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Business Intelligence: The Missing Link to Your ERP Strategy?

IT Toolbox

While defining ERP strategy, many organizations neglect one of the highest value-added aspects of their enterprise systems: business intelligence.

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Follow Us: The Flexagon Roadmap


The COTS support includes traditional on-prem database, middleware, business intelligence, applications, and cloud services for infrastructure, platform, and software applications. Enterprise Systems Platform Support . Vast Toolchain Integration Library.

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Big Data Needs to Scale - Social, Agile, and Transformation

Social, Agile and Transformation

I cover topics for Technologists from CIOs to Developers - agile development, agile portfolio management, leadership, business intelligence, big data, startups, social networking, SaaS, content management, media, enterprise 2.0 and business transformation. Startups and Enterprises. Friday, September 28, 2012.

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5 signs that you need a low-code development platform

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

A low-code development platform lets end users create and run their own reports and Business Intelligence (BI) applications. Business departments are bypassing IT for third-party solutions. On the other hand, bringing modern skills to employees who already understand the business completely eliminates the issue.

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Expanding the Cloud - Cluster Compute Instances for Amazon EC2.

All Things Distributed

In those days, my main goal was to take the advances in building the highly dedicated High Performance Cluster environments and turn them into commodity technologies for the enterprise to use. Not just for HPC but for mission critical enterprise systems such as OLTP.

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