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What the democratization of software development means for organizations

Trends in the Living Networks

Low-code and no-code software development have been around for a while. Now the rise of AI-assisted software development is pushing the power of software creation to the next level. This is very obviously required for security as well as maintaining the integrity of enterprise systems.

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Unlocking Enterprise systems using voice

All Things Distributed

All of these benefits make voice a game changer for interacting with all kinds of digital systems. Until 2-3 years ago we did not have the capabilities to process voice at scale and in real time.


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Nokia, Telenor invest to address new enterprise security threats

TM Forum

As 5G and B2B services for vertical industries start to take deeper root, Nokia and Telenor are among the companies launching new initiatives to protect enterprise systems from emerging security threats. a new security software joint venture. Nokia’s initiative is. an end-to-end 5G cybersecurity lab in the US.

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Kargo, which powers supply chain visibility with smart loading docks and data, raises $25M

Venture Beast

Kargo has developed a hardware-software platform that captures and aggregates data from physical loading docks and enterprise systems. Read More.

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Seattle healthcare startup 98point6 selling part of its business for $100M to Transcarent


Its customers include corporations such as Boeing, as well as health plans and health systems. 98point6 will relaunch as 98point6 Technologies, a software-only company focused on licensing its tech to third-party healthcare providers. based MultiCare Health System, the company’s first foray as a third-party software provider.

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DCIM News 5/22/15

Data Center Knowledge

Device 42 adds software license management to its software, Schneider Electric wins top DCIM product of the year award and talks about DCIM isolation from other enterprise systems, and Vigilent is named a top startup by the TiEcon entrepreneur conference. Read More.

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Microsoft acquires Seattle startup Suplari, which uses AI to analyze corporate spending


Founded in 2016, Suplari analyzes procurement and spending data flowing into various enterprise systems. The software serves as an alternative to compiling data in an app such as Excel or Tableau and having a team of analysts comb through the information themselves.

Microsoft 142