Thu.Aug 13, 2020

Maximizing data privacy: Making sensitive data secure by default


Read Ayal Yogev explain how companies can maximize data security by making sensitive data secure by default on Help Net Security : Consider the case of contact tracing, which has […].

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Dismantle the Myth of the Stand-Alone CEO


The CEO of a startup gaming company is in the middle of developing its next big hit for gamers. From ensuring the product is perfect for release to examining the workflow of the business and keeping his employees engaged, the CEO however, quickly realizes that he can’t do it alone.

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Amazon Bracket Launched: Enables exploration of quantum computing with AWS


Friends Bill Vass and Jeff Barr have just posted another video, this one on the occasion of the launch of Amazon Braket. Amazon Braket enables uses to explore the power […]. CTO News Quantum Quantum Computing

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Google, Harvard, and EdX Team Up to Offer TinyML Training

Information Week

A new certification program aims to foster more development in a segment of machine learning that would run on small devices at the edge

Facebook Causes Continue to Show Little Promise as Fundraising Tools

Incident Response Exercises Not Taken Seriously by Business Leaders


According to research by Immersive Labs of 402 organizations, nearly 40% are not fully confident in their teams training to handle a data breach if one occurred, and 65% of […].

IT Hall of Fame Welcomes Bob Stegner to the Class of 2020

Association of Information Technology Professional

After three decades inspiration and perspiration serving SMB tech companies, Bob Stegner is the latest inductee into the IT Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed at ChannelCon Online

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Report: Unskilled hackers can breach about 3 out of 4 companies

Tech Republic Security

Positive Technologies found in a recent study that criminals with few skills can hack a company in less than 30 minutes

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Developers Need More Usable Static Code Scanners to Head Off Security Bugs


Read why Robert Lemos says that developers need more static code scanners to fight the rising security bugs challenge on Dark Reading : While programmers are increasingly being asked to […].

Add SCCM Server Computer Account to SQL Login Sys Admin Access


Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. Learn how to Add SCCM Server Computer Account to SQL Login. Also, this post might help you to lean how to add Sys Admin Access to a ConfigMgr server computer account. To complete this activity, the user account should have sys admin access on SQL DB. More details available in the following sections. More details […].

Security officers now require a more comprehensive insider threat solution


Read why Tom Miller says that company security officers need a more comprehensive insider threat solution after the coronavirus pandemic on Security Magazine : COVID-19 has initiated a whole new […].

Building Like Amazon

Speaker: Leo Zhadanovsky, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Amazon's journey to its current modern architecture and processes provides insights for all software development leaders. To get there, Amazon focused on decomposing for agility, making critical cultural and operational changes, and creating tools for software delivery. The result was enabling developers to rapidly release and iterate software while maintaining industry-leading standards on security, reliability, and performance. Whether you're developing for a small startup or a large corporation, learning the tools for CI/CD will make your good DevOps team great. We are excited to be joined by Leo Zhadanovsky, a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services.

Weak and infrequent cyber-crisis training is leaving companies vulnerable, new research says

Tech Republic Security

Companies are too reliant on dated software, the most essential-to-crises staff aren't required attendance at cybersecurity training, and the pandemic exacerbated problems, according to a new report

Amazon launches Braket quantum computing service in general availability

Venture Beast

Amazon today launched its fully managed quantum computing service -- Braket -- in general availability following a preview. Read More. AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur ai Amazon Amazon Web Services artificial intelligence AWS Braket category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Science machine learning quantum computing

Zero trust is critical, but very underused

Tech Republic Security

Organizations must quickly adopt the zero trust mindset of "never trust, always verify" to mitigate the spread of breaches, limit access, and prevent lateral movement, according to an Illumio report

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Researchers bring Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel into VR

Venture Beast

An international team of researchers has revealed intriguing ideas about how the next generation of spreadsheets will work in virtual reality. Read More. AR/VR Business Mobile category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Google Sheets Microsoft Excel research virtual reality VR

Why Distributed Tracing is Essential for Performance and Reliability

Speaker: Daniel "spoons" Spoonhower, CTO and Co-Founder at Lightstep

Many engineering organizations have now adopted microservices or other loosely coupled architectures, often alongside DevOps practices. Together these have enabled individual service teams to become more independent and, as a result, have boosted developer velocity. However, this increased velocity often comes at the cost of overall application performance or reliability. Worse, teams often don’t understand what’s affecting performance or reliability – or even who to ask to learn more. Distributed tracing was developed at organizations like Google and Twitter to address these problems and has also come a long way in the decade since then. By the end of this presentation, you’ll understand why distributed tracing is necessary and how it can bring performance and reliability back under control.

Amazon Alexa flaws could have revealed home address and other personal data

Tech Republic Security

The flaws could also have helped attackers obtain usernames, phone numbers, voice history, and installed skills, says Check Point Research

Epic’s antitrust case against Apple’s App Store monopoly

Venture Beast

In a broad antitrust challenge, Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging antitrust violations for pulling Fortnite out of the Apple App Store. Read More. Business Dev Games Mobile antitrust Apple Apple App Store category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Epic Games Fortnite lawsuit

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How to hide files from any file manager on the Linux desktop

Tech Republic Security

Want to hide files and folders from your Linux desktop file manager? Jack Wallen shows you one handy method

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Xbox boss on the phyiscs of the PlayStation 5’s design

Venture Beast

Xbox boss Phil Spencer gave his thoughts on the look of the PlayStation 5, and that provided some insight into why the system looks the way it does. Read More. Business Games category-/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics/Game Systems & Consoles category-/Games/Computer & Video Games Microsoft Phil Spencer PlayStation 5 Sony Sony Interactive Entertainment xbox Xbox Series X

Nine Developer Enablement Practices to Achieve DevOps at Enterprise Scale

In this eBook, Christian Oestreich, a senior software engineering leader with experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies, shares how a metrics-driven mindset can dramatically improve software quality and enable DevOps at enterprise scale.

