Speed Up Your Digital Business Transformation


Eighty-seven percent of senior business leaders say digitalization is a company priority and 79% of corporate strategists say it is reinventing their business — creating new revenue streams in new ways. Companies using the discontinuous approach [to business model change] achieved 2.25 The good news is that some companies are achieving above-average progress against their transformation objectives," says Marc Kelly, Director, Team Manager, Gartner.

4 Leadership Tactics to Accelerate Digital Business Transformation


Essential goods retailers Walmart and Target both saw a 20% increase in sales in March 2020, partly on account of the speed with which they scaled e-commerce and curbside pick-up in response to pandemic business disruption. CEOs and boards want to accelerate digital business.


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Avoid These 9 Corporate Digital Business Transformation Mistakes


Digital technology has unleashed many trends that will fundamentally transform enterprises, industries and even society as a whole. An enterprise digital transformation program demands that business and top leaders harness the efforts of all, continually aligning them with the journey’s objective and driving them toward that objective. A business model focus considers the market and how it is monetized. Management should ask: Is it really transformational?

Advancing Business Transformation


To build and gain transformational insights, clients across federal and commercial sectors will now seamlessly access Booz Allen's talent and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP TM ) to build and gain transformational insights. Find more information on this partnership on Business Wire. Big Data Company News Booz Allen Hamilton cyber security HDP Hortonworks PartnershipKatie Kennedy. This month, Booz Allen Hamilton and Hortonworks announced a strategic alliance.

The 21st Century Business Transformational Capabilities

Future of CIO

In today’s business dynamic, the enterprise consists of a set of capabilities that are fundamental building blocks in digital transformations with which companies can transform business models, operational processes, and customer experiences to reach high-level business maturity.

Newly formed company Algonomy uses ML to personalize online and in-store shopping experiences

Venture Beast

The new company is the result of a merger between RichRelevance and Manthan Software, giving retailers real-time data analyisis. Read More.

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How Dow Jones is helping companies mine cloud data for business transformation

Tech Republic Big Data

Here's how the company made the move toward digitally transforming its B2B business Dow Jones' DNA platform allows third parties to integrate its news and data into their own products.

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Three Aspects of Business Transformation

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Business strategy has to drive transformation. There are too many organizations with transformation programs that are not driven by strategy. So they end up being silo transformations with no systems thinking applied. How to manage a successful business transformation, such as digitalization or globalization, here are three aspects. 2 Three Questions to Navigate There are three key elements to delivering successful transformation.

Three Key Steps in Driving Business Transformation

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A systematic transformation takes the step-wise scenario and going from decision right to design attitude. The speed of change is accelerated, the large-scale transformation initiatives have become a fact of life at major corporations, and their success or failure often means the key difference between long-term success and underperformance. In most cases, the business expectations were not articulated effectively in the first place. Change Management IT Transformation

Digital Innovation Drives Business Transformation

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In it, we divided the universe based on respondents' posture toward IT-driven business innovation — for simplicity's sake, let's call it digital innovation. There were three categories: Innovation Accelerators: These respondents said that digital innovation is a consciously pursued strategy throughout the organization — it's in their company's DNA. Ad Hoc Innovators: These companies have pockets of digital innovation, but it is not pervasive or replicated across the whole company.

Well-Prepare the "Digital Storms" to Accelerate Business Transformation

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The exponential growth of data causes information storms; the increasing speed of changes leads to “business transformation storm”; the fierce competitions and people-centricity drive innovation storm. So, how to well prepare for them and reap significant business benefits through them? Information does not live alone but permeates to everywhere in the businesses. Before ideation, companies need to discover insights.

Digital Master Tunning #113: Three Aspects of Business Transformation

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Transformation is a leapfrogging change when the final result is not fully defined at the beginning of it and with the expectation to reach the next level of progression. The most difficult topic during transformation is managing uncertainty especially when you change many things: processes, culture, systems, and organization at the whole in the same time. If you do not get the organization trained and prepared before, the transformation probability of success decreases fast.

Driving Digital Smarter and Faster - Because Everybody is a Technology Company

Social, Agile and Transformation

I hope you will listen to my recently recorded podcast at AMA Edgewise on my book, Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology. Link is below and here are some of my favorite quotes - New entrants (startups) + consumer choice + availability of technology + falling price point => is driving digital transformation CIOs "get it" - but many organizations (.

Digital Business Transformation is more than APIM


Every business is a digital business. But, are they just focused on IT or have they truly started to evolve their business interactions? Legacy gateways were invaluable when connection systems but the digital business needs an outside in approach. As you can see technology is just a small part of the company wide transformation that required. These actions help raise the awareness of the value of data and the transformation at hand.

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Hortonworks’ Big Data Scorecard


Often times, the journey to data driven business transformation can not only be challenging, but also confusing. The first step towards overcoming this challenge is mapping out the journey to fully utilize the value of your company's Big Data. Hortonworks provides several tools to help companies in their journey. At the top of this maturity model are businesses that are transforming through Big Data.

