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Top 8 Highly Paid and in-demand Programming Languages in 2018


Information Technology Blog - - Top 8 Highly Paid and in-demand Programming Languages in 2018 - Information Technology Blog. “Everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”…Steve Jobs. If you are reading this article, it means that you want to start studying programming.

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How to Create Online Training Programs for Bank Employees


These training programs can help employers make their workforce future-proof and benefit significantly in terms of increased productivity for years to come. In fact, every dollar invested in online training programs offers a return on investment (ROI) of $30. Employees can benefit from world-class training programs.

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Crypto winter wipes out large chunk of North Korea's weapons program funding


Back in 2018, a Singapore-based US citizen and member of the Ethereum Foundation advised North Korea on how to use cryptocurrencies to work around US sanctions. Now he's looking at over five years in prison, while the country amassed millions worth of cryptocurrencies that have helped fund its nuclear weapons program.

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Shhh, ships: Program to help save orcas by quieting vessels touts early success in Washington state


A pilot program to help orca whales in Puget Sound by asking commercial vessels to slow down saw 61% participation in its first month, reported program leaders at an event Friday at the Seattle Aquarium. Quiet Sound emerged as a result of guidance from the Southern Resident Orca Task Force , established in 2018 by Washington Gov.

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Orbite begins the launch countdown for its commercial astronaut training programs


(Orbite Photo) After getting its start in Seattle and testing its business model in France and Florida, a space travel venture called Orbite is ready to start signing up customers for private-sector astronaut training programs. Prices for the five-night suborbital training program start at $49,500 per person. Just as Spaceflight Inc.

Training 114
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DoD Announces Third 'Hack the Pentagon' Bug Bounty Program

SecureWorld News

Department of Defense (DoD) is turning to the private sector to bolster its cyber defenses with the launch of the third iteration of its "Hack the Pentagon" bug bounty program. The program is being managed by Defense Digital Services (DDS), which is responsible for managing technical risks and vulnerabilities.

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Action Week 2018: Meet our outstanding contributors

TM Forum

TM Forum honors 6 outstanding contributors to the Collaboration Program for their important work on telecoms standards and best practices.

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