Enterprise Architecture Enables Digital Innovation


In 2011, Gartner predicted that within 10 years, the majority of global enterprises would support enterprise architecture (EA) as a distinct discipline that is integral to business planning. Now, in 2020, EA has grown from a support function into a highly strategic one, responsible for designing an intelligent information architecture that supports digitalization and innovation. Refocus on information architecture. Leverage intelligent tools.

The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture


For today's enterprise architectur e (EA), this same pattern is inspiring architects and technology innovation leaders to design and deliver new operating models, with business outcomes now at center stage. The tools and techniques of EA remain invaluable, but the real contribution of enterprise architects is their ability to consult, coach and mentor, and drive business outcomes. The post The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture appeared first on Smarter With Gartner.

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Data Architecture: 2.5 Types of Modern Data Integration Tools

Perficient - Digital Transformation

As we move into the modern cloud data architecture era, enterprises are deploying 2 primary classes of data integration tools to handle the traditional ETL and ELT use cases. The first type of Data integration tools are GUI-Based Data Integration solutions.

Choose The Right Enterprise Architecture Management Tool Using Forrester’s Latest EAMS Wave™

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Today’s enterprise architecture (EA) practices are relevant because they enable a firm’s customer-led and digital transformations. As more traditional EA use cases become commoditized, vendors that provide strong use cases that are vital to transformations will emerge as the leaders. These transformation-enabling use cases include strategic performance management, technology asset performance, operational insights, and people […

How to stop people from causing bad cloud architectures

David Linthicum

These days the battles are about which cloud provider to choose, what database to use, what devops tool chain to engage. The Enterprise Architecture Awards : Learn from these five winners what it takes for EA to make a real business difference.

Understand The EAMS Vendor Landscape To Choose The Right Tool

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Forrester defines enterprise architecture management suites (EAMSes) as: A foundation for capturing, managing, and reporting on a firm’s strategic and operational assets, defining the relationships between those assets, and assessing the effectiveness and efficiencies of those assets with the purpose of providing insights that may influence or guide the strategic direction of the firm. enterprise architecture enterprise architecture domains & practices EAMS

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The Insights Beat: Spring Has Sprung — Get Your Data And Analytics Tools In Order

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Age of the Customer AI Insights customer insights data insights machine learning automated machine learning big data fabric customer analytics data architecture data commercialization data economy data virtualization

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Analysts, Tools, and Complexity


By AdamElkus CTOs and analysts of all stripes know that understanding the problem they are trying to solve should precede selecting analytical tools. Page has a useful distinction between all of these that can help us match tool to problem.

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IT Enterprise Architecture: How to Engage Business Partners and Enhance Digital Innovation


The firm’s enterprise architecture (EA) team – whose main task is to describe and document the design of organizations, including processes, systems, reporting structures, and technology – is often well placed to help business partners navigate opportunities for digital innovation.

Design vs. Architecture

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All architecture is design; not all design is architecture. Without architecture, a designer can start to lose the bigger picture. Architecture could be the navigator of strategy management. Without design, the grand plan never gets implemented or is done adequately.

The Value of Business Architecture

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Business Architecture (BA) contains the organizational context and is strategic in that it gives direction to the business design and transformation. Leveraging business architecture to facilitate requirements negotiations is very beneficial to keep everyone involved.

Knowledge Architecture and Design Maturity

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Knowledge architecture is a useful tool to develop the design competency of the business. Knowledge Architecture helps to bridge the silos and encourage structural design practices: Design Thinking is not just about wireframes and visual designs.

Use IT Architecture as a Practical Tool to Improve Organizational Maturity

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Perform “As-Is” study, at the same time understand the business value and future business goal of IT organization: IT architecture is the visualization of IT strategy that describes how to encompass organization from “as-is” state to future state.

Gaining Insight of Solution Architecture

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Solution architecture could be an effective tool to enable strategic and systematic problem-solving. The architecture is abstract. Leverage solution architecture to clarify: Where do we need framework and guidance?

Leverage the Business Architecture as a Tool for Riding the Digital Transformation Tide

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It’s important to leverage the business architecture as a navigation tool as Business Architecture contains the organizational context and is strategic in that it gives direction to the business design and transformation.

