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Microsoft calls for ‘safety brakes,’ licensing, and a new federal agency to avoid AI pitfalls


Develop a broad legal and regulatory framework based on the technology architecture for AI, including new regulations and licensing for powerful AI foundation models and obligations for AI infrastructure operators. There needs to be measurement, and ultimately, like so much else in life … AI will require a license.”

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Google's Licensing Program to Pay Publishers Won't Solve Its News Problem


Faced with the increasingly vocal criticism that it’s one of the primary reasons why newsrooms are struggling, Google announced today a new licensing program that will pay certain publishers for content ahead of launching a “new news experience” later this year. Read more.


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Apple’s digital driver’s license has been delayed to next year

The Verge

Apple’s digital driver’s license / ID feature won’t be coming until “early 2022,” according to an update to Apple’s iOS 15 page that MacRumors noticed. Earlier this month, a report showed how restrictive Apple’s contracts with the states chosen to lead the program are. Image: Apple.

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Microsoft exclusively licenses OpenAI’s groundbreaking GPT-3 text generation model

The Verge

Microsoft has expanded its ongoing partnership with San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research company OpenAI with a new exclusive license on the AI firm’s groundbreaking GPT-3 language model , an auto-generating text program that’s emerged as the most sophisticated of its kind in the industry.

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Persistence, Programming, and Picos

Phil Windley

In it, r0ml argues that Postgres as a programming environment feels like a Smalltalk image (at least that's the part that's germane to this post). Although I didn’t make the connection until I watched r0ml’s talk, this setup hearkens back to the 1980s when Smalltalk (and Lisp, and APL) were programming environments with built-in persistence.

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My take on open source licenses :


My take on open source licenses. Open Source licensing can be a confusing and daunting task. Most developers simply adopt licenses of other popular projects. I wanted to shed some light on the most popular licenses and provide some guidance on which one should be used and when. Both licenses are very similar.

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US Navy pays German company $154,400 after losing piracy lawsuit


The complaint claimed the Navy agreed to license the 3D virtual reality software BS Contact Geo on a limited and experimental basis in 2011 and 2012. The trial involved installing the program on 38 computers for. German company Bitmanagement Software brought a federal lawsuit against the Navy back in 2016.

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