AppsFlyer measures in-app advertising for Facebook gaming campaigns

Venture Beast

AppsFlyer can measure in-app advertising campaigns, tracing the growth of revenue associated with a group of users to ads that drew them. Read More.

SEC charges ‘decentralized’ Amazon Web Services competitor with scamming investors

The Verge

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the would-be creator of a “decentralized” Amazon Web Services alternative with scamming investors out of millions. But the complaint says he made false and misleading statements, and this platform was never built as advertised.


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Amazon’s advertising business is surging amid industry-wide ad sales boom for tech giants


Amazon’s advertising business continue to grow rapidly as it is now one of the company’s key sources of revenue. Other Amazon businesses are not growing as quickly — sales from the online stores category grew 16% in Q2 2021, for example, and Amazon Web Services sales grew 37%.

Has Amazon found its fourth pillar? Revisiting a key question for the company’s future


In 2014, he wrote, Amazon had three: Marketplace, Prime, and Amazon Web Services. Amazon’s advertising business meets the bar for return on capital, generating more than $31 billion in revenue in 2021.

Amazon elevates two more execs to its senior leadership team under new CEO Andy Jassy


New Amazon “S-team” member James Hamilton worked under Jassy as vice president and distinguished engineer for Amazon Web Services. Colleen Aubrey, SVP, Performance Advertising. Charlie Bell, SVP, Utility Computing Services.

Advertising surge lifts Amazon’s ‘Other’ segment past subscription business, on pace to rival AWS


Amazon’s Q4 2020 earnings last week were understandably dominated by news that CEO Jeff Bezos is stepping down in Q3 2021 , to be replaced by Amazon Web Services chief Andy Jassy. That spike is in line with gains from advertising giants Google and Facebook.

AWS problems impact Amazon, Disney, Smartsheet, Canva and other online services


If you’re having problems buying items or logging in to this morning, you’re not alone, and thanks to the widespread use of Amazon Web Services, the problem isn’t limited to Amazon. Amazon Web Services having problemos today.

Complete Guide to AWS re:Invent 2019

Linux Academy

AWS’s competitors typically give free rides in Teslas to specific locations (clever advertising!). While the selection of labs available on-site will be quite limited (~100) compared to our size of offering (900+), it’s still a good way of continuing to train and trying out new services you haven’t used before. Some of these will be industry-based lounges like AI, Databases, Financial Services, and more. Amazon Web Services

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Amazon earnings reveal major shift: Total services revenue on track to surpass retail sales


Revenue from Amazon Web Services, Amazon Prime, third-party seller services, online advertising and other services added up to 49.3% Amazon’s advertising business is surging amid industry-wide ad sales boom for tech giants.

Retail 102

Seattle startup Downstream, which helps brands with their Amazon ads, acquired by Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout raised $110 million and today announced the acquisition of Downstream , a Seattle startup that helps brands with their Amazon advertising strategies. Revenue from Amazon’s third-party seller services spiked 57% in the holiday quarter to $27.3

Amazon profits nearly double to $14.3B, boosted by Rivian stake, as company hikes Prime fees


Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud division, posted $17.8 Amazon for the first time detailed revenue from its growing advertising business , which generated $9.7 Amazon CEO Andy Jassy at the GeekWire Summit. GeekWire File Photo / Dan DeLong).

Amazon blows past estimates for holiday quarter, sets record with $125.6B in revenue


Amazon Web Services chief Andy Jassy will replace Bezos, who founded Amazon 27 years ago. The Seattle tech giant has surged amid the pandemic as consumers turn to online shopping and more people rely on its cloud arm, Amazon Web Services. (Amazon Photo).

Amazon sheds record 99k employees after overstaffing warehouses, will slow office hiring


Amazon will continue to add headcount in a “very targeted” way, including engineering positions in Amazon Web Services and advertising, while being “very mindful” of economic conditions, he said.

Interview on MySpace and social media - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

Companies can reach people within the social media where they spend their time, far better than through traditional advertising. He is Founding Chairman of four companies: professional services and venture firm Advanced Human Technologies , future and strategy consulting group Future Exploration Network , leading events firm The Insight Exchange , and influence ratings start-up Repyoot. Web 2.0

Media 60

Amazon crushes earnings estimates with $108.5B in Q1 revenue, up 44%, profits of $8.1B, up 224%


The Seattle-based giant has surged amid the pandemic as more consumers turn to online shopping and companies rely on its cloud arm, Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services: Amazon’s cloud business was up 32% at $13.5 The Amazon Spheres in Seattle.

