The hype around driverless cars came crashing down in 2018


Big players in autonomous driving like Uber, Tesla, and Waymo had a disappointing 2018, but several startups with a “minimum viable product” made good progress. As 2018 dawned, expectations for self-driving vehicles were sky-high. Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving car company, was testing fully driverless cars and preparing for a commercial launch in the Phoenix area. Uber was racking up […]. CTO News

Top 10 Smarter With Gartner Articles in 2018


Smarter With Gartner added five new categories in 2018. Below are most-read articles for 2018: 5 Trends Emerge in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2018. Artificial intelligence (AI), biohacking, blockchain, biochips, 5G and augmented reality comprise six of the 17 technologies on the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2018. Gartner Top 10 Security Projects for 2018. Gartner Top 8 Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2018.


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Highlights From Amazon’s AWS re:Invent 2018


It is hard to digest all the innovations coming out of Amazon’s cloud computing business. There are 1000’s of capabilities already available and each continue to evolve, and major new capabilities are being announced at a rapid pace. The annual re:Invent is a great time to take stock of things, but even this is just […]. Artificial Intelligence Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security News Robots Amazon

BroCon is coming: 10-12 Oct 2018 Arlington VA


Do you know Bro? If you work in the network security world you most likely do. Bro is an open-source network security monitor. While focusing on network security monitoring, Bro provides a comprehensive platform for more general network traffic analysis as well. Bro has successfully bridged the traditional gap between academia and operations since its inception. […]. CTO Cyber Security Events News

Biggest data breach penalties for 2018


2018 has already seen companies hit with sizable fines and settlements due to data breaches. Uber’s handling of its 2016 breach has cost it close to $150 million. Weakly protected and heavy-regulated health data has cost medical facilities big, resulting in the US Department of Health and Human Services collecting increasingly large fines. There could be […]. Cyber Security News

Data 184

Recapping the August 2018 DoDIIS Conference


DoDIIS Stands for DoD Intelligence Information Systems. The yearly DoDIIS conference is sponsored by the Defense Intelligence Agency. It is always a great opportunity for intelligence community technologists to come together and learn from another. For those of us in industry or academia it is a chance to learn the mission needs of government organizations […]. CTO Cyber War News

January 2018 Technology Trends Report


Welcome to this month's Technology Trends report. We produce this report to provide insights you can use regarding the rapidly changing technological landscape. We want to help you find the best ways to leverage new technologies to accomplish both your personal and professional goals. If you would like to change the e-mail address you get this report […]. CTO News

Trends 203

The 2018 SINET 16 Awardees: Every one worth watching


We have written before about the Security Innovation Network (SINET). SINET is an organization laser focused on advancing cybersecurity innovation through public-private collaboration. Every year SINET oversees a process designed to find and highlight innovative companies. The process includes soliciting nominations for innovative firms, leveraging volunteer judges from across the technology executive community, and then […]. CTO Cyber Security Events News

QuintessenceLabs is Named a Tech Pioneer for 2018


The World Economic Forum has named QuintessenceLabs one of their Tech Pioneers for 2018!QuintessenceLabs QuintessenceLabs joins a prestigious list of previous awardees such as Google, Spotify, Twitter, AirBnB and Atlassian. This year's pioneers were chosen based on their innovative breakthroughs and creative solutions to many different global challenges. QuintessenceLabs was selected for their significant contributions to the [.]. CTO Cyber Security News Atlassian Google QuintessenceLabs

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CES 2018: Pizza Hut to test autonomous delivery vehicle

Computer Weekly

At CES 2018, underway in Las Vegas, Pizza Hut and Toyota announce a partnership to develop an autonomous pizza delivery service

Looking for Blockchain Innovation During RSA 2018


Dear readers, I'll be in the San Fransisco area during RSA. I'm on a mission to learn more about real world solutions and companies that leverage blockchain and will be using my trip to focus on that. Of course I'll also spend time doing other things I love like spending a bit of time on […]. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency CTO Cyber Security News

Course 195

The Technology To See at the 2018 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference


One of the great things about the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference (Aug 12-15 Omaha, Nebraska) is the expo floor. It is unlike any other tech conference. This one is filled with providers of great technology who know the importance of support to national security missions. The problem is that there are so many great solutions demonstrated [.]. Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Events Government News

Maximize The Value Of Your 2018 RSA Show Visit


Planning, deploying and operating a cybersecurity architecture is a difficult because it requires understanding so many different disciplines. The key to having a functional security architecture is integrating identity, access control, endpoint protection and file encryption systems together (across data center and cloud environments). The importance of getting everything right is even more critical with […]. CTO Cyber Security Events News cyber

CTOvision Tech News 30 Jan 2018


This week we learned that Apple is working on new Macs. And this is exciting for us Mac fans. But story after story this week reminded us that we are living in a mobile world. Reports below cover a range of mobile stories including reports on how fitness tracking was revealing secret military installations, details […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing Cryptocurrency CTO Cyber Security News

Mobile 186

O’Reilly Strata Business Summit: March 5-8 2018 in San Jose


The next Strata + Hadoop World will be held March 5–8, 2018 in San Jose California. This is the must attend event for business executives and technologists seeking to turn data into the competitive advantage it should be. Save 20% when you register by using the code AFF20. Strata Data Conference is where big data's […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Events Internet of Things News

5 Breakthrough Technologies to Combat Insider Threats in 2018


According to a PwC – US State of Cybercrime Survey, 44% of data breaches are attributed to the insider threat. An insider is anyone that has administrational access to manipulate your sensitive data. This includes employees, CEOs and contract workers, to name a few. Whether it’s malicious or negligent intent, compromised data is still compromised at [.].

