Nautilus Biotechnology shares surge 50% on news of Amazon investment


Nautilus Biotechnology co-founder Sujal Patel. Shares of Nautilus Biotechnology rose by as much as 50% on Thursday morning after a report revealed that Amazon has taken an equity stake in the newly public Seattle-based company. Amazon Jeff Bezos Nautilus Biotechnology Sujal Patel

Sana Biotechnology boosts IPO range, looks to raise $517 million


Sana Biotechnology — the Seattle upstart that’s looking to treat a variety of diseases through gene therapy and cell engineering — is generating buzz on Wall Street. That would net the biotechnology company $517 million if it sold at the midpoint of that range.


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Adaptive Biotechnologies’ new HQ: Co-founders show off 100K square-foot space in Seattle


Adaptive co-founders Harlan (left) and Chad Robins on the plaza at the new Adaptive Biotechnology headquarters. After doubling its workforce during the pandemic, Adaptive Biotechnologies finally has room to grow.

Sana Biotechnology files to go public, looks to cure disease by modifying genes in the body


Less than three years after it was founded and with no revenue on the books, Sana Biotechnology has f iled to go public. And like many biotechnology companies it is losing money. Startups Biotech IPOs Sana BiotechnologySana CEO Steve Harr (Sana photo).

Seattle biotech startup Sana Biotechnology will develop 163K square-foot facility in the Bay Area


Sana Biotechnology , a young and fast-growing Seattle-based biotech, has chosen the San Francisco Bay Area as the site for its new biomanufacturing facility. Health/Life Sciences Biomanufacturing Leslie Alexandre Life Science Washington Sana Biotechnology(Sana Photo).

Adaptive Biotechnologies and Microsoft team up to track coronavirus-fighting cells


Seattle-based Adaptive Biotechnologies and Microsoft have launched an open-access database called ImmuneCODE to catalog the many ways in which our immune systems fight off a coronavirus infection.

Sujal Patel-led Nautilus Biotechnology goes public as it tackles ambitious plan to analyze proteins


Nautilus Biotechnology co-founders Sujal Patel (left) and Parag Mallick. Health/Life Sciences Startups Nautilus Biotechnology parag Mallick Sujal PatelNautilus Photo).

Adaptive Biotechnologies will sell 8M shares to accelerate drug development


Adaptive Biotechnologies announced Tuesday that it will sell 8 million shares of its common stock — 6 million of its own, and 2 million from an investor — to help accelerate the company’s work. Health/Life Sciences Adaptive Biotechnologies

Jeff Bezos-backed startup Nautilus Biotechnology set to go public via SPAC at $900M valuation


Nautilus Biotechnology co-founders Sujal Patel (left) and Parag Mallick. Nautilus Biotechnology , a Seattle-based biotech startup led by Isilon co-founder Sujal Patel , is the latest company to go public using a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC.

Adaptive Biotechnologies posts $26.3M in Q3 revenue, inks partnership with GlaxoSmithKline


Adaptive Biotechnologies CEO Chad Robins. Adaptive Biotechnologies beat expectations for its fiscal third quarter as the Seattle company continues to use its immune medicine platform in the fight against COVID-19. Tech Adaptive Biotechnologies

Tech Moves: Accolade’s new board member; Adaptive Biotechnologies names a COO; and more


Adaptive Biotechnologies). Adaptive Biotechnologies has promoted one exec, while another is departing next month. Adaptive Biotechnologies’ EVP of Operations and Management Nancy Hill will depart the company in March. Cindy Kent. Accolade Photo).

Machine learning and microbes: How big data is redefining biotechnology

Tech Republic Big Data

As interesting as big data can be in Silicon Valley, its most fascinating applications often happen elsewhere

U.S. Senate committee revised a draft bill to fund AI, quantum, biotech

Venture Beast

AI Cloud Enterprise VB Home Page biotech biotechnology category-/Business & Industrial category-/Law & Government/Government category-/News Congress draft bill legislation quantum computing semiconductors Senate supply chain White HouseThe U.S.

Genetically Modified Babies Are Still a Bad Idea, WHO Committee Concludes

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An expert committee says heritable genome editing of humans is still too risky and that the World Health Organization should take on a leading role when it comes to regulating this emerging biotechnology.

The Skeevy Stem Cell Industry Is Booming

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cell biology stem cell line adult stem cell stem cells biology branches of biology leigh turner induced stem cells cloning health medical pharma stem cell therapy life sciences cell therapy biotechnologySketchy clinics selling untested and often illegal stem cell treatments in the U.S.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Can Turn Away Unvaccinated Passengers in Florida According to Temporary Ruling

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cruise lines vaccine hesitancy frank del rio life sciences transport articles vaccination williams biotechnology ron desantis daniel s farkas norwegian cruise line

25 Countries With the Best Covid-19 Vaccination Rates in the World

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Vacationers With Phony Vaccination Cards Did Not Do Enough of Their Own Research, Busted In Hawaii

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vaccination health medical pharma daniela dalmazzo enzo dalmazzo ebay vaccines biotechnology daniellaA quick PSA for unvaccinated folks looking for a weekend getaway: if you try forging your records to travel, you might wind up with a hefty fine instead. Read more.

