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Just Exactly How Much Of A Risk Are Hacks?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Hackers are coming. Will you be ready? Image Credit: CoRTeZ VpN.

Multiple Paths to Cloud: Taking a Cloud Native Approach


Cloud technologies support an increasing amount of digital transformation initiatives. While cloud isn’t the ultimate goal of transformation, it provides speed, innovation, and scale to re-imagine business in the digital age.

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Chatbots Will Appeal to Modern Workers


Chatbots continue to be a hot topic among media, end users and vendor communities. This is no surprise, as chatbot technology — which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic human conversations — is beginning to mature and offer more sophisticated solutions.

Your cloud-based application could be a profitable product

David Linthicum

In the world of application development, there is enterprise grade and product grade. If you’ve never heard those terms before, you’re not alone.

How Your Product Team Can Integrate Security Throughout Software Development Lifecycles


Read Harshit Agarwal explain how you can integrate security throughout software development lifecycle on Information Security Buzz : Integrating security into DevOps to deliver DevSecOps is no easy task: It requires changing the team’s mindset, processes, and technology. Each company’s ultimate goal should be to keep DevOps collaborative and agile, which means making security silent […].

Devops 201

Dos and Don'ts: Robotic Process Automation

Information Week

RPA is the fastest growing category of software today, driven by enterprise digital transformation efforts. Here's how to make the most of it

6 Steps for Planning a Cloud Strategy


Cloud has become the foundation that enables businesses to transform, differentiate and gain competitive advantage. Many organizations are now focused on cloud-first strategies as they turn their attention to advancing the use of cloud services across the business. Forty percent of organizations in North America alone plan to spend the majority of new or additional funding on cloud , according to a recent Gartner survey.

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Microsoft Intune for SCCM Admins Part 2


Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. In post 1, I covered the basics tips to start learning Microsoft Intune for SCCM admins. As mentioned in the previous post, this series includes a Windows device management perspective for Intune admin.

Cisco pays $8.6M to settle security-software whistleblower lawsuit

Network World

Cisco has agreed to pay $8.6 million to settle claims it sold video security software that had a vulnerability that could have opened federal, state and local government agencies to hackers. Under terms of the settlement Cisco will pay $2.6

Keep Business Strategy Current as Conditions Change


Digital business moves so quickly that CIOs often find their tried-and-true methods of creating and updating strategy no longer applies. The pace of change renders priorities obsolete as customer needs shift, internal capabilities grow and competitive pressures mount. .

The Cloud Question: Native or Hosted?

Information Week

Before making the cloud decision, IT leaders need the facts and the criteria to choose the option that's best for their business, operational and financial goals

Top 10 SCCM Content Source Location Priority List


Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. I have seen that SCCM content source location priority is most popular SCCM interview question. If you are one of those SCCM admins who stumbled across this interview question, then this post is for you.

Remote code execution is possible by exploiting flaws in Vxworks

Network World

Eleven zero-day vulnerabilities in WindRiver’s VxWorks, a real-time operating system in use across an advertised 2 billion connected devices have been discovered by network security vendor Armis.

Expanding the cloud to the Middle East: Introducing the AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region

All Things Distributed

I'm happy to announce today that the new AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region is now open! This is our first AWS Region in the Middle East and I'm excited by the opportunities the availability of hyper scale infrastructure will bring to organizations of all sizes.

Planning the Right Sample Size for Data Analysis

Information Week

Sample size affects the statistical results for correlations, regressions, and other models. See how to compare data to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison

Upskill SCCM Admins with MacOS Device Management Knowledge


Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. Upskill SCCM admins knowledge yourself by learning more about MacOS device mgmt. Let’s find out the options available.

How an attacker can target phishing attacks

Network World

There are a number of ways attackers can exploit public information about your organization's employees. CSO Online's Susan Bradley walks through how an attacker can gain access to your organization's Office 365 accounts and how you can protect your enterprise from these potential attacks

MDT: How to initiate a reboot during a task without corrupting the task sequence

Mick's IT Blog

Recently, I have been working on updating several scripts I have written for the build process. One big thing I have wanted is for the script to be able to initiate a reboot without the build process becoming corrupt.

