Retro Chic: The IoT Means Hardware Engineers Are Cool Again

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In 1862, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute inaugurated a course in something called “mechanical engineering.” Of course, the older engineering disciplines have remained essential, but the rise of the Web has created the newest batch of international rock stars.

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

While many of us are enamored by the vision of a software-defined data center (SDDC), we also know that hardware will still be a very important consideration: how much, how efficient, how fast, etc. Hardware Matters. I can think of a few by myself :)  Software Shapes Hardware.

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Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Everything - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Everything.   While that's quite true, there's a much smaller group who sees something far more impactful -- a complete re-thinking of cloud-scale IT infrastructures: both software and hardware. Chucks Blog.

The Future of Operations: A Developer

Forrester IT

Infrastructure is increasingly software-based with rapid container growth, composable infrastructure [i] , and of course the consumption of cloud.

Your Choice: Cloud Technician or Digital Transformer

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The CompTIA Cloud+ certification validates the skills and expertise of IT practitioners in implementing and maintaining cloud technologies. This is exactly what it takes to become a good cloud technician.

Building An All-Flash Racing Cluster With Intel and VSAN

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VMware’s software-led approach supports multiple hardware consumption options: from mild to wild — you’re not limited to someone else’s idea of an appliance if that’s not your thing. Other than getting the hardware delivered, what was the hardest part of setting this up?

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Why You Should Consider VMware As A Serious (Future) Storage Vendor

Chuck's Blog - EMC

While the exact path might be unclear, the endpoint isn''t: it''s a world where network and storage functionality is preferred to be expressed as software stacks, running on virtualized server hardware. Yes, hardware costs can be cheaper, but I don''t think the appeal ends there.

Networking the Cloud for IoT - Pt. 2 Stressing the Cloud

Cloud Musings

Figure 1, from the TASC Institute “Peer Review” course, illustrates that software defects, although they are “facts of work” act like mines in a minefield. is a Georgia Tech Computer Engineer with 30+ years' experience in computer hardware, software, and systems and interface design.


Four Cloud Computing Myths That Need To Die


A third-party has control over the hardware and the network. Of course, the truth of my last statement depends on how well a company manages its cloud deployment. If you treat cloud servers like physical hardware and leave them running while they’re idle, the cost savings are unlikely to be impressive. But if you take full advantage of the capabilities the cloud offers, it’s likely to prove more cost effective than a substantial capital investment in hardware. [tech]: Using your Home Server for more than.

Sean Daniel

Of course I ran everything out of my house, why wouldn’t I? Of course it can’t do any administration of the server as it’s not a member of the administrators group. How To Install Windows Home Server 2011 on your MediaSmart or DataVault Hardware.

VMware or Microsoft? Protect Private Clouds with Site-to-Site Failover using Hyper-V Replica and Windows Azure HRM

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with a paid software license that includes VMware vSphere Replication , your smallest possible RPO today is 15-minutes - forcing many IT Pros that need more granular control of their "data-at-risk" window into much more expensive hardware and software products.

Google: Innovating in AI but can they catch up with cloud leaders?


We track Google ( NASDAQ:GOOGL ) as a Tech Titan , of course. Google segment includes Internet products, such as Search, Ads, Commerce, Maps, YouTube, Apps, Cloud, Android, Chrome, Google Play, and hardware products, including Chromecast, Chromebooks and Nexus, which are sold by the Company. Google segment is engaged in advertising, sales of digital content, applications and cloud services, as well as sale of Google branded hardware. Research Team.

$60 LED light bulb that lasts for 20 years


No, of course not. Green New Gadgets and HardwareUPDATE: September 21, 2016. Remember when we posted this 4 years ago? You don’t? Us neither, but someone found it. $60 60 bulbs? Really? . Today LED Lights are ubiquitous and. . maybe a tad cheaper.

When Good Analysts Have A Bad Day

Chuck's Blog - EMC

TL;DR version: a "true" private cloud is presumably sold and supported by a single vendor: hardware, operating system and hypervisor.   Maybe you can invest the time to get something working initially, but of course everything has to be maintained in perpetuity.

Are Servers The New Storage?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Take any tour of the storage array marketplace, and you''ll find many designs that are achingly familiar: two or more server nodes with low-latency connections and intelligent software that turns commodity hardware into a useful storage array. 

Converged, Hyper-Converged, Hypervisor-Converged

Chuck's Blog - EMC

As hardware prices fall — and IT capacity balloons — the focus has clearly shifted to improved operational efficiency: doing more/faster/better but without adding more people.  EMC offered up VPLEX which allowed more choice on server and network — but using an EMC array, of course.

