Finnish government eyes €1bn savings through digitisation

Computer Weekly

Finland’s public sector aims to save €1bn by 2029 as a result of digitising public services

Underneath this bespoke electric bike is a 3D-printed titanium chassis

Mashable Tech

Called the 2029 after the French Majestic 1929, this unique electric bike is partially 3D-printed. The 2029 was commissioned by the Haas Moto Museum and Sculpture Gallery. Its chassis components and front stabilizer arm were printed using light-weight titanium. Read more. More about Design , 3d Printing , Electric Bike , Titanium , and Tech. Design 3d Printing Electric Bike Titanium Tech

3D 56

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Gartner Predicts the Future of Cloud and Edge Infrastructure


Gartner expects more than 15 billion IoT devices will connect to the enterprise infrastructure by 2029.

Cloud 248

Russian National Faces 9 Years in Prison for Cybercrimes

SecureWorld News

See you in 2029, Aleksei Burkov. Charged: Russian hacker running two cybercrime websites. When it came to cybercrime websites, Russian national Aleksei Burkov ran the gambit. According to a new report from the Department of Justice , Burkov was just sentenced to nine years in prison for operating two digital platforms dedicated to criminal activity. The first site was straightforward card fraud. Called “Cardplanet,” it sold previously stolen debit and credit card numbers.

FCC approves Amazon’s internet-from-space Kuiper constellation of 3,236 satellites

The Verge

The company must launch half of the constellation by 2026 to retain its FCC license, and then the remaining satellites by 2029. An artistic rendering of a satellite in orbit | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

15 states will follow California’s push to electrify trucks and buses

The Verge

The state previously announced a rule in 2018 that says transit agencies must purchase all-electric buses starting in 2029. Image: Proterra. Fifteen states and Washington, DC have announced that they will follow California’s lead in switching all heavy-duty trucks, vans, and buses over to running on electricity, in what could be one of the most significant efforts to reduce harmful diesel engine pollution in the United States.

Boom Supersonic unveils its prototype for a commercial supersonic jet

The Verge

At 71 feet long, the XB-1 is a scaled-down version of the full production model that Boom hopes to have ready for passengers by 2029. Boom Supersonic , an aviation startup, unveiled today a full-scale demonstrator of a supersonic passenger jet that aims to be the next-generation Concorde. The XB-1 demonstrator won’t take flight until 2021, but Boom unveiled the prototype to a group of aviation and aerospace executives at Centennial Airport in Denver.

Further explanation and answers to 6 questions on the Newspaper Extinction Timeline after one million views

Trends in the Living Networks

Linfo: Le dernier journal français pourrait être imprimé en 2029. Zigonet: La fin de la presse écrite annoncée pour 2029. Well the Newspaper Extinction Timeline we launched a couple of weeks ago has certainly made an impression. Given the 50,000 views we've had on my blog alone, plus the extensive uptake by mainstream media around the world (a partial list at the bottom of this post) it's a pretty safe estimate that it has been seen over one million times so far.