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Mobile operators need more reliable access to renewable energy

TM Forum

GSMA analysis shows that mobile operators are making progress in using renewable energy but says more effort must be made to increase supplies if they are to meet net zero carbon emission goals by 2050. Today, 18% of the electricity used by mobile operators around the world is from renewables, according to the GSMA.

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Samsung unveils 5-year roadmap for processors, reaching 1.4nm by 2027


Samsung has long been one of the leading developers of semiconductors and processors, including being the first foundry to produce 3nm chips for its mobile devices. The company beat out its biggest rival, TSMC, to the 3nm node, certainly not a small feat even for such a large fabricator.

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Automation Technologies, Robotics, And Artificial Intelligence In The Workforce

Forrester IT

The company will also extend its customer self-service efforts, deploying mobile ordering at 14,000 locations. mobile ordering) -- continues to reshape the world economy. We forecast a world in which automation cannibalizes 17% of US jobs by 2027, partly offset by the growth of 10% new jobs from the automation economy.

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Intel to make chips in US for Taiwan’s UMC

Computerworld Vertical IT

UMC and Intel will together develop a new manufacturing technology targeting applications such as networking, mobile, and communication infrastructure, with production expected to begin in Ocotillo, Arizona, in 2027. This, they said, will give customers “access to a geographically diverse semiconductor supply chain.”

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U.K. bans Huawei 5G gear, orders all network equipment torn out by 2027

Venture Beast

Following deliberations, the U.K. government will slowly remove Huawei gear from its cellular networks, at massive cost and with delays to 5G rollouts. Read More.

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Deutsche Telekom calls on SAP for Rise all-in-one offer

CIO Business Intelligence

Deutsche Telekom operates in 50 countries and has more than 250 million mobile customers around the world, including those of US wireless operator T-Mobile, of which it is the majority shareholder. It’s already five years since the company embarked on its ERP modernization journey.

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Unleash Your PDFs: Top Tools for Free PDF to ePub Conversion


In this blog we’ll explore the best free PDF to ePub converter software for Mac, Windows, as well as mobile devices. billion by 2024, with a projected annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2027) of 1.62%, resulting in a market volume of $15.33 billion by 2027. billion by 2027. Table of Contents: I.

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