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How To Determine Your Company’s Strategy For Values-Based Consumers

Forrester IT

Brands’ moral, social, and political values are now a core issue for most customers and employees. Unfortunately, companies lack a systematic values strategy, leading to high-profile flubs.

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Current Malpractice Handicaps Social Selling’s Potential

Forrester IT

We first published research on social selling in 2016, and B2B sellers continue to flock to various networks to interact with their customers and prospects. Social provides the opportunity for authentic connections, mutually beneficial professional relationships, and positive business outcomes for both buyers and sellers.

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Ready Your Brand For Social Justice.

Forrester IT

For some, like Ben & Jerry’s and Microsoft, this came naturally; they had long-standing programs to advance social justice. Neutrality Is No Longer An Option In the summer of 2020, brands did something they had never done before. They spoke up about race.

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How CIOs Can Use Social Media To Further Their Career

The Accidental Successful CIO

CIOs need to use social media to connect with other professionals Image Credit: Jason Howie. It turns out that the answer might be right before us: social media. What a CIO needs to remember when they start to venture into the scary online world of social media is that they are going to want to not share too much.

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Improve Onboarding with User-Centered Design

Speaker: Dr. Kate Wolin, Founder, Circea

In the age of social distancing, digital onboarding is becoming essential to any program. Join Dr. Kate Wolin, founder of Circea, for an overview of behavioral science and the evidence-based strategies that can be used to support patient engagement. Application of patient-centered design to evaluate and refine onboarding strategies.

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Social CRM Strategies for Small Businesses

IT Toolbox

Customer relationship management (CRM) vendors continue to add social media functionality to their products. percent sales productivity improvement when a business uses tools with mobile and social functionality. Before you deploy your social CRM, prepare the right strategies for maximizing your sales technology

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Marketing Your eBook: Strategies and Distribution Channels in 2023


This blog outlines seven eBook marketing strategies to help businesses and authors build virality for their content in 2023. Partner with Influencers They say, if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen. Social media is more than just a place for selfies. The approach must be strategic. billion in 2025.

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