Worldwide AI spending to reach more than $110 billion in 2024


According to IDC, spending on AI systems will accelerate over the next several years as organizations deploy artificial intelligence as part of their digital transformation efforts and to remain competitive […].

Hyundai Expected to Deliver Apple Car by 2024


Apple is aiming to start the production of the car by the year 2024 and expects Hyundai’s co-operation and assistance in ensuring that the car is launched in the market by the targeted date. 2024 is the year by which Apple, in collaboration with Hyundai, seeks to launch its dream vehicle.

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Apple Reportedly Aiming to Launch Self-Driving Cars By 2024

GizModo VR

Apple Inc. is joining the self-driving car game. Read more. apple inc self driving car company battery technology passenger vehicle

Apple 106

Bet on 2024 candidates now by buying shares to campaign urls

Mashable VR

You know what that means: Time to think about 2024! MSCHF, the group behind offbeat projects like Walt's Kitchen and "killing brands" on TikTok , had this forethought when they created In The Year 2024. Inauguration is over and done with and the 2020 election is finally behind us.

Apple wants to build its first car in 2024, Reuters says

The Verge

Reuters reports that Apple is pursuing production of a passenger vehicle by 2024 as well as the creation of self-driving systems and a “breakthrough battery technology.” Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. Apple once again appears to be seriously looking at making a car.

NASA Finally Puts a Price Tag on 2024 Moon Landing

GizModo VR

NASA revealed new details about the Artemis moon landing program yesterday, including a detailed budget, project timelines, and an ambitious plan to build a permanent base at the lunar south pole. Read more. artemis nasa moon lunar missions science moon landing

The gaming PC market is set to grow 25% by 2024

Tech Republic Cloud

Despite the looming threat of cloud gaming, gaming PC purchases surged during COVID-19 and are forecasted to continue

Cloud 118

TSMC could have 2nm process ready for mass production by 2024


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, or TSMC for short, has made a major breakthrough in the development of its 2nm manufacturing process

Apple and Hyundai in early talks, could begin electric car production in 2024


The news follows a statement on Friday, in which South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company confirmed that it’s in early talks with Apple concerning the future production of an autonomous electric car.

5GAA expects 5G-V2X basic car automation in 2024, cooperation in 2026

Venture Beast

The 5G Automotive Association expects autonomous vehicles to have a bright future and lays out dates for the next steps toward mass adoption. Read More.

The coronavirus crisis could push the U.S. to adopt online voting by 2024

Venture Beast

The technological building blocks for online elections are already available. Here’s what else we need in order to move to digital voting. Read More. Business Security category-/News/Politics

NASA is crowdsourcing lunar toilet ideas ahead of 2024 return to the Moon


NASA’s Artemis program intends to put “the first woman and the next man” on the Moon by 2024. That may seem far off but in actuality, it’s just around the corner and there is still a wealth of preparation that needs to be carried out before it can happen

In-game ad revenue will reach $56B in 2024, but getting your share depends on genre (VB Live)

Venture Beast

To maximize the revenue impact of ad monetization, it’s important to hone in on the right formats and strategies for your genre. Read More.

Data center infrastructure spending will bounce back in 2021 and beyond, Gartner predicts

Tech Republic Data Center

COVID-19 caused a 10% dip in worldwide data center investment, but a 6% increase should come in 2021, and growth will continue through 2024

Twitter confirms Trump's ban is permanent, even if he runs again in 2024

Mashable VR

Read more. More about Twitter , Donald Trump , Culture , Web Culture , and Politics. Twitter Donald Trump Culture Web Culture Politics


The AR/VR ecosystem — Are we there yet?

Venture Beast

Digi-Capital’s AR and VR forecast is for global revenue to grow from over $13 billion this year to more than $67 billion by 2024 -- is it an ecosystem yet?