The 7 Stages Of Big Data Analytics That Every CIO Needs To Know About

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Everyone in the company understands the importance of information technology and they all believe that the IT department can solve all data related problems. They think that if they implement the right project, what will fall out of the other side is a set of analytical results that will be tailored for their business. This is accomplished through the use of statistical models and algorithms that are tuned to the data available and the environment in which the business operates.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Forrester's Customer Insights

A Tech-Driven Transformation Payoff In The Face Of Food Quality Issues Chipotle is in the midst of a food quality turnaround and a digital business transformation payoff. The company has invested in technology-driven innovation and an adaptive model leveraging POS store systems, mobile ordering, food delivery (via DoorDash), and loyalty (a few months old and […].

Answers To An Agile FAQ: People Over Process

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Our organization has gone to great lengths to become Agile, and we are well on our journey, but there is friction between our org and those within the company who have not yet transitioned to Agile practices.” agile business transformation & organizational change management financial management organization organizational structure strategy & strategic planning Agile budgeting change management culture change digital transformation employee experience finance financial planning

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Digital Innovation and the CIO

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Business leaders anticipate dramatic change in all aspects of their operations over the next three years, according to recent research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (you can download a copy of the report I authored, Business Transformation and the CIO Role, at the HBR website). Some companies are accelerating this change by committing to […].

DevOps Has Reached “Escape Velocity”, CIO’s Need To Get Onboard!

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In an era where velocity and agility are driving technology management organizations over simple cost reduction, every business must constantly evolve to drive business differentiation. Leveraging practices such as Lean and Agile, smaller changes, automated pipelines and product centric teams, DevOps is transitioning from unicorns and small projects to company-wide initiatives. business agility.

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Organizational Design Needs Deep-Rooted Change

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The entrenched design of their companies’ organization holds them back. age of the customer business transformation & organizational change management customer experience digital business digital transformation organization organizational structureEvery day, executives lean in and light up when we describe the virtues of operating with true customer obsession, vowing to make a change. and then they return to their reality.

DevOps has reached critical mass, CIOs need to get on board

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DevOps unites the entire enterprise in delivering business transformation with superior customer experience. Companies like Target , Capital One , Walmart , ING , Nordstrom , Netflix and JetBlue are already reaping the benefits. DevOps is one of the most powerful weapons that CIOs have in their arsenal. In order to unlock the promise of DevOps, CIOs must lead the call for cultural change.

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The Digital Business Platform - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

« The Next Transformation | Main. The Digital Business Platform. In a previous post, I did my best to make a case that yet another wrenching transformation was collectively upon us.  This time, it's a business transformation where IT can play a key role.    One by one, familiar physical business models are being re-invented for the digital world.   In this digital business model, IT is thought of very differently. 

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How to Survive in a World of Constant Change

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About five years, ago, when I was still editor in chief at CIO, we began a major transformation from a print-centric media company to online. Change Management Leadership business transformation change management CIO magazine Edgar Schein Jack Welch learning culture neuroscience organizational culture William Bridges During that time, every day brought new challenges, frustrations, discoveries, joy and despair.

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Five ERP Trends in BI

IT Toolbox

This increasingly important role for BI has meant that more companies are using it, and it is becoming a catalyst for business transformation. It also is changing how businesses engage with their ERP systems. At first BI was a buzzword, then a competitive differentiator. Now it is becoming a necessity. “There has been a philosophical shift in the

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Master The Cloud-Native Solution Ecosystem Of Container Software

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They have quickly become an important element of digital business transformation for EA pros because they promise faster software delivery, tremendous scale, higher resiliency, greater flexibility, and broader implementation options. Companies must navigate a complex landscape of technology components to build, package, and deploy containers.

Great Communicators: Steve Bandrowczak on What CIOs Can Learn from Sales

Lundberg Media

As vice president of global sales at Avaya after that company’s acquisition of Nortel, Steve leads sales, marketing, channel strategy, […]. CIO Communication Great CIO Communicators IT management Leadership Avaya business transformation change management DHL Nortel sales Steve Bandrowczak

DevOps: From Unicorns to Mainstream

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DevOps, which started as a grassroots approach by development organizations who were looking to extend their agile practices to support the faster deployment of code, has become business as usual across the whole organization. DevOps objectives support the business transformation agenda of agility and innovation with fast, frequent, high-quality releases that drive your business forward to compete, differentiate and win!

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IT-Business Collaboration Fuels the Future of Applications


CIOs and IT leaders now enjoy a deeper, two-way relationship with the business as a result of the changing business needs spurred by COVID-19. On the flip side, business leaders are also assuming more accountability for IT projects. Digital Business

The 5 Digital Transformation Identities of Financial Services Organizations


One-third of financial services CIOs identified digital as their top business priority for 2019, up by more than 8% from last year, according to Gartner. Digital business usually means different things for financial services CIOs,” says Juergen Weiss , Practice Vice President at Gartner. “We We can differentiate two completely different digital strategies in the financial services industry: Digital optimization and digital business transformation.”.

