Mobile World Congress 2018 Felt More Telco-Centric Again

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Now that the dust has settled from Mobile World Congress 2018, it is possible to get a better feel which mobility themes will set the tone for the coming year of mobility.

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Consumer Marketing 2018: Build Emotion-Powered Brands With Dipanjan Chatterjee

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WHAT DO EMOTIONS HAVE TO DO WITH BRANDING STRATEGY? I sat as a silent observer at an internal marketing workshop of a multi-billion-dollar consumer brand. They spoke for three hours about being customer-obsessed. They never spoke about the customer. That’s the old way of marketing.

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4 surprise cloud computing trends for 2018

David Linthicum

So, I’ve put together four cloud predictions for 2018 that you won’t see coming but that should help shape your cloud strategy for the new year. 2018 cloud prediction No. First of all, I hate doing yearly predictions. Also, this is the time of year that every PR firm in the country asks me to read the cloud computing predictions of their clients, which are all pretty much wrong and self-serving.

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Join Our 2018 Digital Experience and Organization Survey

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TLDR: Participate in the 2018 Forrester Digital Experience and Organization Survey. Click here to start the questionnaire now, the survey is closing soon! Forrester has fielded a Digital Experience and Organization survey for the past four years. We’ve uncovered key trends such as when software investment priorities swung wildly away from best-of-breed to ease-of-integration. And last year, we […]. digital business

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Future Of Work 2018: 10 Predictions You Can’t Ignore

Future of CIO

The following are my “top ten” predictions about how these will change in 2018. And while 2018 will not be “the year the org chart died,” some progressive organizations will begin to phase out traditional org charts for more modern, digital approaches.

AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium 18-19 April 2018: Where the cleared community collaborates


The Spring Intelligence Symposium will be held 18-19 April 2018 at the NGA Campus East in Springfield VA. The post AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium 18-19 April 2018: Where the cleared community collaborates appeared first on This event is coordinated by the AFCEA Intelligence Committee and features thought provoking sessions with some of the most forward thinking experts from academia, industry and U.S. Intelligence Community.

CES 2018: Pizza Hut to test autonomous delivery vehicle

Computer Weekly

At CES 2018, underway in Las Vegas, Pizza Hut and Toyota announce a partnership to develop an autonomous pizza delivery service

5 Examples of the Best Workplace Tech Available in 2018


Over the past decade, the concept of work has transformed. From coworking spaces to remote work retreats, productivity in the workplace is no longer dependent on sitting in an office for eight hours a day, seven days a week. One of the biggest outcomes from this shift has been the rapid development of technology that […]. Advice CTO Cyber Security News

January 2018 Technology Trends Report


Welcome to this month's Technology Trends report. We produce this report to provide insights you can use regarding the rapidly changing technological landscape. We want to help you find the best ways to leverage new technologies to accomplish both your personal and professional goals. If you would like to change the e-mail address you get this report […]. CTO News

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Microsoft MVP Summit 2018 ROI


Microsoft MVP summit 2018 is my 3rd MVP summit. The post Microsoft MVP Summit 2018 ROI appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. SCCM featured Global IT Pro Event MVP Summit 2018 MVP Summit 2019

O’Reilly Strata Business Summit: March 5-8 2018 in San Jose


The next Strata + Hadoop World will be held March 5–8, 2018 in San Jose California. This is the must attend event for business executives and technologists seeking to turn data into the competitive advantage it should be. Save 20% when you register by using the code AFF20. Strata Data Conference is where big data's […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Events Internet of Things News

CTOvision Pro Tech News 20 Feb 2018


News and reports captured below point to a continued very high level of investment in technologies and companies around the blockchain. So much action is underway it is clear this new concept will be changing our world. The question is, when and how? Most of the reports below are about investments, which take time to […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing Cryptocurrency CTO Internet of Things News

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CTOvision Tech News 30 Jan 2018


This week we learned that Apple is working on new Macs. And this is exciting for us Mac fans. But story after story this week reminded us that we are living in a mobile world. Reports below cover a range of mobile stories including reports on how fitness tracking was revealing secret military installations, details […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing Cryptocurrency CTO Cyber Security News

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Main Street Cybersecurity: 10 Cost Effective Strategies for confronting Ransomware


As we usher in the new year of 2018, we are confronted with an ever-expanding network-borne threat landscape especially from ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software which is used by malicious actors to encrypt systems or data. When the ransom is paid the key is in some cases provided to unlock the data. […].

CTOvision Tech News 13 Feb 2018


News over the past week underscored the very interesting dynamics of cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. One of the great tech champions from Silicon Valley recently summed this dynamic up very well. Peter Thiel said it this way: "Crypto is decentralizing, AI is centralizing. Or, if you want to frame it more ideologically, crypto is libertarian […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data CTO Cyber Security News

CTOvision Tech News 6 Feb 2018


News this week reaffirmed the disruptive power of cloud computing, in many ways. One way was in the announcement by Google that their Google Cloud, which includes G Suite and Google Cloud Platform, is now a $1B per quarter business. Huge of course, but that is not nearly as large as the powerhouse at Amazon […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing Cryptocurrency CTO Cyber Security News Robots

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5 Ways Big Data and Analytics Will Impact E-Commerce in 2018


The post 5 Ways Big Data and Analytics Will Impact E-Commerce in 2018 appeared first on Dataconomy. Almost everything we do, both online and offline, is a source for data. As technology increases, the ways to measure and collect data also increase.

