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Modern hardware transforms this 80s typewriter into a Linux terminal and ASCII art printer


Riley took a Brother AX-25 electronic typewriter from the late 1980s that utilizes a daisy wheel to print text and spruced it up with some modern hardware. The AX-25 features a 16-character LCD capable of editing documents stored on its 8kb of memory but of course, we can do better.

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E-Learning Courses vs Ebooks: A Comparative Analysis of Cost and Accessibility


With the rise of e-learning courses and ebooks, learners now have access to vast amounts of knowledge at their fingertips. Table of Contents: 1 Understanding E-Learning Courses 1.1 Cost of E-Learning Courses 1.2 Accessibility of E-Learning Courses 2 Exploring Ebooks 2.1 Cost of E-Learning Courses 1.2

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Despite Xbox shortages, Microsoft reports $3.6B in Q3 gaming revenue, 232% growth in hardware sales


Microsoft also reported a 232% increase in overall gaming hardware revenue, which it attributes to continued high demand for the Xbox Series X|S. Microsoft does not include specific hardware revenue numbers in its earnings, and has not revealed sales data for its Xbox Series X|S consoles. Last month it completed a $7.5

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Vergecast: Amazon’s fall hardware event, Google’s Search On event, and Code Conference 2021

The Verge

Nilay, Dieter, and Verge managing editor Alex Cranz start the show with coverage of all the devices announced at Amazon’s fall hardware event. Google also held an event this week focusing on its core search functions with products like Google Maps, Google Lens, and of course, shopping and e-commerce.

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Sony confirms PS5 will have exclusive games playable only on next-gen hardware

The Verge

The PlayStation 5 will have one selling point Sony thinks might be important to fans who are on the fence about upgrading to a new generation of gaming console: exclusive titles, playable only on the new hardware. Of course, that's been true of pretty much every past console generation of the last three decades.

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Asus reveals new Google Meet videoconferencing hardware for offices

The Verge

Asus has announced new videoconferencing hardware designed to run Google Meet meetings ( via 9to5Google ). The hardware could be useful for conference rooms in offices that rely on Google Meet as their videoconferencing tool of choice (once actually going into the office becomes more common, of course). Image: Asus.

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Microsoft Will Take the Wraps Off Windows 11 Hardware On Sept. 22


5, but what would a new operating system be without new hardware to showcase it? Microsoft is having what many have pegged as a Surface hardware event on Sept. It’s all virtual, of course, and there’s a link available if you want to… Read more. We already know Microsoft is launching Windows 11 on Oct. 22 at 8 a.m.