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Big Data & Brews from Strata NY 2015: Tony Baer on Spark in the Hadoop Ecosystem


Andrew: Databricks, of course, being the principals of that company are the creators of Spark. Datameer kicked off their first Big Data & Brews on the East Coast at Strata + Hadoop World New York.

Networking the Cloud for IoT - Pt. 1: IoT and the Government

Cloud Musings

is a Georgia Tech Computer Engineer with 30+ years' experience in computer hardware, software, and systems and interface design. Dwight is a Certified Scrum Master and teaches courses in Architecture, Requirements, and IVV&T.

VMware and AWS -- Harder Than It Looks

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Which means, of course, all the other infrastructure and IaaS vendors can move to the back of the line. And, of course, there are opposing forces at work.

Networking the Cloud for IoT – Pt 3 Cloud Network Systems Engineering

Cloud Musings

Further considerations for SE include: how to conduct Peer Reviews of a design (either Systems, Hardware, or Software), studying Defects , and establishing processes to ensure the Quality of the final product and Compliance with Standards. [tech]: Introducing a new line of Network Storage.

Sean Daniel

Only yesterday, a third product that I worked on over the past little while called Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials was announced, on hardware provided by Western Digital. The WD Sentinel DX4000 looks pretty awesome from a hardware perspective as well. [tech].


Technology Short Take #41

Scott Lowe

Rob Sherwood, CTO of Big Switch, recently published a reasonably in-depth look at “modern OpenFlow” implementations and how they can leverage multiple tables in hardware. Servers/Hardware. Of course, there’s no shortage of thoughts on the acquisition—a quick web search will prove that—but I find it interesting that none of the “big names” in storage social media had anything to say (not that I could find, anyway).

Software-Defined Storage -- Where Are We?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  And, of course, no shortage of small, nimble startups that smell an opportunity. An attractive part of the discussion is the ability to use commodity hardware -- specifically, providing data preservation (e.g.


Chuck's Blog - EMC

Last August, VMware got into this market in a big way by introducing EVO:RAIL — an integrated software product that — when combined with a specific hardware reference platform from an OEM partner — delivered an attractive new improvement over the first round of hyper-converged solutions.

3 key factors missing from your cloud business case

David Linthicum

Of course, you'll include obvious items like capex versus opex. If you can scale a server cluster in seconds without driving hardware and software buying cycles, what is that worth to the business? You want to justify some IT spending for cloud-based platforms. Your CEO or board has asked for a business case, and you've been scrambling to create one. However, most business cases miss three important concepts: 1. The value of agility. Yes, again.

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Why I Think VSAN Is So Disruptive

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Most of today’s enterprise storage market is served by external storage arrays, essentially big, purpose-built hardware boxes running specialized software.  Of course, this approach causes all manner of friction and inefficiency.

Introducing EMC ViPR: A Breathtaking Approach To Software.

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  Rather than think in terms of yet another storage stack (hardware and software), why don't we just change the access method for the underlying data?    The ability to eventually use more commoditized hardware in the future.  Chucks Blog.

How EMC Views The Evolving Storage Market - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  Data must be consistent, of course.    I should also point out that whether that functionality is supplied with purpose-built hardware or perhaps using software-defined storage using more commodity flavors -- the applications requirements still don't change.

Forget the FUD: VMware NSX and Cisco ACI SDN solutions

Virtualized Greek

Cisco for its part has held on strong to its lead on the enterprise network hardware front. However, the market for network hardware is extremely mature. This places VMware and Cisco on a collision course. Cisco takes a hardware first approach with software as an added component.

VSAN 6.0 — The Second Chapter Begins

Chuck's Blog - EMC

In addition to a new hardware and software model, VSAN introduced a new management model: policy-based storage management.  Of course, now we need to set much more aggressive goals :). And, of course, the all-flash configurations are just stupidly fast.

Innovation: 3 Key Elements for Success


Of course, simply listening to customers may not be enough. NFV replaces proprietary fixed-function appliances with virtualized software functions running on commodity hardware. By Prayson Pate When discussing innovation, most people focus on advances in technology.

Using Defense Within the O-Line of Security


Hackers attempt to penetrate the code and either take it off course, tamper with it, inject malware, reverse engineer it, pirate it, or shut it down. Secondly, the protection can be easily applied to the existing lineup (code base) and formation (multiple platforms without the need for hardware, depending on the security app). Barry Strauss. The NFL Conference championship games wrapped up this weekend to set the stage for Super Bowl 50, which will take center stage Feb.

Building the Agile Data Center

Eric D. Brown

Systems and applications were continuously added to the data center to the point where many data centers were completely full with no room for add new hardware to support growing needs for processing, storage and network capabilities.

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