Know The Global Risk Environment And Connect With The Community At The Cipher Brief Threat Conference 8-10 April 2018


The 2018 Cipher Brief Threat Conference will be held 8-10 April in Sea Island Georgia. With out a doubt, this was the greatest conference I attended in 2017. It was a great time to connect with others in the security and risk mitigation community and offered a fantastic opportunity to learn from thought leaders who […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Events News

New Tech: Transportation Technology And The Self-Driving Economy

Forrester IT

Less than a year ago, my colleague Laura Koetzle and I published a report on the transformative effects of autonomous vehicles on the global economy.

The GDPR and The B2B Marketer: Ready or Not, Here I Come

Forrester IT

The deadline for compliance with the GDPR is May 25, 2018, but the preparations of many B2B marketers range from nonchalant to indifferent. In our research interviews and inquiries about the GDPR, we find that many B2B marketers don’t think the regulation is a relevant concern because they think the GDPR doesn’t apply to business […]. B2B B2B marketing GDPR

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Avoid These Top CX Misconceptions

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To provide great CX reliably and efficiently, companies must master the six competencies of customer experience management (CXM): research, prioritization, design, enablement, measurement, and culture.

Hiring Success 2018: All The Confirmed Speakers Attending HR Tech’s Next Big Event


SmartRecruiters’ Hiring Success 2018 is already set to be the defining HR and recruitment conference of the year. Most recently John released The Emergence of Intelligent Software: The 2018 Index of Predictive Tools in HRTech , an in-depth industry analysis on the emergence of intelligent software that is sometimes all-too-simply banded together under the moniker of AI.

Twenty Goals That Are Just Plain Better Than “Growing Revenue”

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Dear Marketers, I know how important it is to you to grow revenue. I also know how that focus will help expand your remit — to align with your organization’s strategic priorities and rally around an explicit path to revenue.

The Most Demanded Data Science and Machine Learning Jobs in 2018


While Information Technology fields in general have healthily grown in the past decade, there's an emerging sector in the market that's taking off in ways unrivaled by traditional computer science. Machine learning and data science are two exciting sections of tech where job growth is phenomenal as new and more advanced techniques to collect, store, […]. Big Data Business

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Have you reserved your tickets for the 2018 K-12 STEM Symposium?


Can you believe it is already the 5th anniversary of the K-12 STEM Symposium? This event, coordinated by WashingtonExec's JD Kathuria, has been a fantastic connector of great employers who are interested in creating a future of abundance for all and STEM students K-12. This year promises to be even more incredible than past years, […]. Big Data CTO Events News

Smartphone production to plateau in 2018, says report

Computer Weekly

After a bumper year, driven chiefly by growth in the Chinese market, smartphone production will begin to slow in 2018, according to analysts at TrendForce

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Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerability Fixes Have Started, But Don't Solve Everything

The Investing Edge

Meltdown and Spectre Fixes Arrive—But Don't Solve Everything. Security

White House Staffers Can't Use Personal Smartphones Anymore, and More Security News This Week

The Investing Edge

Meltdown and Spectre, dossier drama, and more of the week's top security news. Security

Could Classifying AI Research Prevent Public Harm?


Headlines frequently feature news about advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). These developments collectively boost public interest in AI and help people imagine what’s possible. But some individuals are concerned about what could happen if information about AI research falls into the wrong hands. Hackers Are Typically One Step Ahead The increase in cybersecurity attacks has […]. Artificial Intelligence News

White House Takes Action Against Chinese Intellectual Property Theft


On March 21, 2018 the New York Times reported that the White House was going to take aggressive action against China for illegal trade practices as well as intellectual property theft. The administration is right to do so. Drive thru middle America and you’ll see closed factories whose products are now manufactured in China. For […]. Advice CTO Cyber Security Cyber Threats News China cybersecurity Cyberwar

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CERIAS Security Symposium April 3-4 2018: The 20th Anniversary of Purdue University CERIAS


CERIAS is one of the forces of good in cyberspace. For 20 years they have been pulling together thought leaders, researchers, business leaders, academics and other stakeholders to further the art and science of security research. Their continuous action is known by a wide swath of professionals. They gather the community yearly at an annual […]. CTO Cyber Security News

IBM Channel Executives Are Frustrated With The Pace Of Partners’ Transformation

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PartnerWorld kicked off in Las Vegas yesterday and, for the first time, colocated with IBM’s Think main event. The 1,000-plus partners who packed the MGM Grand Arena heard some great messaging around simplified programs, reduced contractual requirements, and a direct sales team who was finally getting channel religion delivered through its paychecks. It was a […].

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CES 2018: Hyundai and Cisco bring SDN to the automobile

Computer Weekly

Hyundai will debut a new generation of hyperconnected software-defined car in 2019, incorporating a Cisco-designed network platform