Why Amazon’s stock price is tanking — and why that should worry you


Silicon Valley is also facing trouble in the advertising business, which is a massive source of revenue at the top technology companies. Amazon, Google, and Facebook — the three largest advertising sales companies in the US — also revealed slowdowns in their ad businesses.

Amazon sales of $113B disappoint Wall Street but profits of $7.8B exceed expectations


The company’s cloud unit, Amazon Web Services, boosted its growth rate to 37%, with net sales of $14.8 Amazon’s “other” category, which includes advertising revenue, grew to $7.9 Amazon posted net sales of 113.1

.Net 97

Giving an edge to the 5G digital services marketplace

TM Forum

ommunication service providers (CSPs) as they explore new enterprise-focused use cases for 5G networks. demonstrated a digital services marketplace (DSM) involving the composition of cross-industry services and the provisioning of appropriate 5G network slices.

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Jeff Bezos sells more than $2.4B in Amazon stock


Amazon’s stock price soared last year to record-highs amid the pandemic as the company’s e-commerce, cloud computing, and advertising arms have boomed. He is stepping down as CEO later this year and will be replaced by Amazon Web Services chief Andy Jassy.

.Net 96

Here are the three Amazon execs who just joined Jeff Bezos’ elite ‘S-team’ leadership suite


Amazon’s new “S-team” members: Dave Treadwell, vice president of Ecommerce Foundation; Alicia Boler Davis, vice president of global customer fulfillment; and John Felton, vice president of global delivery services. Felton is vice president of global delivery services.

Tech Moves: Ex-Microsoft economist joins DOJ antitrust team; AWS director lands at StackOverflow


Athey consulted with Microsoft from 2007 to 2013, where her expertise included big data analytics, antitrust and policy relating to internet search and online advertising. Susan Athey. Christopher Michel Photo / Wikimedia Commons ).

Amazon stock tanks nearly 20% after lower than expected holiday quarter guidance


Amazon Web Services: Amazon’s cloud business was up 27% at $20.5 Advertising: Along with AWS, advertising is one of Amazon’s higher-margin businesses. The company recently started breaking out financials for its growing advertising arm , which brought in $9.5

Europol Knocks Out VPN Service Used by Cybercriminals

SecureWorld News

The most recent win for the good guys fighting ransomware threat actors comes from Europol, who successfully took out a VPN service, known as, that was used by criminals to distribute ransomware, malware, and other types of cyberattacks.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy addresses layoffs, says ‘there will be more role reductions’


Jassy, a longtime Amazon leader who previously ran Amazon Web Services, took over for founder Jeff Bezos last year. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. GeekWire Photo / Dan DeLong).

Amazon delivers big earnings miss, Jassy warns Q4 will bring ‘several billion dollars of additional costs’


For the first time in Amazon’s history, the company’s revenue from online and physical retail store sales represented less than 50% of its overall revenue for the quarter, due to steady increases in areas such as its Amazon Web Services cloud business and revenue from advertising.

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Amazon earnings preview: Wall Street expects lower profits as tech giant boosts spending


“Our teams have been hard at work for months, focusing on capacity and demand planning to balance our customers’ needs against any supply chain or transportation challenges that may occur,” wrote John Felton, senior vice president of global delivery services.

Amazon Prime Day, AWS and jobs in the spotlight for Andy Jassy’s first earnings report as CEO


While online stores remain the company’s bread-and-butter, the growth in third-party seller fees and the “Other” category, which includes advertising, are notable trends. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. Amazon Photo).

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Amazon crushes Q3 expectations, sets record with $96.1B in revenue and $6.3B in profits


Amazon sailed past expectations for its third fiscal quarter as the company continues to meet rising demand for its products and services amid the global pandemic. Amazon Web Services: Amazon’s cloud business was up 29% at $11.6 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Analysis: Will Microsoft buy Netflix? Here’s why an acquisition makes sense — and why it doesn’t


Recent headlines detailing subscriber loss at Netflix combined with the streaming giant’s advertising deal with Microsoft to launch an ad-supported subscription tier in 2023 have led to a new wave of speculation as to whether Netflix might be willing to sell itself.

