‘Next decade’s answer to the Space Needle’: Seattle 2030 is a post-pandemic skyscraper concept


Seattle 2030, with a skyport at the top and a view of the Seattle waterfront and Space Needle in the distance. ” The Seattle 2030 concept is not site specific, but is intended to be located in the city’s downtown core. A workplace in Seattle 2030.

Google plans to power its operations with carbon-free energy by 2030

Venture Beast

Google aims to power its entire operations using carbon-free electricity by 2030, building on its goal of matching energy use with 100% renewable energy.

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It's 2030, and This Is the Stuff That Doesn't Exist Anymore

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Welcome to 2030! future fiction 2030 slideshowWell, we all made it and only a quarter of us died! How about a trip down memory lane with AI-Powered News Aggregator Bryan Menegus II and the brain of former Gizmodo EiC John Biggs in a jar. Read more.


Every Bentley will be totally electric by 2030

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By 2030, the century-old British motor company will only produce batter-powered cars, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark said Thursday. But since all its models will be electrified by 2030, the first Bentley EV could simply be a modified version of one of its existing internal combustion engine cars.

UK Army could be 25-percent robotic by 2030, says British general


British Army leaders think that by 2030 nearly a quarter of the UK's ground troops will be robots. That is almost 30,000 autonomous and remote-controlled fighting machines deployed within about a decade


Didi Chuxing targets 1 million autonomous taxis by 2030

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Chinas ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing aims to operate more than 1 million self-driving cars through its platform by 2030. Read More. AI Business Transportation category-/Autos & Vehicles China Didi Chuxing self-driving cars

Microsoft’s operations will be zero waste by 2030 

The Verge

Microsoft plans to stop generating trash from its operations by 2030, the company announced today. The zero waste pledge accompanies another major environmental goal Microsoft set at the beginning of the year — becoming carbon negative by 2030.

UK Prime Minister bans combustion-engine vehicles starting 2030


The UK Prime Minister has been changing his tune on climate change in recent months with his new Green Plan, pushing harder for renewable energies, nuclear power, and carbon capture technology, and seemingly pulling away from burning fossil fuels

Intel pledges net positive water use, 100% green power, and zero waste to landfill by 2030

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Intel pledged to uphold ambitious sustainability goals, such as net positive water use, 100% green power, and zero waste sent to the landfill by 2030. Read More. Business category-/Science diversity Greg Bryant Intel Sustainable

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The Data Cars Will Be Capturing by 2030 Can Only Be Described As “Big”


By the year 2030, big data in cars could be a $750 billion dollar business. Rick Delgado. If you haven't imagined it, think about this: automobiles of the future and to some extent even current vehicles are able to collect all sorts of data while you are driving them. As manufacturing designs and computer functions improve, cars will become smarter in a rapidly accelerating stream.

Microsoft announces strategy to become "water positive" by 2030

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Clean drinking water is a scarce commodity around the globe. This week, Microsoft laid out its plan to help address water scarcity worldwide

Apple aims to become carbon neutral by 2030

The Verge

To reach its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, it will slash its greenhouse gas pollution by 75 percent and then find ways to draw down the remaining 25 percent of its heat-trapping emissions.

Hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs automated by 2030

Computer Weekly

Repetitive roles in the UK public sector will be decimated as organisations replace people with automation technology


Lyft will transition to 100 percent electric vehicles by 2030


Lyft's specified deadline for this change is 2030, which is a pretty ambitious target. It's not unrealistic, but the company will undoubtedly run into a few major roadblocks on its way to reaching that goal

Elon Musk says Tesla will probably be producing 20 million cars per year by 2030

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We do see Tesla reaching 20M vehicles/year probably before 2030, but that requires consistently excellent execution," he tweeted. Elon Musk has some predictions about the electric car market, and — surprise — they're quite optimistic.

Interactive scenarios for 2030:

Trends in the Living Networks

Last year I kicked off a strategy session of a major infrastructure company with a presentation to the executive team on the world in 2030. This used scenarios to

Uber pledges to shift to ‘100 percent’ electric vehicles by 2030

The Verge

Uber announced Tuesday that “100 percent” of rides will take place in electric vehicles by 2030 in the US, Canada, and Europe, and by 2040 for the rest of the world. In June, Lyft announced it would transition “100 percent” of its fleet to electric vehicles by 2030.