Survey 200

What Bitcoin Can Teach us About Web Security in 2018


Bitcoin’s here to stay - there’s no doubting that at this point. Despite the wild price fluctuations the cryptocurrency underwent in late 2017, and despite the fact that other blockchain-based digital currencies are much less expensive to both buy (and to mine), the primacy of the grandaddy of all cryptocurrencies is intact. Aside from the […]. Advice Cryptocurrency CTO Cyber Security News

CTOvision Pro Tech News 20 Feb 2018


News and reports captured below point to a continued very high level of investment in technologies and companies around the blockchain. So much action is underway it is clear this new concept will be changing our world. The question is, when and how? Most of the reports below are about investments, which take time to […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing Cryptocurrency CTO Internet of Things News

Report 174

CTOvision Tech News 13 Feb 2018


News over the past week underscored the very interesting dynamics of cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. One of the great tech champions from Silicon Valley recently summed this dynamic up very well. Peter Thiel said it this way: "Crypto is decentralizing, AI is centralizing. Or, if you want to frame it more ideologically, crypto is libertarian […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data CTO Cyber Security News

8 AI Highlights of 2018: Jobs, Research, Skills, Events, More

Information Week

Here are some of the highlights of 2018 Things happen fast in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

CTOvision Tech News 6 Feb 2018


News this week reaffirmed the disruptive power of cloud computing, in many ways. One way was in the announcement by Google that their Google Cloud, which includes G Suite and Google Cloud Platform, is now a $1B per quarter business. Huge of course, but that is not nearly as large as the powerhouse at Amazon […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing Cryptocurrency CTO Cyber Security News Robots

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Northern Virginia Blockchain Mixer 14 June 2018 in Reston VA


With this post I want to let you know about a small networking event being hosted by Matt Devost and Bob Gourley in Reston VA on 14 June from 530pm till 7:30pm. The purpose of the event is to help enhance the dialog among and between the many local players in the blockchain ecosystem. We [.]. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency CTO Cyber Security News

Breaking Down Five 2018 Breaches — And What They Mean For Security In 2019


Big hacks and data leaks are nothing new, but this year has seen a surge in reported breaches. The reason for this might be simple: After the EU general update to data protection regulation (GDPR) came into place in May, firms are more likely to report attacks. But it also demonstrates that the huge amounts of […]. Cyber Security News

AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium 18-19 April 2018: Where the cleared community collaborates


The Spring Intelligence Symposium will be held 18-19 April 2018 at the NGA Campus East in Springfield VA. The post AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium 18-19 April 2018: Where the cleared community collaborates appeared first on This event is coordinated by the AFCEA Intelligence Committee and features thought provoking sessions with some of the most forward thinking experts from academia, industry and U.S. Intelligence Community.

Top 10 Posts & Videos of 2018 – SCCM Community Tips


It was the great year 2018 for other authors of this blog and me. Top 10 SCCM Posts and videos of 2018! The post Top 10 Posts & Videos of 2018 – SCCM Community Tips appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. SCCM featured Intune Top 10 Posts SCCM Top 10 Posts Top 10 SCCM Posts Top 10 SCCM Videos of 2018 Top 10 Viewed PostsSubscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link].

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Steps to Take to Beat the Insider Threat in 2018


Hackers get the headlines, but a data breach is more likely to originate inside your own office walls. Errors, negligence and malicious intent by employees are the leading causes of security incidents but remain the least reported. Why do employees pose so much risk? The list of reasons is long: busy schedules that lead to sloppiness […]. CTO Cyber Security News

Report 190

Global Cyber Alliance Release: Perhaps the most important of the 2018 RSA Conference Season


Every year the RSA conference brings together members of the cybersecurity community for a week of presentations, discussions, tech demos and socials. Concurrent with the event there is always a flurry of press releases. Many are designed to highlight a company’s product or service. Many, like the annoucement of the new Microsoft led coalition of […]. CTO Cyber Security News

Strata Data Conference, September 11–13, 2018, New York


At Strata Data Conference, learn how data is driving innovation and transforming business. You’ll see top minds in technology from leading companies like Airbnb, Google, WeWork, and Uber discuss latest developments in machine learning, data engineering, real time applications, data governance and strategy, and much more. You’ll also network with thousands at the largest gathering […]. CTO Events News

CTO Summit at NASDAQ Marketsite in Times Square 18 Dec 2018


Are you technical and do you manage engineers? Want to learn the latest tips and tricks for building and managing engineering teams from top venture backed CTOs? On Tuesday December 18th, at the Nasdaq Marketsite in Times Square, learn from speakers including the CTOs of MongoDB, Meetup, Greenhouse, Grubhub, Mode Analytics and 2U and senior […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Events News