Amazon stock rises 10% as tech giant beats revenue expectations amid ‘inflationary pressures’


Amazon Web Services: Amazon’s cloud business was up 33% at $19.7 Advertising: The company recently started breaking out financials for its growing advertising arm , which brought in $8.7 A new Amazon electric delivery van made by Rivian. Amazon Photo).

Visualping raises $2M to help users track website changes — and find open COVID-19 vaccinations


New funding: Visualping , a web monitoring service that emails users when online sites change their content, has raised $2 million in seed funding. million users, including some 60,000 Americans who are deploying it to comb the web for COVID-19 appointments.

The bittersweet serendipity that gave these two startup leaders a shared mission in online privacy


He was previously president of G2 Web Services, and after it was acquired by Verisk in 2017, he expanded its cybersecurity solutions to include the ability to detect bad actors in e-commerce. Boltive CEO Dan Frechtling, left, and Boltive co-founder and CFO Scott Moore. Boltive Photo).

Why Microsoft is Pinterested


Pinterest uses Amazon Web Services, the market leader, as its cloud provider. Nor is the reason to shore up Microsoft’s standing in the digital advertising market, though that can’t hurt. (Pinterest Photos).

Tech Moves: Convoy names general counsel; startup founders land new gigs after shutdowns


Former Amazon Web Services VP Steven Shure relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area from Seattle to join alternative search engine Neeva as chief business officer. Neeva became publicly available in July and users will eventually pay between $5-to-10 a month for the service.

Amazon stock sinks 10% after Q1 earnings as costs rise amid inflation, supply chain pressure


Earlier this month, Amazon announced a 5% fuel and inflation surcharge for sellers on its marketplace who use the company’s shipping services, due to an unexpected increase in costs. Amazon Web Services: Amazon’s cloud business was up 37% at $18.4

.Net 83

Fed Tech Roundup January 28


Feds claim false advertising by DeVry University - CBS News. Citizens losing satisfaction with feds, but web services fare OK - Katie Kennedy. The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from and ): Fed Tech Ticker. California wrestles with making self-driving cars public - U.S. News & World Report.

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Amazon to add 3,500 tech jobs in cities across U.S., spreading key roles further from Seattle HQ


The roles span across businesses including Amazon Web Services, Alexa, Amazon Advertising, Amazon Fashion, OpsTech and Amazon Fresh. One of Amazon’s headquarters towers is reflected in downtown Seattle. GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser). Amazon will spend $1.4

In new NFL deal, Amazon to be exclusive home for ‘Thursday Night Football’ at a reported $1B per year


Beyond broadcasting, Amazon’s relationship with the NFL extends to the league’s use of Amazon Web Services as its official cloud and machine learning provider. (Amazon Image).

How technology is helping remove racist language in Washington state property deeds


A brochure advertising Seattle’s Blue Ridge neighborhood included language limiting homeownership and rentals to people of the white or Caucasian race.

Tech Moves: Microsoft’s latest reorg; RealNetworks names new president; AWS execs depart


Based on an internal memo obtained by ZDNet, the changes are intended to create an end-to-end servicing and shipping experience for Windows. Former Amazon Web Services executive Christine Feng joined investment firm Blackstone as senior managing director.

Microsoft will power virtual fan experience at NFL games with Teams, following NBA deal


The partnership is also an advertising vehicle for Microsoft. Microsoft’s rival Amazon has a streaming deal for Thursday Night Football games, while its cloud unit Amazon Web Services powers the NFL’s Next Gen Stats program and has a separate deal with the Seattle Seahawks.

IBM Cognos: Established Business Intelligence Player


The IBM Cognos platform is advertised as providing users with the business intelligence and performance management content they need to understand what is needed to improve business and achieve better results. This support enables interoperability with leading commercial Hadoop offerings, such as IBM InfoSphere® BigInsights™, Cloudera, Apache, Hortonworks, and Amazon Web Services Elastic Map-Reduce, along with popular analytic data stores, including IBM DB2® BLU and SAP HANA.