CIOs and IT Teams Taking Greater Role in M&A Integration

Information Week

It's wise to start thinking about what an effective IT integration strategy looks like well before the ink dries on the deal

5 SCCM Release Rings – Behind the Scenes Story


Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. Do you know about the internal testing rings of SCCM Current Branch versions? How does the SCCM release management cycle work within Microsoft? Let’s find out more details about 5 SCCM Release Rings. Also, let’s see the story behind the scenes about a couple of blog posts during the SCCM 1906 release. 5 SCCM Release […].

Enhancing the User Experience: Fantastic Android Q Features Proving Google as the Ultimate Winner


Information Technology Blog - - Enhancing the User Experience: Fantastic Android Q Features Proving Google as the Ultimate Winner - Information Technology Blog.

Driving Digital 2025: Reaching Enterprise Agility [Video]

Social, Agile and Transformation

I've started sharing insights from my keynote, Driving Digital 2025. I am writing and speaking about what leaders have to do today to drive transformation over the next five years. In my book, Driving Digital, I covered the base platforms and practices that drive transformation.

Agile 133

Does NoOps Signal the End for Infrastructure Employees?

Information Week

Will AI and automation eliminate the need for the people who now keep IT infrastructures in operation? Not if those people take charge of their own futures


Black Hat 2019 and DEF CON 27: What to expect at hacker summer camp | TECH(talk)

Network World

Every year, thousands of hackers arrive in Las Vegas for three large security conferences -- DEF CON, Black Hat and Bsides Las Vegas -- taking place from Monday through Sunday next week. CSO Online's J.M.

Top Hashtag Analytics Tools You Might Not Know About


Information Technology Blog - - Top Hashtag Analytics Tools You Might Not Know About - Information Technology Blog. Several top social networks use hashtags to facilitate conversations. Knowing this, brands can increase awareness and connect with their target market.

Tools 99

A Guide to the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Database Star

Learn all about Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs), what they are used for, how to understand them, how to create them, and more in this guide. What is an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)? An Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is a type of diagram that lets you see how different entities (e.g.

IT Careers: How to Get a Job as a Site Reliability Engineer

Information Week

If you have a passion for development and systems, site reliability engineering might be a good career path for you

The role of next-gen firewalls in an evolving security architecture

Network World

As the commercial enterprise firewall approaches its 30th birthday, it is hard to overstate how dramatically the product has evolved. This 2,700-word research report looks the current state of next-generation firewall technology

5 Ways Technology Impacts Your Business


Information Technology Blog - - 5 Ways Technology Impacts Your Business - Information Technology Blog. Anyone who owns or manages a business in today’s hi-tech world understands that technology has a huge impact on literally every aspect of running their company.

The Titan Release of Palantir Gotham


At this point most everyone in the technology world has heard of Palantir. Their solutions are in use across multiple industries and government agencies.

Banking on the Public Cloud?

Information Week

Financial institutions and banks can no longer risk letting their business models become outdated. Here's how CIOs can build a business case for the C-suite

The latest large-scale data breach: Capital One | TECH(feed)

Network World

Just a few days after Equifax settled with the FTC over its 2017 data breach, Capital One announced it was the target of a March attack. Identifying information and bank account numbers are among some of the data breached in the attack that affects 100 million people.

How to Manage SEO for Your E-commerce Business


Information Technology Blog - - How to Manage SEO for Your E-commerce Business - Information Technology Blog. Without search engine optimization, websites will struggle to get noticed online. For any business website, this can be disastrous.

The Truth is out there, let Domo certify it

Perficient Data & Analytics

What is the Truth? As a decision-maker, how do you handle the data you are given throughout the day? You may get it in spreadsheets from multiple people in the company, sent at multiple times, telling you different stories.

Dealing with the Disconnect Between Developers and Security

Information Week

The race to deploy applications through DevOps can lead to unintended exposure that organizations must learn to identify

Why choose Puppet for DevOps?

Linux Academy

If you’re like most in the DevOps world, you’re always interested in automating tasks and securing your infrastructure. But it’s important to find ways that won’t sacrifice the quality or lose efficiency. Enter Puppet for DevOps. Forty-two percent of all DevOps businesses currently use this handy tool, for good reason.

4 PHP Mistakes You Need to Avoid At All Cost


Information Technology Blog - - 4 PHP Mistakes You Need to Avoid At All Cost - Information Technology Blog. Did you realize there are over 1.3 million computer programmers in the United States? Finding a way to rise above the competition in this industry is no easy task.