A Customer Centric Architecture

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Customer Centricity should always get reflected in organizational design or architecture. The organization has to continuously understand its customer needs and business requirements, develop a customer-centric architecture, and have a clear understanding of how customer-centric approaches enhance the business model and extend profitability. Simplicity may either refer to an architectural constraint or to a business requirement.

Business Model, Business Strategy, and Business Architecture

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Today, “business model,” “business strategy,” and “business architecture” are among the most sloppily used terms in business; they are often stretched to mean everything and end up meaning nothing.

Apply Business Architecture to Solve Wild Problems

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Problem-solving has a very wide scope today, digital leaders and professionals can leverage Business Architecture (BA) as a problem-solving framework and practical tool for taking multifaceted disciplines to solve problems effectively.

The Value of Business Architecture (Part II)

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Business Architecture (BA) should play a critical role in designing and managing future businesses that become truly proactive and move up the organizational maturity level by turning multidimensional factors impacting business models, business operations, and business reputation.

Do EA Tools Enable EA Pros To Deliver Value To Their Stakeholders?

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As enterprise architecture (EA) practices mature and the demand for EA services grows, interest in enterprise architecture management suites (EAMS) continues to also grow. Before making a choice of EAMS tool, EA leaders need to take a step back and assess how they can demonstrate value, and then select the most appropriate toolset. Vendors in this category aim to capture the architectural landscape and the relationships between them. EAMS Enterprise Architecture

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CMPivot Tool SCCM Subset of the Azure Log Analytics


Most of these fast moving parts of SCCM are using “Fast Channel” architecture. The post CMPivot Tool SCCM Subset of the Azure Log Analytics appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. SCCM CMPivot Tool featured SCCM CMPivot Tool QueryWho said SMS (slow moving software)? SCCM is anymore a slow moving software. SCCM moves as fast as Azure.

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Three Perspectives of Software Architecture

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Software Architecture intuitively denotes the high level structures of a software system. Software architecture is not a solution in itself, but rather a component of the overall business objective. Here are some perspectives of the software architecture.

IT Architecture as the Visualization of Strategy

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To improve IT organization maturity from functioning to delight, IT architecture as a practical tool provides a strategic framework and set up the environment for implementing IT-enabled and well-designed solutions and make value-added deliveries that make the organization different and competitive.

Automation Tools Enhance Cloud Outcomes

Perficient - Digital Transformation

One set of technologies that has already delivered significant outcomes are automation tools. If you think about it cloud technology is based on the use of automation tools. Every cloud provider has implemented automation from the lowest levels of computing architecture. Automation tools cover the full range of activities: Infrastructure – IaC. Because of the extensive use of these tools we are starting to experience many positive outcomes.

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Leverage Business Architecture to Orchestrate Strategic Transformation

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Thus, the business architecture could become a great executive communication tool, particularly when the architecture discussion is kept at a higher level, keep all executives at the same page by walking through the discussion about strategy planning, governance, transformation.

Enterprise Architecture as a Strategic Planning Tool

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In such circumstances, how do you see the role of Enterprise Architecture as a Strategic Planning Tool for the company? In traditional methods, strategy/planning & architecture decisions are made "upfront" considering the number of uncertainties was minimal or under control.

Free Tools to Help Manage your Virtualized Datacenter  


Architecture Big Data Companies Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Companies Data center Hyper-V information technology Microsoft Visio Veeam Virtual machine vmware VMware vSphere By Natalie Lehrer. Virtual server deployments can get complex quickly. When you are studying for your certification exams, educators typically have virtual labs setup for you that allow you to quickly login to and plug away at your task.

Tools for Building Professional Cloud Architecture Diagrams

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I’m frequently asked about templates, stencils and shapes that are available for documenting the architecture of cloud-based solutions on Microsoft Azure , Azure Pack and Office 365.

Consolidations in Data Governance Tooling Are Emphasizing DG importance for future Data Usages

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Enterprise Architecture data management big data data management platformsWhile data governance has been a business need for years, it is becoming more visible as a center stage business concern. Driving this shift are new regulations and new requirements addressing consumer data ownership, privacy and business interest data monetization.

