly Reduce IT Costs


For example, cost savings in cloud services have a real cash impact, as opposed to reducing on-premises software licenses or owned assets like hardware. Gartner’s IT Key Metrics Data shows that 25% of the average IT budget is spent on capital, so ensure that the complete range of IT spend is considered for rapid reductions. I t’s often said that “you can’t cut your way to growth,” but you can cut your way to survival.

Things To Understand To Prevent Data Loss


Cyber risk is now a huge corporate concern, and IT security budgets have risen in connection with it. This can be done through effective use of encryption, access control and hardware policies.

ITAM Isn’t Sexy. But We Need It!


According to the International Association for IT Asset Management ( IAITAM ), ITAM is Software Asset Management (SAM), Hardware Asset Management (HAM), and Asset Portfolio Management (APM). Special software (usually with agents) discovers the hardware and the software that is installed on it.

- Microsoft vs Open Source

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On the other hand, all governments have budget pains. I got my first official budget cut memo three weeks ago (we’ve been doing actual budget cutting for at least 9 months). Well, where is our budget pressure? Yes, it is in revenues and budget dollars.

Product Review: Paessler PRTG Network Monitor


As devices are discovered, probes will also detect the services and hardware it can monitor. Licensing. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor’s licensing is based on sensors. Reducing the costs by buying only the hardware you need.

The Dark Side Of Cloud Computing

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Back in the old days, software vendors would show up on our doorstep with a suitcase full of CDs and attempt to sell us software licenses. These licenses determined how many people could use the software and how long we were signing up to keep using the software.

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3 Strategies to Decrease IT Costs and Increase Business Impact

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As a result, we are witnessing a growing gap between the total IT spend of an organization, which is increasing as users buy their own SaaS solutions, and the IT budget controlled by CIO, which is under constant cost pressure. Guest post by Suheb Siddiqui and Chetan Shetty.

How Outbound Call Center Software Grow Your Business?


They are usually sold with a one-time use license. Often requires the installation of own branch hardware and equipment. You having without to come up with the king-sized budget. Information Technology Blog - - How Outbound Call Center Software Grow Your Business?

Cloud Shines Brightly as Future of Disaster Response IT

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tight federal, state and local IT budgets. budgets. without sacrificing the budget it would take to support those solutions. Instead of leveraging IT budgets to maintain and upgrade hardware and software, cloud allows responders to devote more IT.

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VSAN, VSAs and External Arrays

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and are basically run like dedicated storage, except using off-the-shelf hardware.  The first are smaller environments where budget and resources are inherently constrained. Most often, you can take your VSA licenses to new hardware, new hypervisor, etc.

When Cloud Ate Hyperconverged

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Here's my big thought : the first wave of hypervisors changed the way we consumed physical hardware. Maybe you're out of capacity, out of budget, or both. Oracle Ravello does not require any hypervisor license.

Pros and cons of low-code development platforms

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With simple subscription billing that can be tucked into Opex budgets, low-code platforms can enable non-IT teams to build their own solutions,” says MacQuarrie. When building custom software, developers are only limited by the hardware and the capabilities of the native language.

VSAN, VSAs and External Arrays

Chuck's Blog - EMC

and are basically run like dedicated storage, except using off-the-shelf hardware.  The first are smaller environments where budget and resources are inherently constrained. VSAs have the obvious advantage of running on most anything, which is especially convenient if you have unused (or underused) hardware on hand.  Parts is parts, although pricing on server hardware is generally much more transparent than larger array hardware.

Legacy System Modernization 101

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It doesn’t integrate with modern software: Can your company take advantage of new hardware and software options? The problem is, these companies don’t realize that legacy application costs go far beyond licensing costs. The result: Projects take longer and run over budget.

CAPEX to OPEX, A Strategic Talk between CIO & CFO

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Digital is the age of change, technology life cycle becomes shorter every year and CAPEX doesn't allow most of IT organization to keep modern and competitive, how shall CIOs argue to CFOs to move from CAPEX to OPEX your IT budget?

Three “Q”s to Run a High-Mature Digital IT

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From PM perspective, the big Q - Quality is a function of scope, budget, and resources.This is why Agile approach involves users early in a process of creation the "things," and uses them continuously to "assure quality." In other words, more than just the IT budget).

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The CIO's Four Views of IT KPIs

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The detailed data becomes a base from which statistical analysis can be performed to do far more accurate financial budgeting projections, based on natural growth rates at a fine-grained level and capacity planning is more accurately predicted too. [tech]: Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 has RTM'd!!!

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Dean Paron, Product Unit Manager, demos Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, source Brandon LeBlanc on the Windows Blog More Details on the WMS Blog and SBS blog , but here is a snippit of that: Volume License(VL) customers will be able to download and purchase Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 on March 1, 2011. Also the Premium edition is broadly available to customers and resellers through OEM and OEM Academic as well as through Volume Licensing Open Commercial and Academic.

Strategic positioning in the flow economy: 3 action steps

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Walk into a youth hostel or budget hotel in any exotic country around the world, and you’re more than likely to see someone reading a guidebook from Lonely Planet, the dominant global brand in budget travel. License.