Congrats Cloudera For Recognition as as Winner of Microsoft 2018 Partner of the Year


If you use Twitter to track trends in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics you should follow Amr Awadalla (@awadallah) and Mike Olson (@mikeolson). As co-founders of Cloudera they track AI and ML pretty closely and both post insightful content on topics of community interest. They also proudly post news of Cloudera. In following Amr [.]. Big Data and Analytics CTO News

Main Street Cybersecurity: 10 Cost Effective Strategies for confronting Ransomware


As we usher in the new year of 2018, we are confronted with an ever-expanding network-borne threat landscape especially from ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software which is used by malicious actors to encrypt systems or data. When the ransom is paid the key is in some cases provided to unlock the data. […].

5 Examples of the Best Workplace Tech Available in 2018


Over the past decade, the concept of work has transformed. From coworking spaces to remote work retreats, productivity in the workplace is no longer dependent on sitting in an office for eight hours a day, seven days a week. One of the biggest outcomes from this shift has been the rapid development of technology that […]. Advice CTO Cyber Security News

Hiring Success 2018: All The Confirmed Speakers Attending HR Tech’s Next Big Event


SmartRecruiters’ Hiring Success 2018 is already set to be the defining HR and recruitment conference of the year. Most recently John released The Emergence of Intelligent Software: The 2018 Index of Predictive Tools in HRTech , an in-depth industry analysis on the emergence of intelligent software that is sometimes all-too-simply banded together under the moniker of AI.

Call for entries: 2018 Building Team Awards

Eric D. Brown

Building Design+Construction's Building Team Awards recognize newly built (opened or occupied January 1, 2017 or later) projects that best exemplify the collaboration between owner, architect, engineer, and contractor to produce buildings that exhibit architectural and construction excellence.

O’Reilly AI Conference | September 4–7, 2018 | San Francisco


Artificial intelligence and machine learning is one of the hottest topics on our site. Want to put AI to work right now? Cut through the noise and see what's real (and what's coming) in applied AI at the Artificial Intelligence Conference. Leaders and innovators will explore the most promising applied machine learning and artificial intelligence […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Events News

This is your last chance to register for the most strategic cyber risk event in NYC, the 2018 SINET Innovation Summit


The 2018 SINET Innovation Summit will be held 7 June 2018 in NYC. If you have been putting off your registration now is the time to sign up, the event is, in my opinion, the most strategic and impactful cyber security innovation activity in the NYC area and is the place to be to improve [.]. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency CTO Cyber Security Events News

Augmenting Intelligence using Machines (AIM) Industry Day on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 Springfield, VA.


Attending this event requires a secret clearance. If you don’t have a secret clearance, read on for your awareness, there will certainly be other ways you can support this effort. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and AFCEA Intelligence will present the first Augmenting Intelligence using Machines (AIM) Industry Day on Tuesday, […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Events

Know The Global Risk Environment And Connect With The Community At The Cipher Brief Threat Conference 8-10 April 2018


The 2018 Cipher Brief Threat Conference will be held 8-10 April in Sea Island Georgia. With out a doubt, this was the greatest conference I attended in 2017. It was a great time to connect with others in the security and risk mitigation community and offered a fantastic opportunity to learn from thought leaders who […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Events News

Community around open-source network security monitor Bro meets at BroCon: 10-12 Oct 2018 Arlington VA


Do you know Bro? If you work in the network security world you most likely do. Bro is an open-source network security monitor. While focusing on network security monitoring, Bro provides a comprehensive platform for more general network traffic analysis as well. Bro has successfully bridged the traditional gap between academia and operations since its inception. […]. CTO Cyber Security Events News

The Most Demanded Data Science and Machine Learning Jobs in 2018


While Information Technology fields in general have healthily grown in the past decade, there's an emerging sector in the market that's taking off in ways unrivaled by traditional computer science. Machine learning and data science are two exciting sections of tech where job growth is phenomenal as new and more advanced techniques to collect, store, […]. Big Data Business

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Apple iCloud data now stored on Chinese government servers, Data breach at LabCorp, SIM hijacking, Aircraft cybersecurity, half of US retailers suffer data breach in 2018


The following are some of the cyber security and cyber war related stories we are tracking: Apple’s iCloud user data in China is now handled by a state-owned mobile operator If you are an Apple iPhone or Mac user and are communicating with someone in China, you should be extra careful because as per the [.]. CTO Cyber Security News

Retail 210

Join Us at Cyber Tacos 24 July 2018 in Washington DC


Cyber Tacos is a networking event focused on members of the local cybersecurity community including analysts, media, end-users, executives from vendors, government thought leaders and others who track cybersecurity and cyber threats closely. The event is always a great way to mingle with peers and meet new friends and talk things cyber. CTOvision is a [.]. CTO Events News

2018 could be year of critical infrastructure attacks, says report

Computer Weekly

The coming year is likely to see an increase in the number of cyber attacks on critical national infrastructure (CNI), according to a report based on experts’ forecasts

Report 160