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Information Technology Blog - - The Small Business Guide to Information Security - Information Technology Blog. Information security is a major issue in the business world, and security breaches cost businesses millions of dollars per year.

10 New Information Security Roles for the Digitization Era


High demand and a limited pool of people with the right skills and experience make information security staffing a perennial challenge. Further complicating things is the fact that information security teams have not yet adapted to their changing role in digitizing companies. Digitization requires security staff to play a more diverse range of roles to meet a wider spectrum of demand from the rest of the firm. Product security specialists/managers.


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3 Ways to Protect Firms’ Information Security as they Digitize


The way companies create, sell, and market products, and run the operations to do so, is increasingly based on the use of technology and digital information (see chart 1), and this trend of digitization will only continue more quickly across the next five years. And digitization, fueled by business-led IT (line managers initiating and funding their own technology projects), places untenable pressure on the way that IT information security teams work.

Information Security Budgets: More Money and More Staff, But Growth Finally Slowing


Information security functions have become far more important to their companies in the past decade, and that’s reflected in how the resources they’re allocated has grown and grown. Overall, there are a few changes that information security teams should expect in the coming year; the slide below has highlights. Security Staffing and Budget Increases. Security budgets grew an average of 16% in 2016 but are poised to only grow 9% in 2017.

Budget 150

IT Infrastructure: 3 Steps to Respond to Today’s Information Security Concerns


The plethora of recent high-profile breaches , and the funding and attention lavished on information security teams , have forced many IT infrastructure groups – those that are responsible for the company’s hardware, software, networks, data centers, and so on – to reprioritize their strategic plans and focus on information risk management. In fact, the security group is the only part of the infrastructure function where staffing levels are increasing.

Is Information Security the Right Profession for Me?

Linux Academy

Wondering if information security is the right profession for you? I’ve been working in information security for many years and have had the opportunity to fill a variety of roles. In this post, I’ll fill you in about some of the available jobs in information security and what it takes to succeed in each one. First off, there are many different jobs within information security. Security Analyst (Blue Teamer).

Grab two essential IT certifications on networking, information security and cybersecurity


This comprehensive 2-part bundle will help you ace the exams for the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certifications -- all through training that focuses on real-world examples

2015 National Chief Information Security Officer Survey

Cloud Musings

Recent cases have highlighted identity theft, the loss of personal financial data, and the disclosure of sensitive national security information. The executive in the hot seat for preventing these failures is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Commissioned by the National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College , this data will be used to develop and publish actionable information for use by the day to day cybersecurity professionals.

IDG Contributor Network: 3 new information security jobs for the digital enterprise

Network World

The responsibilities of information security are rapidly changing as enterprises digitize. In this new context, information security is expected to take a strategic role by helping business leaders understand the security implications of their digital strategies; support a quicker pace of technology exploitation and experimentation; and govern a larger, more varied project portfolio.

IDG Contributor Network: To improve information security, enterprises and government must share information

Network World

Information security is forever weaved into our daily lives. From the massive data breaches impacting Target, Yahoo and Anthem to IoT-powered DDoS attacks that take down substantial portions of the internet for extended periods of time, information security impacts everyone.

IDG Contributor Network: How to build a thriving information security function despite the talent shortage

ComputerWorld IT Management

It seems that the industry has reached a nearly unanimous conclusion about a key essential for tight information security -- people. You don't have to look at online job postings for long to recognize that most of the posted IT jobs relate to information security, with employers attempting to fill many such positions to shore up their cybersecurity posture. As an example, following a major security breach at the U.S.

IDG Contributor Network: The devil is in the details: The importance of tight processes to strong information security

ComputerWorld IT Management

Have you ever pulled a policy or procedure down from the internet, changed a few things and called it your own? If not, you are probably one of a small minority. Most of us have done this from time to time, and building on the work of another (assuming of course that it is not copyrighted) is a good way to start, as long as you make the proper adjustments to meet your specific needs. Therein, however, lies the problem. .

Water-authority network upgrade spots problems faster

Network World

The Albuquerque water authority says recent network upgrades give it greater visibility and control over its remote sites and makes for faster responses to leaks and other problems. Get regularly scheduled insights by signing up for Network World newsletters.].

Information Risk: 3 Threat Management Trends to Keep an Eye On


Although the threat management tools and techniques available to chief information security officers (CISOs) have also improved, this still leaves much to do. CISOs in CEB’s networks are focused on three shifts in particular at the moment. Information security teams, however, collect intelligence on their adversaries in a series of “silos,” typically focusing solely on technical threat intelligence.

Trends 150

Information Risk: Bug Bounties Have Gone Mainstream


As the trickle of companies incorporating digitalization into their corporate strategy turns into a flood, information security professionals are warning anyone who’ll listen about the vast array of products and services that may contain critical vulnerabilities in their software. As the chief security officer at a technology firm in CEB’s networks explained recently, “We have 40 engineers on staff whose sole job is to break software.

