Big Data Changes Coming in 2018


Data is an overall commodity that a lot of individuals make use these days. Big Data Business Intelligence Companies CTO NewsIt's not surprising to find students trying to accomplish their work through the aid of the internet or research material being readily available online. Technology has created huge leaps for information be readily available to the masses; sifted easily with the […].

Why Startups Should Not Ignore Big Data


The business plan can often determine whether or not a business gets passed the startup phase of the company. Big Data Cloud Computing CTO CIOsStartup businesses are a risky proposition. This means that if things aren’t done in the most effective way possible, businesses will never make it past the first year. When creating a business plan, owners sometimes skip […].

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Big Data Management: A Few Pointers First-Timers Should Remember


There is no doubt about it, data is becoming vital for small and large companies. One of the major reasons data is becoming more important probably deals with its power to save money and optimize performance. Still, to many, using big data is pretty new, so it might be a good idea to consider the following tips […]. Big Data Cloud Computing CTO News Business Tech/Internet Technology Leadership

A Timeline of Big Data Analytics


The world seems to run on big data nowadays. In fact, it’s sometimes difficult to remember a time when businesses weren’t intensely focused on big data analytics. It’s equally difficult to forget that big data is still relatively new to the mainstream. The amount of data being generated in the world today is immense, and it’s only getting bigger. Consider the following to be a brief timeline of the big data analytics phenomenon.

Why Big Data Project Management Can Be So Difficult


Big data is extremely beneficial to businesses, and gathering it is now easier than ever with today's technology. When it comes to the management of big data, therein lies the challenge. There is software now which can assist in tracking a company's customers and potential customers. This data can help businesses design advertising campaigns, promote products to specific customers, discern personal habits and the best times to offer deals, and much more.

How Big Data is Helping Improve Security


Data breaches are happening with alarming regularity as organizations of all types struggle to manage the ever evolving threats that are out there. And that’s just for the breaches that companies know about. According to the 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 85 percent of data breaches go undetected. Many companies have suffered financial blows, privacy violations, and major hits to their reputations thanks to these attacks. Big Data News

How Big Data Drives The Sharing Economy


Your data is being tracked. The advent of "Big Data" has resulted in an internet landscape where every major company tracks their users' information. When a website warns you that it wants to use cookies to track your information, that's a clear sign of big data at work. We often hear about the sharing economy, big data, and other technical terms that seem a bit mysterious. Big DataBrigg Patten. Don't worry, you aren't alone.

Big Data Can Be Used for More Than Just Targeting A Customer Base


Big data has almost always been primarily used to target clients using tailored products, targeted advertising. This has skewed the use of big data that often everyone simply assumes big data is for targeting the customer base. However, there are many other uses for big data in a firm that may or may not be directly related to customer welfare or marketing purposes. This is very critical especially as the company grows larger.

Commercial Use Cases: 5 Companies Using Big Data to Make Money


Big data is the revolution the business world has been waiting for. The transformation that has taken place among many companies due to the adoption of big data analytics simply can’t be understated. Organizations of all types have looked into the many ways in which big data can help them change how they do things for the better, cultivating more success as businesses look to the future. Southwest is no stranger to using big data.

What Big Data Tells Us About Onboarding


From finding and identifying new talent to assessing changes made to an existing onboarding process, effective data analysis can play a pivotal role in ensuring new employees are able to better acclimate to their new position and working environment. Most new hires form a long-term impression of a company during their first few days and weeks on the job. Data Analysis Makes It Easier to Identify New Talent. News Big DataBrigg Patten.

What Big Data is Doing for Shipping on a Global Scale


The quality and performance of shipping companies are driven by a highly competitive market. Because the industry is driven so strongly by competition, companies are constantly forced to discover new best practices and technological advantages that give them an edge. According to experts, Big Data is the new big thing, and it is the tool that many shipping businesses will be using to provide that competitive edge that is so essential in today's economy.

Big Data: Why Should You Be Aware of It


It would be difficult to identify one singular component of business that has had the impact of Big Data over the last several years, and there is a good reason for this. Whether you are running a training company or a marketing agency, Big Data will play an immensely powerful role in the development of effective models of customer engagement, branding, research and development, and more. They like the company. Big DataBrigg Patten.

How Big Data is Becoming Smaller Than Small Data


In E-Commerce, Small Data = Big Data and Vice Versa. Big Data, small data and everyday data: Is there a meaningful difference between these three information carriers nowadays? Understanding Big Data. Big Data, Small Data and E-Commerce.

Build a Strong Work Culture with Big Data


When you think of Big Data, you think of companies leveraging analytics to predict consumer interests, habits, and buying histories in order to improve the way they market their products or services. However, Big Data isn’t only used externally – it can be used internally. Harnessing the limitless data your business itself generates can create better business practices and, most importantly, a strong work culture for your employees. Big Data

What to Do When Big Data Doesn’t Deliver


In a world so powered by technology, the ability to analyze data and use its results to help direct business plans for marketing and innovation becomes imperative. Unfortunately, collected data can be corrupted through malfunction of machine or simple human error, and when that happens, it can mean huge roadblocks for the business that needed that information in the first place. Understand That Data is Not Infallible. Broaden Your Data Analysis Horizons. Rick Delgado.

How to Turn Big Data Into a Competitive Advantage


Big data, no doubt, is big right now. When it blasted on the scene, businesses jumped at the chance to use a massive amount of data to gauge what their customers wanted and needed, tailoring their services to offer the perfect experience. Businesses need to do more than use big data – they need to leverage all its benefits in ways no one else can. How can you turn big data into a competitive advantage? Rick Delgado.

