Space Tourism Is a Waste

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Jeff Bezos, the richest man on Earth, will head into suborbital space on Tuesday. He’ll be the second billionaire to take such a journey this month, getting narrowly beat out by Richard Branson, who recently took an hour-long rocket trip to the edge of space.

Iceland Skewers Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse With New Tourism Ad

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Iceland released a new tourism ad on Thursday, poking fun at Facebook’s (sorry, Meta ’s) recent promises for how we’re all going to live in the future.


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Virgin Galactic delays commercial space tourism launch

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Virgin Galactic this week announced the delay of its commercial space tourism program until the end of 2022. Those interested in following in Branson's (or Jeff Bezos's or William Shatner's ) footsteps can now book a Virgin Galactic space tourism trip —starting at $450,000 per seat

Virgin Galactic Chairman Cashes Out Entire Personal Stake in Space Tourism Company

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The chairman of space tourism company Virgin Galactic, Chamath Palihapitiya, has sold his entire personal stake in the company for $211 million, according to a new regulatory filing with the SEC made public on Friday and first noticed by Bloomberg News.

E3 2021's in-person event has been canceled, according to city tourism board


Resetera user Rösti discovered a special meeting schedule for the Board of Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development on the city's official website.

Virgin Galactic offers a peek inside SpaceShipTwo in VR, making its case in the space tourism race


This comes amid a rivalry with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture and fellow billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX for shares of a space tourism market that’s expected to grow to $3 billion annually by 2030.

Amazon jumps into virtual tourism, offering live one-on-one experiences around the world


At left, Hongying Tang of HQ Tourism Services points to the Saint Lawrence River during a virtual tour of Quebec City as part of the Amazon Explore beta. This is the evolution of tourism, at least in Amazon’s world.

Space tourism sounds fun. But it could be terrible for the planet.

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Companies including SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Space Adventures want to make space tourism more common. Space travel has environmental costs. For research, it might be worth it. To send Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and other wealthy tourists into orbit? That’s debatable.

Saudi Arabia Is Building a Tourism Resort Based on an Oil Rig to Try to Make Destroying the Planet Cool

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It seems that the world’s largest oil producing countries will stop at nothing to keep drilling, despite the fact that doing so aggravates climate change and its devastating effects. Oil-producing heavyweight Saudi Arabia recently unveiled a new tactic: making oil rigs look cool. Read more.

The potential beyond the threshold of space tourism: hypersonic travel, solar system colonization and more

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I was just interviewed on ABC TV about the news that Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is going public through a merger with Social Capital Hedosophia, to be the first publicly listed space tourism company. Branson does not seem to be quite as grandiose in his aims but is clearly looking beyond the space tourism business.

The future of travel and tourism: safe adventures, real-time guidance, and new frontiers

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Last week, as part of the ongoing weekly future series on the Morning Show, I spoke about the future of travel and tourism. A massive rise in sustainable tourism , with low impact hotels and activities and the opportunity to observe rare species. Medical tourism continuing to grow, supported by ageing populations and soaring costs of medical attention in developed countries.

SpaceX Starship Ticket Holder Teases 'Big Update' for March 2

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Japanese Billionaire Making a Stop on the ISS Before His Big Trip to the Moon on Elon's Rocket

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Space Perspective raises $40M for balloons that can take people into space

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Entrepreneur VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial/Aerospace & Defense/Space Technology category-/Science/Engineering & Technology Jane Poynter Prime Movers Lab space balloons Space Perspective space tourism space tourists Taber MacCallum

Tom Hanks Says He's Not Paying Jeff Bezos $28 Million for a Few Minutes In Space

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Japanese Billionaire Who Bought Tickets on SpaceX's Starship Announces 8 Seats Are Up for Grabs

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Jeff Bezos: Future Humans 'Will Visit the Earth the Way You Visit Yellowstone'

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jeff bezos economy of the united states yellowstone national park blue origin space colonization businesspeople space tourism western united states bill nelson yellowstone caldera environment adi ignatiusRenowned conservationist Jeff Bezos has shared his vision for planet Earth.

Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity Nails Its First Space Flight in Two Years

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Defeat of Bathroom Bill Saved $7.4 Billion Tourism Economy, Says VisitDallas CEO


Jones predicted that if the bathroom bill had passed, it would have crippled the Texas tourism economy. Billion Tourism Economy, Says VisitDallas CEO appeared first on Smart Meetings. More than 26.7 million people visited Dallas in 2016, adding an estimated $7.4 billion to the city’s economy. Event professionals bring their groups for the world-class restaurants, museums and super-sized facilities. Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center alone offers more than 1 million sq. of space.

Malfunctioning Toilet Triggered an Alarm During SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Mission

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Airbnb's Pandemic Party-Blocking Spree Rages On

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airbnb ben breit tourism hospitality services breit vacation rental travel hospitality industryAirbnb is still firmly insisting that you stop partying in its rentals, punctuating that request with swift action as it continues to cancel what it deems to be “suspicious” bookings across the U.S.

Virgin Galactic Aborts New Mexico Launch Because of Rocket Motor Issues

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Nearly two years after its last flight, Virgin Galactic—the space tourism venture founded by Richard Branson, another billionaire who loves space—aborted the scheduled test launch of its SpaceShipTwo commercial aircraft into suborbital space today because of an issue with its rocket motor.

Virgin Galactic Gets Official Clearance to Start Flying Paying Customers to Space

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An upgraded FAA operators license now allows Virgin Galactic to include paying customers on its space flights, in what is a major milestone for the company and also the nascent space tourism sector.

The FAA Changed Its Definition of 'Astronaut' on the Same Day Jeff Bezos Went to Space

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Blue Origin Wants In on Luxury Space Real Estate

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Man Who Flew to Space With William Shatner Dies in Plane Crash

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Glen de Vries, the 49-year-old co-founder of Medidata Solutions and vice chair at Dassault Systèmes who made headlines when he flew to space with actor William Shatner last month, died in a plane crash in New Jersey on Thursday. Read more.

Blue Origin Employees Claim Jeff Bezos’s Rocket Company Is Sexist, Toxic, and Lax About Flight Safety

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A scathing essay written by nearly two dozen current and former Blue Origin employees paints a grim picture of work conditions at the company and how the burgeoning space race among billionaires is compromising flight safety. Read more.

Jeff Bezos Dick Rocket Goes on Sale for $69 in Scale Model Form

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Unlike Airbnb, Vrbo Reportedly Won't Cancel D.C. Bookings During Inauguration Week

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sharing economy travel expedia group economic systems tourism vrbo hospitality services airbnbAirbnb smartly decided earlier this week to cancel all D.C.

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Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Flights Allowed to Resume After FAA Probe

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How to Watch William Shatner Boldly Go Where No Shatner Has Gone Before

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William Shatner Will Ride Jeff Bezos’s Rocket to Space

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More Than 130 People Dead in India After Monsoon Rains Lead to Flooding and Landslides

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Man in Vietnam Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Spreading Covid-19

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Billionaire Grounded

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Richard Branson’s Trip to Space Didn't Go as Planned

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Alarming new details are emerging about the historic Virgin Galactic flight that took billionaire Richard Branson to the edge of space. Read more.

Jeff Bezos: So Long, and Thanks for Making Me Rich

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Dutch Teen Who Went to Space With Jeff Bezos Told Him He’s Never Bought Anything on Amazon

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$28 Million Ticket-Holder for Jeff Bezos’s Flight to Space Suddenly Has Something Better to Do

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The person who paid $28 million for a seat to the edge of space with billionaire Amazon magnate Jeff Bezos on one of his Blue Origin rockets has decided they have better things to do. Read more.

How to Watch Virgin Galactic Launch Billionaire Richard Branson to Space on Sunday

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Space Company Owned by Hypocritical Billionaire Sues NASA Over Lunar Lander Contract

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lunar lander lockheed martin spacex spacepolicyonline blue origin jeff bezos space tourism elon musk dynetics artemis program spaceflight northrop grumman exploration of the moon businesspeople draper hyperloop bill nelson outer spaceBlue Origin has filed a suit with the U.S.

What to Know About SpaceX's Inspiration4, the First All-Civilian Mission to Orbit

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To date, every mission to low Earth orbit has included at least one professional, government-employed astronaut. That’s set to change this week as an all-civilian crew prepares to blast off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Read more.

Airbnb Would Just Love It if You Could Just Postpone Your Orgy Until Next Year

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