Virgin is working to elevate hyperloop travel by 2030

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Virgin Hyperloop is leading the race to make the high-speed technology become a viable transport option within this decade. The company is now building a state of the art testing facility in West Virginia, which includes a 10-kilometer-long testing tube. Read more.

Microsoft talks trash: Tech giant aims for zero waste by 2030 in latest environmental initiative


based cloud and software behemoth announced Tuesday that it’s setting a goal of reaching zero waste by 2030 for its direct waste production. Eliminating single use plastics in Microsoft packaging within 5 years; making Surface devices recyclable by 2030.

Apple's 2030 carbon neutrality goal gets a boost from huge Danish wind turbines

Tech Republic Data Center

The tech giant is investing in a pair of 200-meter tall wind turbines to help power its newly opened data center in Viborg, Denmark

Microsoft vows to replenish more water than it consumes by 2030, in latest sustainability initiative


Microsoft’s redevelopment of its Redmond, Wash. headquarters will include water conservation strategies. Microsoft Rendering). Microsoft says it will replenish more clean water than it uses in its cloud computing and software business within a decade.

The UK aims to power each home with wind energy by 2030


The country isn't stopping there, though. As part of a broader push to hasten its transition to cleaner energy sources, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson now reportedly claims the government will invest around £160 million (that's roughly $207 million) in offshore wind technology

Lyft makes ambitious pledge to only use electric vehicles by 2030

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So much so that, by 2030, every time you order a Lyft ride, it'll be an all-electric vehicle that shows up. Lyft is going all in on electric. At least, that's the promise company leaders made in an announcement Wednesday with the Environmental Defense Fund.

Lyft vows ‘100 percent’ of its vehicles will be electric by 2030

The Verge

Lyft announced a plan on Wednesday to transition to “100 percent” electric or zero-emission vehicles by 2030. Photo by Bradley Kappel for The Verge. By working with automakers and rental car companies, as well as the millions of independent contractors who drive for Lyft every day, the ride-hailing company believes it can prevent “tens of millions of metric tons” of pollutants from entering the atmosphere.

GeekWire Podcast: Skyscrapers, scooters, and a post-pandemic vision for big cities


Seattle 2030 would stand 1,030 feet tall and have a cloud walk observatory and drone ports at the top. Podcasts Transportation scooters Seattle 2030 Trivia Contest Wheels scooters

What Will Mobile Commerce Look Like In 2030?

Forrester's Customer Insights

mCommerce in 2030 will not be mini eCommerce. In an upcoming stream of research, my colleague Julie Ask and I asked a simple question: What will mCommerce look like in 2030? We identified six technology categories that will be key in evolving your company’s future mobile solution. And since mobile advances will affect each sector […]. age of the customer emerging technology mobile technology retail

Apple targets a net zero carbon footprint for its entire supply chain by 2030


Apple says it's already fully carbon neutral where its corporate operations are concerned, and has been for several months. However, moving forward, the tech behemoth will be aiming considerably higher by targeting "net zero climate impact" across its entire business

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Implications Of A Buyers’ Market For Enterprise Software, 2020–2030

Forrester's Customer Insights

As global enterprise spending on software surpasses the $1 trillion mark in the coming decade, the growth rate of software spending will slow to 4% per annum from 7% historically. A buyers’ market for enterprise software will emerge. More choices, more transparency, and more interoperability will result in unprecedented choice for enterprise software buyers, who […]. age of the customer

Denmark announces plans to construct two wind energy 'islands' by 2030


However, the Nordic country isn't interested in leaving well enough alone. Today, the Danish Ministry of Finance announced an ambitious new plan to boost its wind power production capacity. Instead of merely building a few more wind turbines here and there, the country will construct two entire "energy islands" exclusively

The World in 2030: Four scenarios for long-term planning and strategy

Trends in the Living Networks

It's not appropriate to share the full presentation, however I can share the rough scenarios I presented for the world to 2030. SCENARIO FRAMEWORK FOR THE WORLD IN 2030. Together these dimensions yield: SCENARIOS FOR THE WORLD IN 2030. FOUR SCENARIOS FOR THE WORLD IN 2030. This morning I did the opening keynote to the top executive team of a major organization.at their strategy offsite.

