Unlocking Enterprise systems using voice

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The interfaces to our digital system have been dictated by the capabilities of our computer systems—keyboards, mice, graphical interfaces, remotes, and touch screens. As a result, they fail to deliver a truly seamless and customer-centric experience that integrates our digital systems into our analog lives. All of these benefits make voice a game changer for interacting with all kinds of digital systems.

Marketo Integration with Enterprise Systems for Account Based Marketing

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While Marketo may provide the features and functionality needed for account based marketing, it does not always have access to the necessary data

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Oracle leverages machine learning to manage, secure enterprise systems

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Oracle is not the first company that comes to mind when you think of enterprise security, but the company announced at its recent OpenWorld conference new products with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to quickly identify security threats. It claims they will help enterprises forecast, reduce, detect and resolve cybersecurity threats in minutes rather than days and assist remediation of application and infrastructure performance issues.

What is Augmented Reality in the Enterprise?

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Enterprise Augmented Reality overlays digital information from integrated enterprise systems over the users environment in real-time usually through photographic or map overlays. This differs from virtual reality which depicts entirely artificial environments

A new era of Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


Enterprises have rushed to embrace the cloud, driven by mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT), as a way of keeping the invasion of devices connected – spelling the end of ECM as we know it. Although AIIM’s recent (Q2 2015) ECM Decisions Industry Watch revealed that half of enterprises still have a goal to deploy a single enterprise-wide system to manage their content, the reality is that multiple systems and multiple content silos are thriving in most businesses.

Business Intelligence: The Missing Link to Your ERP Strategy?

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While defining ERP strategy, many organizations neglect one of the highest value-added aspects of their enterprise systems: business intelligence

Cloud Integration: Oracle HCM Cloud Integration Deep Dive Using Magic xpi Integration Platform - Working With Business Object Services

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This Magic xpi cloud integration recipe calls for Oracle HCM Cloud integration with your other enterprise systems using Business Object Services

The better alternative to expensive ERP upgrades

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Summary: Are you tied to an aging enterprise system (like an ERP)? Would you like to extend your existing enterprise system with custom reporting, budgeting, mobile apps, and more? If you’re running on an older enterprise system (like an ERP), what are your options?

The Modern Data Center: Challenges and Innovations

Data Center Knowledge

Now that virtualization and hyperscale innovations are displacing traditional enterprise systems, companies now have to chart strategies for cloud computing, including public, private or hybrid cloud. Read More. Industry Perspectives

10 Features to Look for in Corporate Training Solutions


Compatible with Existing Systems. The training solution that you choose must be able to integrate with your existing LMS and other enterprise systems. An organization typically has multiple systems to manage employee details, financial records, product details etc.

Amazon AWS really wasn’t designed for the Enterprise

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However, they have struggled to gain a foothold in the enterprise. This is the case even when the geekiest of the enterprise SMEs finds creative uses for the service itself. Enterprise applications do not behave in this fashion. Amazon AWS is the power house in Cloud computing.

Cloud Integration: Oracle CX Cloud

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While Oracle CX cloud provides a full set of APIs, an integration platform greatly simplifies the management of those APIs and the connections between them and your other cloud and on-premise enterprise systems Today we will look at a high level at how Magic xpi Integration Platform provides Oracle CX Cloud integration.

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The cloud rains on Big Software's parade

David Linthicum

It''s becoming a familiar story: Even the core enterprise systems that were supposed to be immune from cloudification -- those from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP -- will die the death of a thousand cloud cuts. SAP has reported first-quarter sales and earnings that missed analysts'' estimates. The reason: Cloud computing alternatives grew in popularity.

Startup Sndr planning encrypted file management for small businesses

Tech Republic Security

There are plenty of enterprise systems for remote file management and data encryption. A startup, Sndr, hopes to bring similar functions to small businesses

Supply Chain in the Cloud

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This MarketsandMarkets research is based on sales statistics from enterprise systems that include transportation management, procurementNew IoT Apps Enhance Digital Supply Chain. According to a current market research report, the cloud-based supply chain management solution market is estimated to grow from the $3.26 billion achieved in 2016 to $8.07 billion by 2021.

Integration is Essential to Growth Hacking

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Growth hacking requires an organization to align content marketing, marketing automation and marketing analytics systems towards the goals of hyperactive growth through marketing. Growth hacking requires integration of core systems and a flexible marketing integration architecture with hooks to enterprise systems

Some Terminated HP Employees Offered Jobs at Ciber

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HP’s current effort to breathe life into its Enterprise Systems (ES) business has already. Employees hate to hear the dreaded “restructure” word coming from a CEO because it’s almost always synonymous with layoffs. By now, those at Hewlett-Packard must really despise it. Deals Hewlett-Packard ES

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Digital Shift: A Hyper-Connected Enterprise

Future of CIO

Collaboration through the cloud and social media is already driving changes to enterprise systems to expose them to outside change. As you do need to enable it in the design of the systems, with business goals to optimize business process and enhance customer experience.

DCIM News 5/22/15

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Device 42 adds software license management to its software, Schneider Electric wins top DCIM product of the year award and talks about DCIM isolation from other enterprise systems, and Vigilent is named a top startup by the TiEcon entrepreneur conference.

