Windows Server 2016 Storage Will Blow Your Mind! – Part 1

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The first in a three part series covering the amazing storage features found in Windows Server 2016. In this first video we will focus on the amazing capabilities provided by Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) features in Windows Server 2016. Windows Server 2016 Storage Overview. [

Windows Server 2016 Storage will Blow Your Mind! – Part 3

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The third in a three-part series covering the amazing storage features found in Windows Server 2016. In this third video, we will focus on the amazing capabilities provided by Storage Quality of Service features in Windows Server 2016. Uncategorized Storage Windows Server 2016

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Embracing Open Source Workloads with Windows Server 2016

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You may be surprised to learn that Microsoft has embraced open source in Windows Server 2016 and across applications and development tools. Watch this video learn how you can work with Linux and other Open Source platforms and applications with Windows Server 2016.

The Game of Clouds 2016

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Jackson 2016 ) Follow me at [link In the mythical, medieval land of AWS, a civil war brews between the several noble Cloud Services over rulership.

Massive Performance, Scale and Manageability Gains in Hyper-V with Windows Server 2016

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In this episode , you’ll learn about the huge performance and scale improvements made available with Hyper-V in Windows Server 2016. Hyper-V in Windows Server 2016. [ 1:05 ] What’s new in Hyper-V for Windows Server 2016? [ Uncategorized Hyper-V Windows Server 2016

Building Your Hybrid Cloud – Nested Virtualization in Windows Server 2016

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Keith Mayer and Andy Syrewicze take us through an in-depth walkthrough of one of the newest features in Windows Server 2016 – Nested Virtualization. 1:20] What’s new in Windows Server 2016 TP4? [1:41] 9:22] DEMO: Nested Virtualization on Windows Server 2016.

Digital Transformation 2016 Infographic

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Next post: The 2016 Guide To Digital Predators, Transformers and Dinosaurs. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. so our graphics designers and my wonderful research associate, Rachael Klehm, created this infographic to highlight a few of the data points from the Digital Transformation Playbook and the Forrester / Odgers Berndtson Digital Business research study. Previous post: Digital's golden rule; always save your customer's time.

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Windows Server 2016 – Azure-Inspired Software Defined Networking (SDN) in YOUR Datacenter!

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The Azure-inspired Software Defined Networking (SDN) stack that is built into Windows Server 2016 reduces the complexity and cost of network infrastructure. What does this all mean exactly and what other new networking features does Windows Server 2016 have?

Supercomputing Predictions for 2016


Wondering where supercomputing is heading in 2016? This is something to keep an eye on throughout 2016. As 2016 moves forward, we will see the coherence between analytics and supercomputing develop. Katie Kennedy. Here are some well informed assessments brought to you by Cray. New Processor Technologies. The leader of this technology is currently Intel, with their next generation Xeon Phi coprocessor, which is a hybrid between an accelerator and general purpose processor.

Get the “Lowdown” on Windows Server 2016 Essentials and the “Essentials Experience” Role

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In this episode, we’ll get you up-to-speed on all things relating to Windows Server 2016 Essentials. We’ll also briefly discuss the Essentials Experience role in full editions of Windows Server 2016. Windows Server 2016 Essentials and the Essentials Experience Role. [

Improve Deployment Speed and Reduce Overhead with Containers in Windows Server 2016

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Learn how containers work in Windows Server 2016 and how they can be used to increase deployment speed, workload density and decrease server overhead to create a more efficient IT environment. Introduction to Windows Server 2016 Containers. [

TechNet Augusta 2016: Defensive Cyber


ChrisScott. This is the sixth in our series of posts on US Army systems and mission needs based on the AFCEA Augusta Technet. The US Army must ensure they have the ability to maneuver in cyberspace.

2016 Internet of Things (IoT) Predictions


To help IoT solution providers define their 2016 product roadmap, here are some of INSIDE Secure’s top IoT predictions for the year: IoT hype will become reality. In 2016 there will be a growing number of authentic success stories where the IoT provides real value to consumers and enterprises. In 2016 security will become a competitive differentiator as enterprises and consumers become more security conscious. I believe that 2016 will mark a turning point in the IoT industry.

A Year in Review – A Look Back on our Portfolio Companies’ Successful 2016

The Investing Edge

It’s been a busy year here at Ascent and we’d like to take a moment to look back at 2016 and recognize the accomplishments achieved by our portfolio companies throughout the year. From impressive rounds of funding, to new partnerships and platform launches, 2016 proved a very successful year.

Step-by-Step: Setup Docker on your Windows 2016 Server


a couple weeks ago i was delivering a session on Windows Server 2016. During that session i covered the Container support in Windows Server 2016. Hello Folks a couple weeks ago i was delivering a session on Windows Server 2016. Hello Folks.

DDOS Trends Report 2016


In Q2 2016, Verisign observed an increase of 75 percent in DDoS attack activity year over year. Download the full report at this link: Download “DDOS Trends Report 2016” Verisign_report-ddos-trends-Q22016.pdf – Downloaded 439 times – 3 MB. Marty Meehan.