How hospitals can better protect themselves against data breaches

Tech Republic Security

Healthcare data breaches have fallen this year but could surge over the next few months as hospital records remain a top target, says CI Security

How the pandemic is influencing robotics research

Venture Beast

The pandemic makes physical experimentation with robots practically impossible. Here's how some roboticists have adjusted to the new normal. Read More. AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise Mobile ai artificial intelligence category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Science/Engineering & Technology machine learning research robotics

US and UK workers still logging 2 extra hours every day, according to VPN data

Tech Republic Security

People in Europe and Canada have gone back to the hours they were working before the coronavirus shutdown

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Researchers find people are more receptive to social robots during the pandemic

Venture Beast

In a preprint study, researchers present evidence that perceptions of social robots are changing for the better as a result of the pandemic. Read More. AI Big Data Business Dev Social ai artificial intelligence category-/People & Society/Social Sciences/Psychology category-/Reference category-/Science machine learning research robots social robots study

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Fortnite for Android has also been kicked off the Google Play Store

The Verge

Image: OnePlus. Following its removal from the Apple App Store , Fortnite has also been kicked off of the Google Play Store for Android. Earlier today, Epic Games snuck in an update for both the iPhone and Android versions of the game that allowed users to pay Epic directly for in-app purchases instead of using the officially sanctioned system for both platforms.

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Intel’s chip architects promise innovations despite setbacks

Venture Beast

Intel's top chip engineers gave a briefing on Tuesday about the company's approach to designing its family of chips under the banner of Intel architecture. Read More. Business Games 10-nanometer manufacturing 11th Generation CPU Battlefield 1 CPU DG1 graphics chip Intel Raja Koduri Tiger Lake Willow Cove

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Many 'Flu' Cases in Seattle This Winter Were Actually Covid-19, Study Finds

GizModo VR

The start of the covid-19 pandemic in the U.S. may have been earlier and far larger than official records indicate, according to a new study. Researchers found that a substantial portion of people, including children, in Seattle who were suspected of having the flu this past winter likely had covid-19 instead. It also… Read more. covid 19 coronavirus science seattle flu

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App Store war: Apple deletes Fortnite after Epic Games adds direct payment

Venture Beast

Shots have been fired in what could be a very big App Store war. Apple deleted Fortnite after Epic deliberately violated terms by adding direct payments. Read More. Business Games Mobile App Store Apple category-/Games/Computer & Video Games category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless/Mobile Apps & Add-Ons DeanBeat Mobile and Social Epic Games Fortnite google play

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The Complete Guide to Distributed Tracing

Distributed tracing is a diagnostic technique that reveals how a set of services coordinate to handle individual user requests. Distributed tracing helps enable loosely coupled work across teams for fast, independent problem-solving.

Apple just kicked Fortnite off the App Store

The Verge

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge. Apple has removed Epic Games’ battle royale game Fortnite from the App Store after the developer on Thursday implemented its own in-app payment system that bypassed Apple’s standard 30 percent fee. The decision marks a significant escalation in the feud between Epic and one of the world’s most dominant mobile software marketplaces.

AI researchers devise cheap data collection method to scale training robots

Venture Beast

Researchers used a GoPro camera and a reacher-grabber device to gather robotic training data, a cheap approach that could someday improve home robots. Read More. AI Big Data Business Dev Enterprise artificial intelligence Carnegie Mellon University category-/Science/Computer Science category-/Science/Engineering & Technology/Robotics Facebook AI Research GoPro home robot machine learning New York University robotics UC Berkeley

Epic will mock Apple’s most iconic ad as possible revenge for Fortnite’s App Store ban

The Verge

Hot on the heels of Apple banning Fortnite from the App Store , Epic Games has announced that it’ll premiere a new short film within the game called Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite , in an obvious parody of Apple’s iconic 1984 commercial that introduced the original Macintosh computer.

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Keeper Security raises $60 million to protect companies from data breaches

Venture Beast

Keeper Security, a startup developing encryption and data breach prevention solutions for businesses, has secured $60 million in venture capital. Read More. Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Mobile Security category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security cybersecurity encryption funding daily Keeper Security messaging password management passwords vaults

Data Analytics in the Cloud for Developers and Founders

Speaker: Javier Ramírez, Senior AWS Developer Advocate, AWS

You have lots of data, and you are probably thinking of using the cloud to analyze it. But how will you move data into the cloud? In which format? How will you validate and prepare the data? What about streaming data? Can data scientists discover and use the data? Can business people create reports via drag and drop? Can operations monitor what’s going on? Will the data lake scale when you have twice as much data? Is your data secure? In this session, we address common pitfalls of building data lakes and show how AWS can help you manage data and analytics more efficiently.