Machine learning and microbes: How big data is redefining biotechnology

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As interesting as big data can be in Silicon Valley, its most fascinating applications often happen elsewhere

Arizona State University Adopts Hortonworks Data Platform to Shed Light on the Genetic Links to Cancer


ASU researcher improves crop performance with new biotechnology ( Katie Kennedy. Recently announced, Arizona State University (ASU) is using Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP™) to further cancer research. With HDP, ASU researchers have the tools they need to store, process, and query more data at a faster pace, allowing researchers to ask better questions and uncover new links between genetics and cancer.

Thanks Darpa: Minimally Invasive “Stentrode” Shows Potential as Neural Interface for Brain


In an article published in Nature Biotechnology , researchers in the Vascular Bionics Laboratory at the University of Melbourne led by neurologist Thomas Oxley, M.D., Bob Gourley.

Women in tech: Meet the trailblazers of STEM equality

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She is a scientist and a patent attorney with a focus on biotechnology. By Sandra K. Johnson CEO, SKJ Visioneering, LLC Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals are drivers of innovation,creativity and invention.

5 recommendations for successfully implementing distributed innovation and shared value

Trends in the Living Networks

Their joint work on a process for cloning genes in microorganisms resulted in three patents that formed the foundation of the nascent biotechnology industry. Chapter 5 from Living Networks , on Distributed Innovation – Intellectual Property in a Collaborative World , is still immensely relevant today. We are still relatively early on in working out the implications for innovation of distributed value creation.