TechNet Augusta 2016: US Army Networks and Services


The first was an overview you can find at: TechNet Augusta 2016 “ Cyber in the Combined Arms Fight ”. ChrisScott. This is the second in our series of posts on US Army systems and mission needs based on the AFCEA Augusta Technet.

How Far has Face-Tracking Technology Come in 2016?


Where do you think face-tracking technology will go towards the end of 2016? Ellie Martin.

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The Cyber Threat updated for 2016: Kindle version provided free 22, 23, 24 June 2016


Thanks to we are able to provide our readers with a free copy of the Kindle version of our book on The Cyber Threat during a special three day promotion running 22, 23 and 24 June 2016. Bob Gourley.

Arizona Technology Council Holds Cybersecurity Summit 5 May 2016: Roger Hockenberry Keynotes


Thursday May 5, 2016. Katie Kennedy. You can take steps to reduce your digital risk and enhance security. Learning lessons and networking with other professionals is critical to doing just that.

TechNet Augusta 2016: US Army Expeditionary Networks


ChrisScott. This is the forth in our series of posts on US Army systems and mission needs based on the AFCEA Augusta Technet. Expeditionary Networks. Army’s plan to modernize their expeditionary networks comes after years of fighting on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

RiskIQ Accelerates Momentum Across Entire External Threat Management Solution Set in First Half of 2016


RiskIQ Accelerates Momentum Across Entire External Threat Management Solution Set in First Half of 2016. The New York Times mentioned RiskIQ in a March 2016 article discussing encryption, mobile device security and the FBI’s request, and later court case, regarding unlocking an iPhone related to a terrorist incident. Bob Gourley. Editor's note: We saw this news about RiskIQ and had to share.

Registration Open For The 4 Oct 2016 Synergy Forum: CTOvision readers can save 10%


The Second Annual Synergy Forum will be held 4 October 2016 at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel. October 4, 2016. Bob Gourley. Cognitio organizes this event with a focus on helping decision-makers share lessons learned and best practices.

TechNet Augusta 2016 “Cyber in the Combined Arms Fight”


ChrisScott. This is the first in our series of posts based on our attendance at AFCEA’s TechNet in Augusta. Other coming posts will dive into details of Army Mission Needs for Networking, Integrated Electronic Warfare, Tactical Radios, Defensive Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Training, and the Army’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

Meet Cognitio’s Bob Flores In Australia at Connect Expo April 19-20, 2016


Bob is participating in Australia's Connect Expo 19-20 April 2016. Katie Kennedy. Bob Flores is a highly regarded enterprise technologist with proven performance helping enterprises across multiple industries make optimal use of their information resources.

Video Overview of Surprising New Technologies


The Future Video 2016 Emerging technologies Hoverboard technologyKatie Kennedy. The video below highlights some of the technology available today, (most of these are only available via Kickstarter now, but clearly they are coming. Enjoy!

Video 79

Top 10 cloud stories of 2016

Computer Weekly

Here are Computer Weekly's top 10 cloud stories of 2016

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The CIO’s #1 Resolution for 2016

CIO Dashboard

If you had the luxury of focusing on one thing in 2016, what would it be? We polled nearly 1,000 Twitter users regarding their perception of the number 1 resolution CIOs should have in 2016.

Top Technology News for 15 June 2016


At WWDC 2016, Apple is finally embracing Not Apple - Macworld. Leading Federal-Mogul Powertrain Technologies Featured on All 2016 International Engine of the Year Award. Charles Hall. Need a primer on marketing terms for Machine Learning? You may want to check this out: Machine Learning for Marketing: Cheat Sheet. Networking has undergone radical changes in the past few years, and networks are smarter and faster than ever.

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The biggest Google I/O 2016 news in 10 minutes


Michael Johnson. At this year’s Google I/O, Assistant got chattier and found its way into several new Google products: the messenger Allo and the Echo-like speaker Home. Android N also got some improvements and a mobile VR platform called Daydream. Big Data Video

Tech News Review 19 July 2016


By Steven Norton Jul 18, 2016 7:32 pm ET Artificial intelligence is approximating human reasoning more and more closely all the time. The competitions, part of RoboCup 2016, an international … [Read More.]. Bob Gourley. The following are some of the stories we are tracking at CTOvision: Pokémon Go will launch in Japan tomorrow with game’s first sponsored location . Pokémon Go fever has doubled the value of Nintendo’s business, pushing it past Sony in the process.

2016: The tech year in cartoons

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January: Microsoft gets aggressive with Windows 10 Image by John Klossner, © Computerworld As 2016 opened, Microsoft was trying to do something about a slowdown in the pace of Windows 10 upgrades that had started a few months earlier.

InterConnect 2016: IBM’s Examination Of All Things Cloud, AI, Mobility, Big Data, Robotics, IoT, Cyber


InterConnect 2016 is 21-25 February at the MGM Grand & Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (side note: this event attracts so many forward thinking technologists and business leaders that there are very few venues large enough to hold it). Bob Gourley. This event is a great way to learn from peers in the business and technology community, with plenty of sessions designed to share best practices in implementing scalable enterprise IT.

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