NASA Finally Puts a Price Tag on 2024 Moon Landing

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NASA revealed new details about the Artemis moon landing program yesterday, including a detailed budget, project timelines, and an ambitious plan to build a permanent base at the lunar south pole.

GTA 6's release windows possibly revealed by Take-Two


As reported by VentureBeat, Take-Two’s filing shows that it plans to spend $89 million on marketing between April 2023 and March 2024. That’s more than double the marketing budget for any other year over the next half a decade, suggesting GTA 6 will arrive sometime during this 12-month period


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4 Trends Impacting Cloud Adoption in 2020


With greater spend, however, comes greater responsibility for CIOs to invest budgets wisely, and a bigger impact if things go wrong. Through 2024, nearly all legacy applications migrated to public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will require optimization to become more cost-effective. Multicloud strategies will reduce vendor dependency for two-thirds of organizations through 2024. Cloud computing is firmly established as the new normal for enterprise IT.

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A Canadian astronaut will fly around the Moon on the first crewed mission of NASA’s new rocket

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The Gateway is just one part of NASA’s larger Artemis program, which is focused on landing a woman on the Moon by 2024. Whether NASA can meet its ambitious goal of landing people on the Moon in 2024 remains to be seen.

Is the Cloud Secure?


When formulating a cloud computing strategy, organizations must make calculated decisions about what they will and will not do to mitigate cloud risks based on budget and risk appetite. Through 2024, the majority of enterprises will continue to struggle with appropriately measuring cloud security risks. Cloud security breaches consistently make news headlines.

Back to real school? University of Washington to blend small in-person classes with online learning


What’s more, the class of 2024 is poised to be “our largest freshman class ever,” Cauce said. ” Universities are looking for creative solutions to daunting budget cuts. “Because a number of places like our hospitals, like housing and food services, like our study abroad programs that are based on — in essence — user fees, have already experienced very significant budget shortfalls that we are in the process of managing.”

NASA chief points to SpaceX crewed launch as a unifying moment for America


Our budgets now are as high as they’ve ever been in nominal dollars.” He noted that she worked with NASA last August to promote the Artemis program, which aims to send astronauts to the lunar surface by as early as 2024. Congress played a significant role in pushing NASA’s budgets to their current levels. In 2017 and 2019 , Congress interceded to head off proposed budget cuts.