Big Data: The Hadoop Business Case


The term “Big Data” has become synonymous with this evolution. But still, many of our customers continue to ask, “What is Big Data?”, “What are its use cases?”, What is Big Data? To gain value from this data, you must choose an alternative way to process it.”

Big Data’s Contribution to Public Safety


The change can be directly attributed to increased information from various sources that create big data. Big data can be defined as data that is too large and complex to be analyzed using traditional data processing methods. Today, a software can be employed to analyze and pick relevant information in a form of records, photos and more from a vast amount of collected data without the need of arduous task of manual searching.

Ascent Index: Big Data

The Investing Edge

Big data is a hot topic, especially here in Massachusetts – arguably the Big Data capital of the world with 12,000 people employed in big data jobs in more than 100 companies across the state, an unmatched talent pool from top universities, and home to EMC Corp.

Big Data Comes To The Call Center

The Accidental Successful CIO

Call centers are a great place to start to use your big data tools Image Credit: King County, WA. Why The Call Center Is Ripe For Big Data Processing. All too often IT can overlook the company’s call center. What Big Data Can Create From Call Center Data.

Bob Gourley Named One of the Top 100 Big Data Influencers


Cognitio ’s Bob Gourley, publisher of CTOvision , has been named one of the “Top 100 Influencers in the Big Data Landscape” by the leading force in influencer identification Onalytica. Onalytica used their influencer identification software to review individuals engaging in meaty, useful, relevant conversations on Big Data via Twitter to create this list. Big Data has already become an essential part of our everyday lives. Katie Kennedy.

Optimizing The Data Warehouse: A Big Data Blueprint from Pentaho


We previously wrote about the Pentaho Big Data Blueprints series, which include design packages of use to enterprise architects and other technologists seeking operational concepts and repeatable designs. Save data costs and boost analytics performance. 15x data cost improvement.

Where Video Analytics Falls Into Your Big Data Strategy: 5 Use Cases


Any business hoping to enjoy success now and well into the future knows that big data is the way to go. With big data analytics, companies have become more versatile, adopting new technological solutions to enhance their capabilities, efficiently run their organizations, and increase revenue. Big data analytics has become so popular that other types of analytics have branched off from -- things like social analytics, predictive analytics, and more.

Big Data & Brews from Strata NY 2015: Tony Baer on Spark in the Hadoop Ecosystem


Datameer kicked off their first Big Data & Brews on the East Coast at Strata + Hadoop World New York. Watch Part 1 of Big Data & Brews with Tony Baer here. Andrew: That’s sort of a prerequisite for Big Data and Brews.

Microsoft Now Offers Datameer’s Big Data Analytics on Azure HDInsight


Datameer, the proven self-service big data insights platform for rapid data discovery, announced at the Strata + Hadoop Conference a go-to-market collaboration with Microsoft. Microsoft will now offer Datameer's big data analytics on Azure HDInsight, in Q4 2015. "We We believe that Hadoop-as-a-Service will lower the barrier to entry for business users who want to work with data," said Stefan Groschupf , CEO of Datameer.

Women In Technology Present: The Promise and Peril of Big Data


On 18 Feb 2016, Women In Technology present "The Promise and Peril of Big Data". Big Data has enormous promise for consumers and organizations alike. Big data makes it easier than ever to listen to, interact with, and connect with customers and respond with better products and services. Advances in data aggregation are also expanding capabilities of fraud detection and cyber protection. Big Data also has a dark side. Bob Gourley.

Big Data Unlocks Valuable Information Across Organizations—But Only If You Can Protect It


That’s why the most successful businesses today are taking data-driven business intelligence to the next level. They collect vast amounts of information, and use data science to discover new customers needs, develop new products and services, and identify trends and opportunities. Digital companies have taken the lead in this next phase of data-driven decision-making, but it’s now extending across more kinds of organizations and more areas within organizations.

Big data vendors see the internet of things (IoT) opportunity, pivot tech and message to compete

Forrester IT

Open source big data technologies like Hadoop have done much to begin the transformation of analytics. And the opportunity is big. Hortonworks, for example, has described the global big data market as a $50 billion opportunity. big data.

Big Data Analytics company Qurius now also offers professional services as Deep 6 Analytics


Editor''s note: I have had the opportunity to interact with Wout Brusselaers and Brian Dolan of Qurius and regard them as highly accomplished big data architects with special capabilities in natural language processing and deep learning. Big Data By Bob Gourley.

The Link Between Big Data and Employee Training


Big data benefits businesses in various ways during the employee training process. If you run a company that has analysts, administrators, and data scientists, there are several reasons why you may want to use applications that rely on big data. Big data increases performance because it helps managers figure out what business practices are benefiting potential employees throughout the learning process. Brigg Patten.

Why Big Data And The Internet of Things Are A Match Made In Heaven


There’s a closer relationship between big data and the IoT than most people realize – almost as if they were made for one another. Today, we’re going to talk about the Internet of Things and Big Data. Smart, connected products require that companies build an entirely new technology infrastructure, consisting of a series of layers known as a ‘technology stack,’” explains Michael E. How IoT Will Drive Big Data Adoption. Big Data

The three roadblocks to big data success

Eric D. Brown

Anne Fisher just published a nice piece titled “ Why Big Data Isn’t Paying Off for Companies (Yet) ” where she describes research from the American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA) regarding big data initiatives within organizations around the world.

Secrets to Big Data Success?

Eric D. Brown

Last week I was asked whether there were any ‘secrets’ that companies can follow to ensure success with big data. Do leverage dark data. Don’t just report on the data. It takes hard work and listening to the data to let it tell its own story.