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Social Media Meets Tulip Mania

Forrester IT

A determined group of small investors have used the power of social media to punish “the smart money” by pushing the price of GameStop, a widely shorted stock, from $19 to $325 (as of this writing). It’s a story straight out of the Sherwood Forest, with a stopover in Holland. As the saga continues to […].

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Meet the ‘pragmatic progressive’ balancing tech and business interests with social issues


She completely aligns with her party on social issues but when it comes to understanding business ownership, she said, “I think my team is just not aware of what it takes and the impacts of what we do [as legislators].” . ., business, and currently as manager of a Seattle dealership that she owns with her husband.

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Amazon will face a record 18 shareholder resolutions at 2023 annual meeting


Activists protest outside Amazon’s 2019 shareholder meeting in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. The company shifted to virtual meetings with the onset of the pandemic. The total sets a new record, exceeding the previous record of 15 shareholder resolutions at the 2022 annual meeting. Pacific on Wednesday, May 24.

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3 Virtual Meetings Hard to do with Zoom

Social, Agile and Transformation

I use Zoom synonymously for all other virtual meeting technologies, including Google Meet and Microsoft teams. Most of you are getting used to virtual meetings because of COVID-19, and the technology largely works well in many situations requiring teams and people to collaborate. window.dojoRequire([".

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Meet Forrester’s New Senior Analyst Covering Performance Marketing: Nikhil Lai

Forrester IT

According to Forrester’s Marketing Survey, 2022, more than 60% of B2C marketing decision-makers plan to increase their paid media investments in “performance” channels such as search, social, and online video. But the way that consumers buy is changing, and […].

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Facebook promises immersive VR meetings with Horizon Workrooms

Computerworld Vertical IT

Facebook on Thursday unveiled its vision to make remote meetings more immersive with the introduction of Horizon Workrooms, a virtual reality app for team collaboration. But convincing employees to put on VR headsets for conference meetings — or companies to buy the hardware in the first place — could be a tough sell, say analysts.

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Role of Social-Emotional Learning in 2022


Our ability to think, show empathy, manage emotions, and balanced social behavior. School curricula are designed to meet the psychological growth of children, to enable them with tools to advance academically and excel in the professional sphere. Why is Social-Emotional Learning an Indispensable Fraction of Education in 2022?

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