Check Out NASA's New Toy: A Full-Scale Replica of Blue Origin’s Lunar Lander

GizModo VR

A team led by Blue Origin has delivered a full-scale mockup of the lunar lander that could carry NASA astronauts to the Moon in 2024. Read more. blue origin nasa artemis program lunar landers science

Watch: escaped prisoner captured after going shopping for Call of Duty


That was due to finish in 2024, but it seems Butler couldn’t wait: he escaped from MP Spring Hill open prison in Buckinghamshire on November 28, 2020

Artemis Astronauts Will Be Doing Some Serious Science on the Moon

GizModo VR

NASA has released its science priorities for the first crewed Artemis lunar landing, scheduled for 2024.

Tools 103

Grand Theft Auto VI in 2023? Take-Two SEC filing hints at release date

Venture Beast

Grand Theft Auto VI may debut between April 2023 and March 2024, according to a Take-Two SEC filing's note on marketing spending. Read More. Business Games PC Gaming category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Driving & Racing Games Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto VI GTA Online Rockstar Games Take-Two Take-Two Interactive Software

California will require all newly-sold trucks to be zero-emissions by 2045


The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has announced a "first-in-the-world" rule that will require all truck and van manufacturers to transition from diesel vehicles to zero-emission alternatives starting in 2024

Launch of the Future of Media Report 2008! We predict the media industry will be worth US$5.7 trillion in 2024

Trends in the Living Networks

trillion in 2024 (in 2008 dollars) - released in this report - as well as information on current growth trends in advertising. Our Future of Media Report 2008 is now launched! See also our extremely popular Future of Media Report 2007 and Future of Media Report 2006 ). This will be given to attendees at the Future of Media Summit 2008 next week in beautiful glossy print format to take home.

Media 65

Nokia to build a 4G network on the moon


The unlikely-sounding scenario is part of NASA's Artemis' program, which aims to put the next man and first woman on the lunar surface in 2024.

Eight nations sign NASA's 'Artemis Accords' principles for moon and space exploration


Nasa hasn't been to the moon since commander Eugene Cernan became the last person to walk on it in 1972, but there are plans to put the next man and first woman on the surface in 2024 through Project Artemis.


NASA’s Next Moonsuit Is Going to Be Damned Impressive

GizModo VR

NASA is preparing to send a woman and a man to the Moon in 2024, in what will be the first mission to the lunar surface in 52 years. The new spacesuit being designed for the mission is sleek and ultra high-tech, with a swath of features not possible during the Apollo era.


Gartner Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2021 and Beyond


By 2024, 30% of digital businesses will mandate DNA storage trials, addressing the exponential growth of data poised to overwhelm existing storage technology. By 2024, content moderation services for user-generated content will be surveyed as a top CEO priority by 30% of large organizations.

5 Key Predictions for Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection


By 2024, 30% of large enterprises will newly implement identity-proofing tools to address common weaknesses in workforce identity life cycle processes.

WAN challenges steer auto-rental firm to SASE

Network World

Gartner estimates at least 40% of enterprises will have explicit strategies to adopt SASE by 2024, up from less than 1% at the end of 2018. Latency and reliability concerns set car rental company Sixt on a path to rearchitect its WAN.

WAN 78

CoreSite Gets Data Center Lease Extension In Denver

Data Center Knowledge

CoreSite scored rights to control its lease term for its Denver DE1 Facility into 2024, as well as secured the ability to scale to further customer requirements with additional power capacity. CoreSite

Digital Workplace Trends You Can’t Ignore


Gartner predicts that 69% of what a manager currently does will be fully automated by 2024. Around the world, corporate offices sit empty. In 2019, Gartner predicted that by 2023, fewer than one-third of digital workers would select the corporate office as their preferred place to work.