Covid-19 Has Killed as Many Americans as the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

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CDC Urges Pregnant People to Get Vaccinated for Covid-19 As Soon as Possible

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50 Countries With the Best Covid-19 Vaccination Rates in the World

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U.S. Senate committee to consider technology research spending bill

Venture Beast

AI Cloud Enterprise VB Home Page advanced energy artificial intelligence biotechnology category-/Law & Government/Government category-/News/Politics Congress IT spend quantum computing semiconductors tech spendingJoin Transform 2021 this July 12-16. Register for the AI event of the year.

Doctors Claim to Have Successfully Transplanted a Pig Kidney Into a Human

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health medical pharma clinical medicine genetic engineering articles transplantable organs and tissues organ transplantation xenotransplantation biotechnology domestic pig robert montgomery life extension transplantation medicine animal testing united therapeutics corp medical specialties

Boeing Announces Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate for 125,000 U.S. Employees

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Boeing will require all 125,000 of its U.S.-based based employees to be vaccinated against covid-19, according to a new statement from the company and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Chicago Pharmacist Faces 120 Years In Prison for Allegedly Selling CDC Vaccination Cards on eBay

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Will Everyone Be Exposed to Covid-19 Eventually? It's Complicated

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Data 86

Disney Is Mandating Its U.S. Employees Get Vaccinated

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New Orleans to Require Vaccination or Negative Covid-19 Test to Enter Bars, Stadiums, and More

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Scientists Dive Into Axolotl Genome, Looking for Secrets to Regeneration

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genome axolotl regeneration genetic mapping human genome organisms biotechnology molecular biology biology salamander branches of biology jeramiah smith genomics elly tanakaIts adorableness aside, the Mexican axolotl is a salamander of particular interest to scientists.

Living algae facades cover buildings, sucking in CO2 and sun to produce renewable energy

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More about Design , Renewable Energy , Facade , Algae , and Biotechnology. Design Renewable Energy Facade Algae Biotechnology

What Is the Most Important Scientific Development of the Last 50 Years?

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There are people who argue, persuasively, that Hollywood films are worse than they used to be. Or that novels have turned inward, away from the form-breaking gestures of decades past.

Film 83

100,000 Hospitalized With Covid-19 as U.S. Somehow Faces New Pandemic Surge

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vaccine hesitancy health medical pharma sars cov 2 delta variant health vaccine biotechnology us food and drug administration pfizerbiontech covid 19 vaccine biontech covid 19 vaccine pfizer medicine clinical trials medical specialties vaccination

Data 83

Chimeric Human-Monkey Embryos Kept Alive for a Record 19 Days

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What You’ll Find Inside Medicine Cabinets in 2030

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The modern medicine cabinet is filled with all sorts of things, from pain relievers and birth control pills to antibiotics and bandages.

Biotech companies fuel IPO boom in Washington state over the past year


In the previous four years, Adaptive Biotechnologies was the only Washington state biotech company to go public. Absci CEO and founder Sean McClain rang the closing bell on the NASDAQ in July, as the Vancouver, Wash.-based based biotech company went public. Absci Photo).

How Worried Should Vaccinated People Be About the Delta Variant?

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FDA Backpedals on Aduhelm Approval, Now Says Only Early Alzheimer's Patients Should Get It

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The Food and Drug Administration is altering its recent and controversial approval of a new drug for Alzheimer’s disease.

Airborne DNA Could Help Scientists Find Elusive Animals

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dna environment elizabeth clare life sciences measurement of biodiversity biology branches of biology environmental dna biotechnology dna sequencing molecular biology naked mole rat

CDC Stands by Masking Guidelines, Says Vaccinated Americans Are Safe From Delta Variant

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The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Rochelle Walensky, is trying to assuage vaccinated people’s fears about the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

Promising Gene Therapy Trials Suspended Over Potential Cancer Risk

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Welcome to Hotel Vaccine

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Common DNA Testing Method Has High False-Positive Rate for Rare Mutations, Study Finds

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dna biotechnology molecular biology snp array biology genetics genomics bioinformatics health medical pharma single nucleotide polymorphism genetic testing whole genome sequencing branches of biology

Study 83

Don't Share Your Vaccine Card on Social Media

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entertainment_culture human interest technology_internet biotechnology vaccination articles life sciences biologyAs more people receive the vaccine, we’re also seeing more of them post photos of their vaccine cards to social media.

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