3 security threats businesses need to prepare for by 2021


Read Alison DeNisco Rayome list three top cybersecurity threats that businesses should prepare for on the Tech Republic : To stay secure in the modern connected world, businesses must keep track of all emerging cybersecurity threats and assess the potential business impacts of when not if, they will experience a breach or incident, according to […]. Cyber Security News

Ford promises to mass-produce an autonomous car by 2021

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The world’s first high-volume, fully autonomous vehicle will operate in a ride-hailing or sharing service by 2021, says Ford


Cloud Security Spending Will Grow To $3.5 Billion By 2021

Forrester IT

Our recently published Forrester Data: Cloud Security Solutions Forecast, 2016 To 2021 (Global) shows that we expect spending on global cloud security solutions to reach $3.5 billion by 2021 -- an annual growth rate of 28% over the next five years. Cloud is big business today. Forrester estimates that global cloud services revenues totaled $114 billion in 2016, up from $68 billion just two years ago -- that's annual growth of 30%.

Big Data in Healthcare Will be the Norm by 2021


As the benefits of big data become more pronounced, this technology is finding a place in an increasing number of industries, not the least of which is the healthcare sector. In fact, some researchers anticipate that big data could become a staple in the way healthcare is administered by as soon as 2121. Let’s take […]. Big Data Health IT healthcare

Eye scanners and fingerprints in cars will double by 2021, report says

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The market for biometric vehicle access systems is expected to reach $855 million by 2021. Here's what the rise of biometrics could mean for your car and your enterprise

OpenStack revenue to hit $6bn by 2021 as user confidence in open source cloud grows

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Reports by 451 Research and the OpenStack Foundation suggest enterprise use of the open cloud platform is on the rise, as issues around installation and upgrades are addressed by the developer community

Let's go back to the future--it is time to start planning now for customer service in 2021

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In Forrester's new report " Plan Now For Customer Service in 2021 ," we assess and evaluate five developing customer service technologies according to their potential impact on the customer service experience in the year 2021. This a guest post by Meredith Cain , a Research Associate on the Application Development & Delivery (AD&D) team. Let's take trip back to 1989. One of the big movies of that year was "Back to the Future: Part II."

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Investment industry to spend $2.8bn on AI by 2021, expected to cut quarter of a million jobs

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230,000 jobs in the capital markets sector globally will be defunct because of the adoption of artificial intelligence technology

VoLTE Subscriptions Are Expected to Hit 3 Billion by 2021: Here's How the Market Is Shaping Up

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Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) technology, which is intended to provide businesses and consumers with high-quality video and voice calling among other data-rich services, is becoming more widespread throughout the market as we enter the second quarter of 2017. In fact, according to a recent report from Juniper Research, worldwide VoLTE subscribers are expected to rise from 488 million to

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Enterprise spending on public cloud to hit $266B in 2021, driven by SaaS, cloud apps

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A report from IDC details where public cloud spending is going and which industries are investing the most

The Role of Technology in the Workplace


billion humans use the internet, and the global mobile data traffic is projected to increase nearly sevenfold between 2016 and 2021. As we continue into the 21st century, it seems like there are new technological advances on a daily basis, and those advances are beginning to embed themselves into the workplace. Technology in the Workplace is truly changing the way we work — we are no longer chained to our desks, but rather always have a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone in hand.

Surrey County Council extends BT PSN contract for two years

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Council’s contract for Unicorn network, which provides a fully managed and integrated voice and data communications service, extended to 2021

3 Benefits of VoIP for Customer Service

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The global Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services market is expected to swell to $140 billion by 2021 -- up from $83 billion in 2015. Mobile VoIP and

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Big data booming, fueled by Hadoop and NoSQL adoption

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compound annual growth rate through 2021 A new report from Forrester Research predicts the big data management market will grow at a 12.8%

CIOs: Break Through Culture Barriers to Enable Digital Transformation


Gartner predicts that by 2021, CIOs will be as responsible for culture change as chief HR officers. Although 64% of CIOs perceive culture as a barrier to achieve their digital ambitions, 25% perceive culture as an enabler, according to Gartner research. Change is the new normal.

MeriTalk Study Sheds Light On Federal Data Center Initiatives

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Unfortunately, less than 50 percent of the basic steps necessary to accomplish the 2021 goals have been implemented. Even the longest journey begins with taking the first step. Read More. Government

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Connecting with the Cloud

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billion by 2021. Contact Centers as a Service. According to the latest MarketsandMarkets report, the cloud-based contact center market size is predicted to grow from $5.43 billion in 2016 to $15.67 Following this trend toward cloud-based contact center solutions, Amazon recently announced the release of Connect, a contact center as a service (CCaaS) offering

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Beyond Moore’s Law: How Exponential Technology Will Drive Disruption

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However, while most experts agree that silicon transistors will stop shrinking around 2021, this doesn’t mean Moore’s Law is dead in spirit […]. I’ve been thinking a lot about exponential technology and asking myself: “Is disruptive change due to ‘Moore’s Law’ done?” Newsweek recently proclaimed, “The Future Is Uncertain As Moore’s Law Comes To An End.”