Trends 309

T-Mobile, Which Said Sprint Merger Would Create Jobs, Already Laying Off Sprint Employees

GizModo VR

billion merger with rival Sprint was all about job creation, saying the two companies would have 11,000 more employees by 2024 than they were expected to as separate entities. T-Mobile insisted that its dreaded $26.5 But now that the deal’s closed, hundreds of former Sprint employees working under the merged brand … Read more. layoffs mergers t mobile sprint telecoms carriers wireless technology labor

3 Barriers to AI Adoption


By 2024, 50% of AI investments will be quantified and linked to specific key performance indicators to measure return on investment. Gartner forecasts that by 2024, 50% of AI investments will be quantified and linked to specific key performance indicators to measure return on investment. More organizations are adopting artificial intelligence (AI).

.Net 236

NetSuite Embraces Cloud Communications

IT Toolbox

A recent market research report placed the value of the global VoIP services market in 2015 at some $86 billion, with the prediction that it will hit almost $200 billion by 2024. Facebook Messenger Adds Group Calling. The unified communications market is forecast to reach $96 billion by 2023. Whatever the final numbers turn out to be, the transition to IP communications

VOIP 100

Top 3 Benefits of AI Projects


By 2024, 50% of AI investments will be quantified and linked to specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure return on investment. Determining the benefits for artificial intelligence (AI) projects is difficult and confusing, but increasingly important.

The CIO’s Guide to Distributed Cloud


By 2024, most cloud service platforms will provide at least some distributed cloud services that execute at the point of need. In fact, by 2024, most cloud service platforms will provide at least some distributed cloud services that execute at the point of need.

Cloud 302

GTA 6's release windows possibly revealed by Take-Two


As reported by VentureBeat, Take-Two’s filing shows that it plans to spend $89 million on marketing between April 2023 and March 2024. That’s more than double the marketing budget for any other year over the next half a decade, suggesting GTA 6 will arrive sometime during this 12-month period

Amazon adding 3,000 new tech and corporate jobs in Boston with lease of new 17-story office tower


A rendering of the new 17-story tower office tower leased by Amazon in Boston, slated to open in 2024. The new 630,000-square foot tower is slated for completion in 2024. Amazon / WS Development Image.).

Apple Car will initially be driverless, report says

Mashable VR

The new report claims the Kia plant will be built in West Point, Georgia, with the car likely launching in 2024 (though it's possible that the launch date could get pushed into the future). With each passing day, the mythical Apple Car becomes more real, and also slightly more confusing.

Apple 82

SOASTA Provides Stress Testing for Olympic Web Sites

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud and mobile testing provider SOASTA announced that it has been named the official web and mobile testing partner for the Sochi Winter Olympics, signing a 10-year contract to assure quality web and mobile user experiences for the 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2024 Olympic Games.

Mobile 154

A Spring Break Conversation Topic With Your College Kid

Forrester IT

Here is what I found: According to the United States Bureau Of Labor Statistics , the employment of computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 12 percent from 2014 to 2024 (new update on March 31, 2017) which is faster than the average (x8%) for all occupations. I don't know about you but this Spring Break is different in my family.

Niko Partners: China is finally embarcing consoles

Venture Beast

billion in revenue by 2024, according to market researcher Niko Partners. EXCLUSIVE: China’s console and TV games market is expected to grow from $997 million in 2019 to $2.15 The combined Chinese console game market includes gray market revenue of hardware and software alongside legal sales, Niko said. The gray market includes consoles that are de… Read More.

4 Trends Impacting Cloud Adoption in 2020


Through 2024, nearly all legacy applications migrated to public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will require optimization to become more cost-effective. Multicloud strategies will reduce vendor dependency for two-thirds of organizations through 2024. Cloud computing is firmly established as the new normal for enterprise IT. Across industries, cloud continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of IT spend.

Trends 240

Hyundai and Apple are talking about Apple Car production

Mashable VR

Following the recent report that Apple is looking into building a car and launching it by 2024 , Korean automaker Hyundai has confirmed to CNBC that Apple has discussed the product with "a variety of global automakers, including Hyundai Motor.".

Apple 83