How to Measure Digital Transformation Progress


This is how the IT department puts digital risk in a business context, by reporting on inventory, revenue and other direct business impacts instead of downtime. Paul Proctor , Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner, says that that to measure digital transformation progress, CIOs need to shift from using operational efficiency metrics to measures that interest executive decision makers. The value of a metric lies in its ability to influence business decision making.

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The Competitive Dynamics Of Workforce Optimization--A Critical Driver Of Customer Experience--Unpacked

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Uber and Lyft have monkeyed around with the fundamental order of the taxi and livery business. The result of all this disruption: customer experience has become the one true differentiator left to most companies. At the same time, companies have begun to wake up to the idea that customer service is a critical component of overall customer experience. Dimension Data reports that 83% of companies view the contact center as a competitive differentiator, up 30% since 2012.

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Top 10 Emerging Skills for the C-Suite


“Every day I have to influence someone I’ve never met before,” says a senior executive at one technology company. People skills” have long been on the must-have list for the C-suite, but senior executives today have to influence, negotiate and innovate at speed to steer their organizations through fast-changing, volatile business conditions. Read more: Speed Up Your Digital Business Transformation.

How to Revitalize a Stalled Digital Transformation


A large telecommunications company is under pressure to digitalize its services and business processes, but initiatives keep stalling. The main problem sits with five of its business leaders, each with the belief that they’re primarily accountable for the transformation, and each with a different view of how it should be accomplished. Read more: Speed Up Your Digital Business Transformation. Without a shared vision, digital transformation will stall.

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5 Organizational Change Pitfalls PPM Leaders Should Avoid


Your company has embarked upon digitalization, and as a program and portfolio management (PPM) leader, you know that digital business introduces new ways of working and new organizational changes. Gartner has identified five pitfalls to help PPM leaders avoid behaviors, actions or decisions that could slow down or block change success in their digital transformation programs. The minimum time is three months, and likely six months for most business transformation efforts.

3 Kick-Off Initiatives for Cost Optimization


At least once a year, midsize enterprise (MSE) CIOs should sit down and ask a very important question: “Are we too busy managing hardware and applications to be an effective strategic partner?”. An honest “yes” answer can have a variety of implications, from how IT is viewed by the business to the efficacy of cost optimization and strategic planning. CIOs need a clear, holistic view of IT spending across the company to highlight inefficiencies and overspending.

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Understand the 4 Common CTO Personas


Defining the CTO role and ensuring that it is aligned with business priorities has become increasingly important in today’s era of digital transformation. Identifying the personas of CTOs and other technology innovation leaders represents an opportunity to shape and evolve their roles to support digital business transformation ,” says Searle. Searle outlines the four most common CTO personas and how each contributes to business goals. The business enabler.

3 Actions for the New CIO


Usually, the only thing they expect financially from the IT department is to reduce costs — a dangerous pitfall for new CIOs and an amazing opportunity to demonstrate that they don’t only understand IT, but also business. Spend time with the CFO, understand the burning financial topics of the company and open a discussion about how the IT organization can contribute to overall organization growth. What should be the first priority as a new CIO ?

6 Design Principles for Artificial Intelligence in Digital Business


Artificial intelligence (AI) can augment or automate decisions and tasks today performed by humans, making it indispensable for digital business transformation. With AI, organizations can reduce labor costs, generate new business models, and improve processes or customer service. AI generates insights that lead directly to business execution. In digital business, AI generates insights that lead directly to business execution.

How to Build a Digital Business Technology Platform

Smarter With Gartner

When a health insurance company launches an app that allows members to print their insurance card or refill prescriptions, the outcome is digital business optimization that improves the existing business. Digital business leaders also need to set clear expectations.

3 Ways to Keep Managers Aligned With Corporate Strategy


As companies pursue more ambitious and transformational strategies , closing this gap is becoming paramount. As organizations tackle more large-scale strategic initiatives like digital business transformations, and rely increasingly on multiple functions and business units (BUs) to execute those strategies, three dynamics complicate strategic execution. When metrics indicate a problem, business leaders should bring together managers from related projects.

3 Ways to Monetize Data and Analytics

Smarter With Gartner

Despite a state-of-the-art business insights platform, Dow Chemical had a data problem. The platform’s consumption increased by 25% from 2015 through 2018, during which time the business value of Dow’s enterprise analytics and BI solutions grew 4.2 Use data to optimize the business.

First 100 Days of a Chief Data Officer


Chief data officers (CDOs) are responsible for a broad agenda that spans data management, analytics, data science, ethics and digital transformation. T hey are impactful change agents leading the data-driven transformation of their organizations. Given the fast pace of digital business transformation, more than 10,000 companies already have appointed executives to this role. Also try to get a sense of how the CIO and IT organization are regarded in the business.

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