Out with the old - phasing out of PSTN/POTS globally by 2030


Globally, the target switch-off is by 2030. Voice, data, video, and broadcasting companies are now offering customers more services than ever before, but they also have to maintain a multitude of legacy networks. This includes the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The PSTN is the original, analog landline telephone network, and is also known as plain old telephone service (POTS).


Samsung plans $116 billion investment in non-memory chips to challenge TSMC, Qualcomm


Samsung Electronics Co Ltd plans to invest $116 billion in non-memory chips through 2030, to cut its reliance on the volatile memory chip market and develop chips to power self-driving cars and AI-enabled devices. The plan underscores the South Korean firm’s ambition to challenge bigger rivals – Taiwan’s TSMC in contract chip manufacturing and San Diego-based […]. Artificial Intelligence News

Nevada Governor Vetoes Renewable Bill in Setback for Advocates

Data Center Knowledge

Legislation required that 40 percent of the state’s electricity come from clean energy sources by 2030. Read More. Energy North America Regulation

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Intel aims to reach 100 percent renewable energy use, zero waste by 2030

The Verge

Intel unveiled its environmental goals for 2030 today, committing to cut down its greenhouse gas emissions and waste. Dell plans to cut greenhouse emissions from its operations and electricity use in half by 2030. Microsoft set an ambitious goal in January of drawing down more carbon dioxide than it emits by 2030. Photo Illustration by Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

The Questions That Remain About Apple’s New Carbon-Free Aluminum

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By 2030, Apple has promised to make its products and supply chain carbon-neutral. That’s a lot of work to accomplish in fewer than 10 years, especially for a company responsible for a whole lot of extractive and energy-intensive products. Read more.

We Could Breach the 1.5 Degrees Celsius Threshold in the Next 5 Years

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Remember that earth-shattering climate report from a couple years ago that said we have to massively cut emissions by 2030 to ensure we don’t exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) threshold of global warming above pre-industrial temperatures? Well, there’s a chance we’ll cross that benchmark a lot sooner… Read more. world meteorological organization climate crisis 15 degrees celsius paris agreement uk met office

Marc Andreessen on the future of technology and the nature of government services


The first post reviewed some likely scenarios of the tech enabled environment of 2030 and some foundational considerations regarding converged cyber-physical systems all citizens will have access to (see the first post here ). Gourley: In the near future of 2030, do you have thoughts on services that government currently delivers to citizens that will be done better or perhaps rendered obsolete because of new personal computing technologies? By Bob Gourley.

Top 3 Benefits of AI Projects


Not surprisingly, the top benefits cited within these use cases are largely consistent with the top sources of business value for AI through 2030: Cost reduction and customer experience. Determining the benefits for artificial intelligence (AI) projects is difficult and confusing, but increasingly important. By 2024, 50% of AI investments will be quantified and linked to specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure return on investment.

Marc Andreessen on the Future of Technology and Automation, Robotics, and AI can Impact Government Service


Previous posts discussed future tech scenarios around the year 2030 and context on government services in the future. Andreessen: All indications are that 2030 will be primetime for this type of government service. By 2030 we can expect self driving cars to be widely proliferated in governments, being used for functions like post office delivery at the federal level and many other uses at the state and local levels. By Bob Gourley.

The Next Decade Of Software Spending: A Paradox

Forrester's Customer Insights

From 2020 until 2030, Forrester estimates that global software spending by businesses will climb from $920 billion to north of $1.3 If software is “eating the world,” in the words of Marc Andreessen, the world also has a reciprocal appetite for software. trillion. Software will continue to spread, mediating, recording, and enabling more users, transactions, […]. age of the customer

Microsoft makes hydrogen fuel cell breakthrough in quest to power data centers with renewable energy


Microsoft is investing in hydrogen energy technology as part of its effort to become carbon negative and eliminate its dependence on diesel fuel by 2030.

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SAP Makes The Right Decision By Extending Support For Business Suite 7

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SAP today announced that it will continue to support customers on Business Suite 7 until 2030. This won’t surprise many people, because the 2025 deadline was unrealistic given how slowly SAP’s customers are moving to S/4HANA. It was never likely that SAP would risk its €11.5 million maintenance stream by switching off support for a […]. age of the customer

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The Future Of Banking Has Arrived

Forrester's Customer Insights

The drivers of the future are evolutions of the past – some playing out now, others that will be far more prominent by 2025 and table stakes by 2030. […].