Clubhouse Promises to Get Its Security Under Control (Again)

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Clubhouse—the invitation-only audio app best known for courting everyone from Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg —has promised to implement new safeguards after suffering its second high-profile security snafu this month.

The Dick Jail Is 'Safe' Again, but Use at Your Own Risk

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Last October, security researchers warned that the Qiui Cellmate Chastity Cage had a serious security flaw that could allow hackers to turn a chastity device into a dick jail.

How OPM Could Have Avoided the Data Breach


Recently, a data breach at the Office of Personnel Management ( OPM ) demonstrated once again the vulnerability of data and how even when an organization has seemingly deployed the right tools, security holes can be exploited to gain access to highly sensitive information. This includes highly sensitive records about individuals with clearances and even information that could expose those living undercover.

Sources of cyber intelligence from governments and academia


Cyber intelligence is a growing discipline in the cybersecurity community, providing important information for cyber defenders in enterprises large and small. This very likely includes an array of external information sources that will include threat news, listings of IP addresses that are known to be associated with malicious sites, information on malicious code, and a variety of other threat information feeds. Striving to make cyber security understandable by people.

Catelas: Next-Generation ‘Relationship Forensics’ Software


Catelas is a solution on the market today that maps out large communications networks. Analytical Tool Companies Company Catelas FCPA Financial Services Information security The software''s unique value is its ability to automatically identify the people that matter in any dataset – a specific case (collected data) or across the entire company (log files or email meta-data).

Internet Two Seeks Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer


Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer. Position Summary: The Internet2 Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer (CCSO) is the leader responsible for establishing the cyberinfrastructure security strategy and direction for Internet2′s global infrastructure programs. The CCSO provides leadership for the Internet2 cyber security program through strong working relationships and collaboration across the staff and community, including policy and operational areas.

IDG Contributor Network: Information security priorities for Trump's administration

Network World

Emphasize that information security applies to all agencies. Ideally, a cabinet meeting for all new secretaries should be held within three months of the inauguration to underscore that information security is essential for all agencies to complete their missions. Even secretaries whose agencies are not typically associated with either information security or IT need to be included.

Prepare for The Cyber Threat : What Executives Need to Know to Manage Risk


Available data suggest that 84% of corporations have malware on their networks. FBI Director James Comey consistently underscores the threat of cybercrime to corporate America by repeating what security professionals have long known: “there are two kinds of companies in the United States, those who know they have been hacked and those that don’t know they have been hacked.” Building a Culture of Security: Do all our employees understand their role in cyber security?

Why CISOs Need Cloud to Secure the Network


This type of connected employee, while a boon to the organization, can be a nightmare to the chief information security officer (CISO). Martha is not only exposing critical data to unknown networks while using WiFi services in public spaces, she is also exposing her company's network to possible threat exposures through external websites. In a modern cloud-centric digital business, the need to access information anywhere and everywhere is a top priority.

The Security Innovation Network Showcase: 3-4 Dec in DC


We have been long-term supporters of the Security Innovation Network (SINET) and believe this group plays an important role in being a catalyst for innovation around enterprise cyber security. This event helps highlight emerging technologies with potential dramatic positive impact on enterprise missions and also helps advance the exchange of ideas around mission needs and concepts of operation on enterprise cyber security. 7 hours Networking and Networking Reception.

Patient Portal Puts a Spotlight on Secure Messaging


Stage 2 requires expanded use of patient portals, as well as implementation of secure messaging, allowing patients to exchange information with physicians regarding their health care. Given the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirement for secure communication of Protected Health Information (PHI), a spotlight has been placed on the support for secure messaging. Secure Messaging Requires Authentication and Secure Networks.

InfoSec Policies and Standards: Some strategic context for those just diving into this world


Organizations are giving more priority to development of information security policies, as protecting their assets is one of the prominent things that needs to be considered. So an organization makes different strategies in implementing a security policy successfully. An information security policy provides management direction and support for information security across the organization. Policies can be enforced by implementing security controls.

The Importance of an Online Encryption Policy


IBM’s latest Cyber Security Intelligence index report shows that: 1.5 There is a 12% year-to-year increase in security events to educate and inform organizations. There are 91,765,453 security events annually. It covers the systematic data management of the company and can also be referred to as information security policy standards when working in an on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid-computing environment.

Symantec Government Symposium 11 March 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel Washington DC


By Bob Gourley DC seems to have a cyber security related event every week. Here are details from the invite: Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to join 1500 IT leaders and innovators on March 11 to collaborate and discuss the top issues in IT security and management. Learn how agencies are turning to BYOD to ensure security and ROI. Investigate FedRAMP and its role in standardizing cloud security and what the program means to federal agencies. Networking Break.

Tech Moves: Startup Haven grows team to lead new fund; PSL promotions; F5 Networks adds execs


Mehta joined PSL in 2018 from ExtraHop Networks, where she was CFO. F5 Networks Photos). — F5 Networks hired Microsoft CVP Yvette Smith as SVP of customer success and business transformation and promoted Gail Coury to SVP and chief information security officer.

