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The Essential AI Handbook for Leaders: book review, and your free copy


The Essential AI Handbook for Leaders“ is a book that tells us about the potential of AI, explains its fundamental principles, and teaches us how to get value from it. Undoubtedly, AI is already altering the world and raising important questions for society, the economy, and governance. The book is.

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A must-read IT security handbook: TAG Cyber's massive 2017 guide

Tech Republic Security

The handbook includes tech recommendations on 50 controls, interviews, and vendor lists. TAG Cyber CEO Dr. Edward Amoroso has created a 1,200+ page resource for cybersecurity pros.

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Presumed Innovative Until Proven Guilty

Forrester IT

Join us at Forrester’s B2B Summit North America — an in-person and digital experience happening May 2–4 — to learn the tips and tricks we’ll reveal in “The CMO’s Handbook For Nurturing Innovation” that you can use to jump-start your innovation agenda. B2B marketing leaders are not as innovative as they think they are! B2B […].

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Wizards of the Coast doubles down on generative AI stance, says artists are ‘what makes D&D great’


In the new 2024 Player’s Handbook , all of the core character classes in Dungeons & Dragons will get full-color illustrations like this one, which depicts a fighter. ⚔️ 2024 Player's Handbook Coming Soon! ⚔️ We’re ready to roll a new character!

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Revising Data Backup and Business Continuity Handbook

Data Center Knowledge

Channel partners can help data centers move past traditional, non-reliable backup methods to modern solutions that ensure business continuity in the face of disaster Read More. Industry Perspectives'

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D&D's Epic New 'Monsters of the Multiverse' Makes Creating Characters and Creatures Easier Than Ever


A new introductory collection wants to tie all of those post Player’s Handbook design decisions together, and cut a path towards whatever’s next. Dungeons & Dragons is bigger right now than than it’s ever been before, and its designers have spent nearly eight years building on its latest incarnation. Read more.

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WFH ‘pioneer’ Auth0 shares advice for managing a remote workforce and returning to the office safely


Auth0’s “Back to Office Guidelines” handbook includes guidance on social distancing in the lobby. It published a “Back to Office Guidelines” handbook earlier this month to share best practices with others. Auth0 Image). Salesforce Ventures leads $120M round for Seattle-area identity security startup Auth0.

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