7 Emerging Technologies In 2020


eCommerce sector will generate $600 billion in sales by 2024. Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is already benefiting the eCommerce sector in various ways. Social Commerce. Social media brings eCommerce businesses closer to their customers. Social commerce enables customers to make purchases from social media. Artificial Intelligence Cloud Mobile Websites & Ecommerce

Digital Workplace Trends You Can’t Ignore


Gartner predicts that 69% of what a manager currently does will be fully automated by 2024. “In the future only two sets of tasks will remain for managers: Strategy setting, which requires creativity; and advanced team management, which requires social skills,” said Tay.

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Gartner Top Strategic Predictions for 2020 and Beyond


In Japan, one restaurant is exploring artificial intelligence (AI) robotics technology to enable paralyzed employees to remotely pilot robotic waiters. By 2024, the World Health Organization will identify online shopping as an addictive disorder as millions abuse digital commerce and encounter financial stress. By 2024, AI identification of emotions will influence more than half of the online advertisements you see.

Gartner Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics for 2020


Data and analytics combined with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will be paramount in the effort to predict, prepare and respond in a proactive and accelerated manner to a global crisis and its aftermath. By the end of 2024, 75% of enterprises will shift from piloting to operationalizing AI, driving a 5X increase in streaming data and analytics infrastructures. Trend 3: Decision intelligence.

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October Telecom Conference Coverage 2019


Huawei deployed India's first artificial intelligence ( A.I. The cellular IoT market passed the 1 billion mark and is now expected to pass 4 billion by 2024. Be sure to read more about the event here , and be sure to check out our social media coverage of the event on Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , and Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg on why he doesn’t want to “put an Apple Watch on your face”

The Verge

Social networks contain multitudes. Facebook has sometimes faced doubts over why a social network would invest so much time and money into a hardware project with no uncertain payoff. It doesn’t fit the kind of social use cases that we primarily care about.