Ghost In The Machine? No, It’s A Robot, And It Is Here To Help

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billion by 2021, and conversations are becoming more frequent. Just a few years ago, conversations about robotic process automation (RPA) were scattered and far between. Those familiar with RPA had a limited understanding of its potential and at best had carried out?only?a a few isolated “proof of concept” experiments. Today, the RPA market is estimated to?reach reach $2.9

What the ‘versatilist’ trend means for IT staffing

David Linthicum

According to Gartner , by 2021, 40 percent of IT staff will be “versatilists,” holding multiple roles. Moreover, most of these roles will be business-related, rather than technology-related, it predicts. Furthermore, by 2019, IT technical specialist hires will fall by more than 5 percent. Gartner predicts that 50 percent of enterprises will formalize IT versatilist profiles and job descriptions, and that 20 percent of IT organizations will hire versatilists to scale their digital business.

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Supply Chain in the Cloud

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billion by 2021. New IoT Apps Enhance Digital Supply Chain. According to a current market research report, the cloud-based supply chain management solution market is estimated to grow from the $3.26 billion achieved in 2016 to $8.07 This MarketsandMarkets research is based on sales statistics from enterprise systems that include transportation management, procurement

BYOD and its Impact on Enterprise Content Delivery


The global mobile data traffic is projected to increase nearly sevenfold between 2016 and 2021. Over the last two decades, the way enterprises consume content has changed drastically.

Smart cities need the cloud—and vice versa

David Linthicum

billion in 2021. “Smart city” priorities and use cases are all over the place. Nonethless, IDC expects spending to accelerate over the 2016-2021 forecast period, reaching $45.3 So, what is a smart city and what does it have to do with cloud computing? Everything. What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know now. Also: InfoWorld helps you identify the right tools for the job: AWS cloud services guide • Google Cloud Platform services guide. ].

9 Ways IoT Integration Will Influence Custom Software Development

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According to a 2016 Ericsson Mobility Report, there will be 28 billion connected devices by the year 2021. The wide use of IoT will bring about changes in all areas of IT, and will definitely affect such areas of custom software development as software R&D, application of new tech and web services, software architecture, front end development and UI design. New job roles and responsibilities

Develop a Convincing Business Case for IAM


Through 2021, Gartner predicts that IAM programs that maintain effective business cases will see priority projects funded beyond the first year, compared with 25% of programs that will not.

Latest EU proposals concerning e-commerce

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The e-Commerce VAT package of the EU introduces simplification measures for intra-EU sales of electronic services from 2019 onwards, and also extends by 2021 the Mini One-Stop Shop to a One Stop Shop.

7 Modules Your Compliance Training Resources Must Include


billion by 2021. Compliance training is usually a part of every employee’s initial training process. Compliance training resources and modules generally consist of a long list of code of conduct which includes topics such as anti-harassment, bribery, FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practice Act), protection of company data, client interactions, usage of company property and data security, etc. Are your Compliance Training Resources Effective?

Cisco Beefs Up Security Arsenal With Observable Networks Acquisition

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As businesses are expected to spend $1 trillion by 2021 to combat cybercrime, Cisco has been taking measures to beef up its security offerings with a series of acquisitions in this arena. Today, the San Jose-based networking announced that it has obtained cloud security startup Observable Networks. Cisco Deals Security

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Digital Business Requires Integrated Risk Management


By 2021, more than 50% of large enterprises will use an integrated risk management solution set to provide better decision-making capabilities, up from approximately 30% today.”. The integrated risk management solutions market (including consulting services and implementation) will grow to $8 billion by 2021. In 2019, organizational risks are turning into significant operational surprises, and the frequency will only increase as digital business requirements grow.

The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture


By 2021, 40% of organizations will use enterprise architects to help ideate new business innovations made possible by emerging technologies. “By By 2021, 40% of organizations will use enterprise architects to help ideate new business innovations made possible by emerging technologies ,” says Marcus Blosch , Vice President Analyst, Gartner. “EA

Cloud Shift Impacts All IT Markets


billion in 2019 to $63 billion through 2021. Through 2022, growth in enterprise IT spending for cloud-based offerings will be faster than growth in traditional (non-cloud) IT offerings , making cloud computing one of the most disruptive forces in IT markets since the early days of the digital age.

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Better health care through the cloud? Don't count on it

David Linthicum

According to market researcher Technavio, the global health care cloud computing market will grow more than 21 percent from 2017 to 2021. That may sound impressive, but it's actually the same growth rate as for all enterprises. I simply don't see health care making any exceptional attempt to move to the cloud. The Technavio report essentially is lobbying the health care industry to jump into the cloud, so it can serve the rising demand for advanced and remote health care services.

Gartner Top 10 Trends Impacting Infrastructure & Operations for 2019


The critical time frame for this trend is between 2021 and 2023. Organizations need to create an environment that houses more agile infrastructure both on-premises and in the cloud, the critical time frame for which is 2021 to 2025,” Winser said.

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Enterprise Architects Populate Digital Business Platforms


By 2021, 40% of organizations will use enterprise architects to help ideate new business innovations made possible by emerging technologies. By 2021, 40% of organizations will use enterprise architects to help ideate new business innovations made possible by emerging technologies. Enterprise architecture (EA) and technology innovation leaders have the important job of advising CIOs and business leaders about digital business strategy, innovation and enterprise change.

Gartner Keynote: 5 Significant Imperatives for Digital Success


Gartner predicts that by 2021, CIOs will be as responsible for culture change as are Chief Human Resource Officers. The rapid pace of digital business evolution means that organizations must be continuously adapting their business and operating models.