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CMA Hosts Federal Cybersecurity Solutions Reference Architecture Meeting


Creating the GWACsolutions COE Cybersecurity Reference Architecture. More than a dozen solution providers participated in the work session contributing their knowledge, technologies, and expertise covering capabilities ranging from initial cyber threat risk & vulnerability assessment, to IT Infrastructure and systems/network security, to data security, along with tools to manage an organizations entire risk /cyber solution portfolio. Katie Kennedy.

Bring More Analysis to Your Data: learn key architecture lessons learned over breakfast in Tysons Corner VA


Current architectures, unfortunately, segment these efforts into distinct, separate systems, requiring costly duplication to provide these capabilities. Leverage Analytical Partners – Why an EDH is the best way to connect your existing applications and tools to big data. Learn how you can do more with your data with both new and existing analytical tools with an EDH and Cloudera. By Bob Gourley. To register see: [link]. Cloudera Breakfast Series – Washington, D.C.

Apply Balanced Scorecard Approach to Measure Business Architecture Performance

Future of CIO

Business Architecture (BA) should play a critical role in designing and managing future businesses that become truly proactive and move up the organizational maturity level.

Moving Toward a Framework for Resilient Cybersecurity: Expanding to a Hybrid Security Architecture


Hybrid architectures are a reality in today’s complex enterprise environments. So far we have laid out a roadmap for the development of a framework for resilient cybersecurity that includes threat intelligence, tool selection, and incident response. Dan Cybulski.

Windows 10 Upgrade Readiness Architecture with SCCM – Part 1


The Microsoft tool for this solution is “Upgrade Readiness”. The post Windows 10 Upgrade Readiness Architecture with SCCM – Part 1 appeared first on Anoops. ConfigMgr (SCCM) featured SCCM ConfigMgr Upgrade Readiness Upgrade Readiness Architecture with SCCM Windows 10 Upgrade ReadinessNew Windows 10 versions are released multiple times a year. The biggest challenge is ensuring application and driver compatibility on an ongoing basis.

Business Architecture as a Master Planner of the Organization

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Business Architecture is a great strategic planning tool for business leaders to gain a systematic understanding of how relationships, ecosystems, market dynamics, interconnectivity, and orchestrate the organizational interrelationship between people and processes.

Dell BIOS Reporting Tool

Mick's IT Blog

CmdletBinding()] param ( [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()][string]$FilePath ) function Get-Architecture { [CmdletBinding()][OutputType([string])] param () $OSArchitecture = (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem | Select-Object OSArchitecture).OSArchitecture

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How to Assess Your Technical Architecture

CIO Dashboard

I need to identify gaps in the current state architecture as well as think about future state technical capabilities. One minute I need to focus on the web services that need to be developed as part of the future state architecture. Is the Architecture Complete?

Cyber Response Solutions: A taxonomy of response, recovery, restoration and remediation tools


Cyber Response Solutions: A taxonomy of response, recovery, restoration and remediation tools (30 downloads). Download “Cyber Response Solutions: A taxonomy of response, recovery, restoration and remediation tools” Taxonomy-of-Cyber-Remediation-Tools.docx – Downloaded 30 times – 421 kB. By Bob Gourley.

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MSI Analysis Reporting Tool

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Here is a tool I have written that generates a report on all of the variables used for each entry during an MSI installation. I wrote this script to make customizing the installation of MSI files much easier and quicker.

An Architectural Framework as a Playground to Optimize Organizational Design

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An architectural framework is a collection of knowledge composed of different groups of information and knowledge. The architectural framework that is created needs to be maintained and used by the managers to adapt and improve the organization in the future by abstracting major concerns.

What is Cloud Migration – Techniques and Best Tools


Information Technology Blog - - What is Cloud Migration – Techniques and Best Tools - Information Technology Blog. Greater efficiency and productivity : Allows you to focus entirely on work, in addition to the use of collaborative tools that promote productivity.

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Leverage Business Architecture to Shape High Mature Digital Organization

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How to leverage the role of Business Architecture for designing and managing the digital organization that can respond to multidimensional factors impacting business model, operations, and reputation? Business Architecture is strategic in that it gives direction to the business.

In Search of Business Architecture Totality to Drive Transformative Change

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Business Architecture contains the organizational context and is strategic in that it gives direction to the business design and transformation. The challenge of Business Architecture is to build an organization that in times of change and times of relative status quo remains.