4 cloud realities to be thankful for

David Linthicum

As we implement systems, migrate applications, and move infrastructure to the cloud, proceedings seem to be going better than most people expected. First, I’m thankful that, for the most part, public cloud-based systems have done a good job of keeping outages to a minimum and avoiding data breaches. The rapid growth of cloud computing continues.

2014 - The Year the CIO and CMO Partnership Became Mission Critical

Social, Agile and Transformation

With so many technology vendors trying to tap into marketing budgets and when most of the key marketing data is is enterprise systems, SaaS products, and other data. I started 2014 with several posts on the CIO / CMO relationship and where IT departments can help with digital marketing initiatives. The main touch point is around data and the technologies that enable CMOs to be more data driven.

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Cloud security: The essential checklist

David Linthicum

I The good news is that it’s actually pretty simple, and somewhat similar to security for your enterprise systems. Security ops, aka secops, includes the ability to proactively monitor the security systems and subsystems to ensure that they are doing their jobs and that the security services are updated with the latest information they need to keep your system safe.

Five Roles IT Professionals Should Use to Deal with the Business


Whereas some business partners need help from IT to understand the potential of digital capabilities, others may want technical help to access data in enterprise systems or build their own APIs.

Cloud security: The essential checklist

David Linthicum

I The good news is that it’s actually pretty simple, and somewhat similar to security for your enterprise systems. Security ops, aka secops, includes the ability to proactively monitor the security systems and subsystems to ensure that they are doing their jobs and that the security services are updated with the latest information they need to keep your system safe.

Will marketing continue to grow their share of the technology budget?

Eric D. Brown

According to the 2016 State of the CIO report from IDG, the top 3 priority items for CIO’s in the coming year are: Complete a major enterprise project.

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Do You Need A Mobile Ecosystem? - A Screw's Loose

A Screw's Loose

No matter what you read these days when it comes to mobility in the enterprise there always seems to be a section on building your mobile ecosystem. Usually your reading something about bringing mobile devices into an enterprise/corporation and this leads to a discussion on creating a mobile strategy. It’s really very simple, the goal when you introduce mobile into your enterprise is not to create a mobile ecosystem around your devices and apps. Enterprise. About.

Government IT: How to Prevent Ransomware from Extorting Your Organization


Agencies normally have two responses to a ransomware attack: shut down their systems or pay the ransom. To stop having to pay up, some organizations disconnect their networks entirely in the hope that they can neutralize the virus before it spreads to other parts of the enterprise.

Variety in collaboration tools is not a curse!


According to a recent article in ZDNet, "… enterprise collaboration is exciting again." The reasons given for this include: Low friction "chat" solutions are making collaboration easier in the enterprise. New collaboration tools come with apps that simplify integration with other enterprise systems. Collaboration tools are proliferating and this complicates adoption of a universal enterprise collaboration platform. Dennis D. McDonald.

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Mach37 Spring 2014 Cohort Companies: Watch these hot new disruptors as they accelerate


They are: Axon Ghost Sentinel – Hugh Brooks, President, Harrisonburg, VA – Inspired by natural self-organizing systems, Axon Ghost Sentinel’s cyber security products provide lightweight, adaptive, scalable, and decentralized security for mobile and traditional devices, and enterprise networks. – Dr. Sam Small, CEO, Menlo Park, CA – Fast Orientation allows organizations to query, reason about, and respond to enterprise events in real time.

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What Role Does A CIO Play When Companies Merge?

The Accidental Successful CIO

When they purchased Continental the United CIO needed to move quickly to blend United’s IT systems into how Continental did business. Delta merged with Northwest back in 2008 and they were able to accomplish the merger of their systems relatively quickly and painlessly.

What does the future hold for SharePoint?


Editor''s note: t’s been 14 years since SharePoint was first launched, so AIIM ’s John Mancini takes the opportunity to look at where it sits in enterprises today and how it will be used in the future.-bg. By John Mancini.

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Fed Tech Roundup September 1


US Army Awards Common Infrared Countermeasure (CIRCM) Contract to Northrop Grumman Corporation's Land & Self Protection Systems Division. CSG Government Solutions Participates in 2015 Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference. The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from FedTechTicker.com and TopTechTicker.com ): Fed Tech Ticker. Purdue part of $171 million federal initiative - Journal and Courier.

5 signs that you need a low-code development platform

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

The problem is, many enterprise development projects still drag on for months, or even years. They can’t afford to bring in developers with up-to-date skills in modern areas, especially when they’re still stuck supporting outdated systems and applications.

Digital Transformation in a Global Manufacture Organization

Perficient - Digital Transformation

In each industry and even the whole economics system, digitization and intelligentization have become buzz-words, and it will help the manufacture industry upgrade its production, management and efficiency to the next level. Seamless Integration with other Systems.

You Aren’t Using a Cloud Platform

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Processing and platform services merge as “bare” processing capacity adds little enterprise value. More competitors in enterprise apps/ERP/CRM field; Much more office automation in the cloud; Some industry apps mature (ie Exigen /Insurance).

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