Reset the Net Campaign


Fight for the Future , a nonprofit that advocates for digital rights and Internet freedom, is spearheading an anti- National Security Agency protest on June 5 th to Reset the Net. By ShannonPerry.

.Net 200

Why IT Leads the Pack in Corporate Social Responsibility

Geneva Technical Services

Google makes that abundantly clear. Transparency is one of Google’s major cornerstones and the search giant boasts its environmental sustainability contributions for the world to see. Google recognized that right now, 2% of all electricity worldwide goes to running data centers , an amount which could skyrocket if businesses fail to regulate their usage rates. So, Google turned to machine learning tools to save on their energy costs.

NJVC® Introduces Cloudcuity? AppDeployer to Create and Sell

Cloud Musings

government and commercial and academic organizations to build apps for a wide variety of functions, including catalog management, nonprofit management, team management and collaboration and long-term care logistics. For instance, NJVC is developing a disaster management system on AppDeployer that integrates Google geospatial services. Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Jackson.

Your car is about to go open source


Tesla’s Model S IVI system is designed to allow drivers to navigate using Google Maps with live traffic information, listen to streaming music from any online radio station and have access to an Internet browser for news or restaurant reviews.