IDG Contributor Network: Security talent management for the digitization era

Network World

Stiff competition for talent and a limited pool of security specialists make information security staffing a perennial challenge. Complicating this is the fact that security has not yet adapted to its changing role as organizations digitize. Now more than ever, information security leaders need to understand the new business environment and adapt how they hire, compete for and manage talent for the digital era.

Enterprise Meets Consumer Security: Exploring Approaches To Protect Employees At Home

Forrester's Customer Insights

age of the customer cloud security content security cybersecurity data security endpoint security information security IoT security mobile security network security physical security privacy security & riskDoes your organization have a strategy for protecting employees at home as a part of your overall cybersecurity program?

Zero Trust Goes Mainstream In Europe

Forrester's Customer Insights

In addition, general awareness of the Zero Trust security model is much lower in Europe than in the US. age of the customer information security network security security & risk security information & event management (SIEM) zero trustOver the Easter weekend, we released a new research report looking at implementing Zero Trust in Europe. When we started, we knew that a one-size-fits-all approach would not work in Europe.

How Certifications Can Help You Land a Position | Hacking In to Cybersecurity

Linux Academy

The blogs will consist of introducing you to some techniques you can use to help to land a security position, as well as covering some concepts that anyone considering joining the career field should know about. Every day the bad guys get just a little stronger, adding more and more people and crafting more and more attacks that the Security industry just simply cannot keep up with. For individuals coming from outside the IT industry , I recommend Network+ in addition to Security+.

How Should CIOs Handle More Cybersecurity Regulations?

The Accidental Successful CIO

As our companies understand the importance of information technology and acquire more and more valuable information, the bad guys keep trying to find ways to break in and steal customer credit card and personal information. It turns out that regulators have been watching us and they now think that securing the company is important enough that they are starting to create regulations in this area. Keeping the company safe is the job of the CIO Image Credit: Bill Smith.

The Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone of Misery for S&R Pro’s Starts with Start Ups

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cybersecurity information security network security security & riskOver the last 2 weeks I have been at the annual shenanigan bonanza that is RSA. I was invited to sit on a “Shark Tank” panel for emerging technology start-ups in Miami, FL. In the span of two weeks I went from seeing the big, well-established companies, who have massive marketing budgets and millions of […].

IDG Contributor Network: Top 5 InfoSec concerns for 2017

Network World

Each and every day, it seems, the tech community wakes up to news of another attack on data security and privacy. As IT professionals, we spend our days working to the best of our knowledge and ability to keep company information secure. Cloudbleed , WannaCry, ransomware , hackers. Some days, however, when news of new attacks hit, it can feel like we’ll never get ahead. As soon as we learn one method of protection, the hackers have invented a new workaround.

IDG Contributor Network: The future of security: A combination of cyber and physical defense

Network World

To protect people from these combined cyber and physical threats, information security experts and law enforcement, which traditionally handles physical security, will have to share strategies. Also on Network World: The IoT is uranium + After all, the boundaries between cyber and physical attacks are already blurring. Our increasingly connected world gives hackers even more ways to exploit technology for malicious purposes.

How to close up the holes in your network

Network World

While they enjoy cloud benefits, many in IT still feel challenged to fully secure the new platform. There might be one or more cloud services linking to your corporate and partner network, all being accessed by both mobile and traditional users. How can you enforce internal policies and industry compliance mandates when there’s no longer an identifiable network perimeter? The cloud is now a mainstream IT platform.

Cloud 61

Data-Centric Security and Zero Trust Architecture:


It’s been nearly ten years since John Kindervag first published a paper recommending what he called the “zero trust” model of information security. The time had come, he announced, to abandon the idea of unbreakable network perimeters, and to deal with the reality that intruders will inevitably find their way into protected networks. Cyber Security Disruptive IT information technology National security

Next Generation Access and Zero Trust

Forrester's Customer Insights

A few years ago, the concepts of micro-segmentation and micro-perimeters for Zero Trust were championed by Jon Kindervag, and he showed us how those concepts and their technologies could enable a more secure enterprise. Once those concepts and their associated best practices hit the street, organizations from VMWare to Cisco and Palo Alto Networks quickly […].

IDG Contributor Network: How CISOs should address their boards about security

Network World

There are two times you might have to talk to your organization’s board of directors about security: before a breach and after. That should mean the board wants to talk with you, the CISO, to learn firsthand what your department is doing to mitigate information security threats. Also on Network World: How to survive in the CISO hot seat +. Be sure you’ve had the former before you need to have the latter.

NASA Audit: Cyber Risk Skyrockets with 'Work from Home'

SecureWorld News

A new security audit reveals that cyber bad actors hit the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with more than 6,000 attacks during the last four years. 6 key areas where NASA's information security is failing. Featured NASA Network Security Original Content