A must-read IT security handbook: TAG Cyber's massive 2017 guide

Tech Republic Security

The handbook includes tech recommendations on 50 controls, interviews, and vendor lists TAG Cyber CEO Dr. Edward Amoroso has created a 1,200+ page resource for cybersecurity pros.

Revising Data Backup and Business Continuity Handbook

Data Center Knowledge

Channel partners can help data centers move past traditional, non-reliable backup methods to modern solutions that ensure business continuity in the face of disaster Read More. Industry Perspectives

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Getting the most from your users out of the employee handbook

IT Manager Daily

The post Getting the most from your users out of the employee handbook appeared first on IT Manager Daily. Creating the all-encompassing and perfect IT policy for users can be a double-edged sword. Often, policies are invoked on an as-needed basis. But a common response to violations is, “I didn’t know what the policy meant.”. To make policies easier to understand, we have a few tips. Get straight to the point. People don’t like to read lengthy pages of policy doublespeak.

Best Employee Onboarding Solutions for the Digital-First Workforce


With this platform, you can create employee handbooks, job descriptions, training and so on. What comes to your mind when you think of onboarding a new employee? To get all the paperwork ready for signatures on day one.

Throwback Thursday: Scope creep

ComputerWorld IT Management

The new methodology is very nice, complete with online components, handbooks and a very active national presence. This company decides that it needs a better way of managing its software development, reports an IT pilot fish there. “We We went out and reviewed the major methodologies on the market and selected one that was state of the art from one of the large accounting firms,” fish says.

Distil Networks uses device fingerprints to detect malicious web bots

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These and other illicit or unwanted activities are described in detail in the OWASP Automated Threat Handbook for Web Applications. This column is available in a weekly newsletter called IT Best Practices. Click here to subscribe. Who's that coming to your website? Is it friend or foe? Is it a customer wanting to buy your products, or someone or something wanting to steal your web content?

See You At RSA Conference 2017!

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JUST ANNOUNCED!! I am personally excited to be delivering the (ISC)² CCSP Two-Day Crash Course at RSA Conference 2017 ! The current state of cybersecurity means there are many opportunities for the industry as a whole to collaborate on new innovations.

Not Knowing These 5 IT Trends of 2018 Can Hurt Your Business’ Success


Portals provide a platform on which employees can access anything they need from handbooks to healthcare plans and tax forms. Information Technology Blog - - Not Knowing These 5 IT Trends of 2018 Can Hurt Your Business’ Success - Information Technology Blog.

Law & order: Keys to avoiding legal trouble, improving compliance in your IT department

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Here are four additional recommendations to reduce the risk of lawsuits within your company: Write (or edit) your employee handbook.

GovCloud II: Implementation and Cloud Brokerage Services Now

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Now authors Kevin Jackson and Don Philpott have followed up this highly-acclaimed manual with GovCloud II: Implementation and Cloud Brokerage Services , a handbook aimed at IT professionals and senior decision-making managers that outlines and explains an industry-leading approach to cloud transition and adoption. This handbook tells you how and explains in details the options available to you. Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Jackson.

Four fundamental principles for crowdsourcing in government

Trends in the Living Networks

We do not yet have a fool-proof handbook for how to implement crowdsourcing in government.

Digital Playbook vs. Cookbook: What’s your Hand Book to Make a Leap of Digital Transformation

Future of CIO

Develop your own version of handbooks, apply them accordingly to manage a seamless digital transformation and elevate the business up to the next level of business maturity.

NJVC Cloud Expert Kevin L. Jackson Launches Second Book: GovCloud II: Implementation and Cloud Brokerage Services

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This handbook, geared to IT professionals and senior decision makers in both the public and private sectors, explains how the cloud computing. VIENNA, Va., 8, 2012— NJVC , an information technology (IT) solutions provider headquartered in northern Virginia, is pleased to announce that Kevin L. Jackson , vice president and general manager, cloud services, launched his second book, GovCloud II: Implementation and Cloud Brokerage Services —published by Government Training, Inc.

Employee onboarding checklist for new employee

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Also read: How to write an employee handbook ). First impression matters. After spending months investing resources to find great talent to fill a key role within the company, it is terribly disappointing to have the employee resign within a year. This is the case for many companies, which are not able to meet new hires’ expectations and as a result, lose good people.

The Digital Board’s Dots Connection

Future of CIO

Building a high-effective digital board requires thinking, dots connection, asking questions, to complement each other’s strength and balance of multiple perceptions, to avoid group thinking or extreme thinking.

Exploring the Boardroom Fundamentals via Inquiries

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Good boards advise and get all those fundamentals right.